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Melodie der Welt


Frankfurt am Main, May 21, 2024, Melodie der Welt and German Schlager in the 1950s

Pop music publishing house MELODIE DER WELT was founded on November 1, 1951. Co-founder Johann Michel came up with the company name. The word “pop music” didn’t exist back then, so in the beginning it was purely a Schlager publisher. Johann Michel made it his mission to manage and to optimally exploit the repertoire in Germany brought in by the shareholders. That was easier said than done because it required the goodwill of the record and film industries. The founding capital was almost running out when composer Horst Heinz Henning came along with his meaningful title „Es wird ja alles wieder gut“ (Everything will be fine again) (lyrics: Helmut Andrae) and brought the young publishing company its first major success. Another author duo joined in, Hans Lang and Erich Meder. They wrote film music and, among other things, the box office hit „Tango der Nacht“ (Tango of the Night) from the film “Straßenserenade” and “Uno momento Maria”.

Radio slowly developed as an important industry partner, but now it was primarily dance bands and solo entertainers who made new songs popular. There were no official charts yet. In the next step, hobby pianists and accordion players also demanded sheet music for the songs that had become so well known, and in this way Melodie der Welt also achieved good income in the so-called paper business.

When the jukebox captured West Germany, the single charts were created in 1953, which were evaluated based on the number of plays of singles in public jukeboxes and published in the magazine “Der Automatenmarkt”. In 1954 there was also a classic of light music here: “Der Mann am Klavier” (The Pianoman), composed by Horst Heinz Henning, interpreted by Paul Kuhn. The title was released by Edith Piaf as “L’homme piano” in France.

In 1955, Vico Torriani captured the German-speaking music world with the songs “Die Bar von Johnny Miller” (The Bar of Johnny Miller) (by Heino Gaze) from the film „Ein Herz voll Musik“ and „Zwei Spuren im Schnee“ (Two Traces in the Snow) (Gerhard Winkler/Fred Rauch). That was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, because in the coming years the Swiss singer developed into one of the most successful Schlager interpreters, not only in German-speaking countries. The Germans were drawn to foreign, southern regions. Vico Torriani served this desire to travel, among other things, as the singing “Fremdenführer von Lissabon” (Tourist guide of Lisbon) in the film of the same name, with the titles „Verlieb‘ dich in Lissabon“ (Fall in Love in Lisbon) and „Du bist mein schönster Liebesroman“ (You are my most beautiful romance novel) written by Hans Bradtke and Erwin Halletz. A year later, he stormed back to the top of the charts with „Siebenmal in der Woche“ (Seven Times a Week) (Erwin Halletz/Hans Bradtke) from the feature film of the same name: with the song “Ananas aus Caracas” by the same team of authors, he reached third place. He won an audience of millions not only as a singer, but also as a film and television star - Torriani spoke six languages and even sang in twelve.

In 1957 the Schlager industry was in a state of upheaval and a trend began that lasted until the 1970s. International compositions were provided with German lyrics and in this version celebrated success in German-speaking territories. This concept was of course also used by Melodie der Welt. An example of this is the piece “Gambler's Guitar” (by Jim Lowe), which failed to chart in the original version, but the German version of the title took first place in the charts as “Der lachende Vagabund” (German lyrics: Peter Moesser), sung - and laughed - by Fred Bertelsmann.

It was Johann Michel who discovered composer Karl Götz. He provided the publisher with some very successful titles. After „Seemann, wo ist deine Heimat“ (Sailor, where is your homeland), with which the Hofmann siblings made a name for themselves in 1956, Karl Götz composed the titles „Endlos sind die Straßen“ (Endless are the streets) (Karl Götz/Heinz Heinzelmann) and “Ich bin ja nur ein Troubadour” (Karl Götz/Walter Brandin), both of whom achieved top ten positions. “Ich bin ja nur ein Troubadour” (I'm just a troubadour) sung by the “laughing vagabond” Fred Bertelmann, reached number six in the hit parade, as did “Endlos sind die Straßen” (The streets are endless) sung by the Teddies.

The newly founded magazine “Der Musikmarkt” printed the official charts for the first time in 1958, marking the beginning of the age of reliable, internationally recognized charts in Germany. The long-playing record, which sales grew only slowly, played no role at all at the time. Only singles were counted and evaluated. The respective position was made up of many factors: the sales of sound recordings in retail were taken into account as well as the use on the radio and in the jukeboxes, which were still very widespread at the time. But sheet music sales and “chapel performances” were also included. There was a lot of talk about “record millionaires” by then, but it wasn’t that simple. It was already a great success when a Schlager by a composer was sold a hundred thousand times on a record. He then received around four thousand marks in licenses.

At the end of the 1950s, Johann Michel, like millions of other German viewers, watched the carnival television session “Mainz wie es singt und lacht”. Ernst Neger, “the singing master roofer”, also appeared here. He was immediately enthusiastic and sent a telegram to Ernst Neger - the beginning of a long friendship and very successful collaboration with Toni Hämmerle, the composer and lyricist of many carnival hits. That was the beginning of the publisher's further specialization in carnival Schlager.

Within less than a decade, Melodie der Welt had established itself as one of the most important German music publishers of “light muse”.

Frankfurt am Main, May 03, 2024, Melodie der Welt and Football Songs

This year in June the men's European Football Championship (UEFA EURO 2024) will take place again in Germany. Reason enough to listen to the rousing football songs by MELODIE DER WELT.

One of the oldest football songs in post-war Germany is the polka fox “O, wie bist du schön” (O, how are you beautiful) (lyrics: Walter Rothenburg, music: Willibald Quanz), published by the affiliated WEST TON VERLAG in 1951. Slightly rewritten into “Oh, wie ist das schön” (Oh, how beautiful that is) it became FC Bayern’s anthem. The Munich Arena has heard this song many times. But it is also often sung at German national team games.

“Blau und Weiß wie lieb ich Dich” (Blue and white how I love you) by Hans Josef König, a Schalke anthem that was published in 1963 by the affiliated RHEINISCHER MUSIKVERLAG KUHL, is a football anthem from the beginnings of German football. “Blue and white” refers to the club colors of FC Schalke 04. Hans Josef König was a Schalke fan and musician from Cologne and wrote a new version of the original song, which then became official.

With “Humbta Tätärä” by Toni Hämmerle, published by MELODIE DER WELT in 1963, many football fans in Germany celebrate a victory for their club. The anthem originally came from the Mainz carnival, where it first stormed the charts and then the Bundesliga stadiums to exuberantly celebrate the victories. The song was made public by carnival artist Ernst Neger. Because of him, the TV broadcast of the Mainz carnival session in 1964 was extended by an hour because the audience wanted to sing the song over and over again. The “Humbta Tätärä” even became known beyond the country’s borders. Of course, FSV Mainz 05 has a special relationship with the song. The final breakthrough as a football anthem came in 2008 when Germany defeated Portugal in the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship. Lukas Podolski sang the “Humbta” after the game in Bern.

In 1974, the Medium Terzett sang about FC Bayern legends “Müller and Maier” (music: Henry Mayer, lyrics: Hans Bradtke), published by MELODIE DER WELT. Gerd Müller and Sepp Maier were part of the team that won the European Championship in 1972 and the World Cup in 1974. Together with Franz Beckenbauer, they formed the core of FC Bayern and the national team. They played together for many years.

In 1985, the Belgians Armath and J. Deja (Anderlecht Champion) took up the fan chant “Olé, Olé, Olé” and wrote a song (Ole Ole Ole - The Name Of The Game) for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. This version quickly spread around the world and has since been sung in many stadiums by football fans as a tribute to their team. The song was published by Hans Kusters Music, sub-published by Richard Kaun Musikverlag (Siegel) and administered by MdW for German-speaking and Eastern European countries.

The FC Union Berlin club anthem “Eisern Union” (Iron Union) (lyrics and music: Klaus Sperber and Andreas Caemmerer), published by EDITION PEACELOUNGE c/o Melodie der Welt, is hard to beat in terms of coolness. None other than Nina Hagen sang the anthem in 1998 for the then third-rate club, which then continued to improve.

The “Palzlied” (Palatine Song) (by Roman Nagel, Michael Lange, Thomas Merz) by the Anonyme Giddarischde of 2006, which is published by GET INTO MAGIC Music Publishing and administered by Melodie der Welt, quickly became a musical cultural asset of the entire region and also the stadium anthem of 1. FC Kaiserslautern on the Betzenberg. The artists have a very special relationship with the FCK. The title is the Palatinate anthem in general, which everyone knows and can sing along to.

“Im Schatten des Doms” (In the Shadow of the Cathedral) by Rainer Mathes, published by MELODIE DER WELT in 2007, is also very popular at FSV Mainz 05. It is a love song to the cathedral city of Mainz and is said to be one of the favorite songs of Jürgen Klopp, the former Mainz coach. Ernst Neger's grandson, who also made this song popular, even sang the song to him in front of the church when Klopp got married in 2005.

In 2012, the beer brand “Bitburger” released a commercial that was also intended to support the German national team at the European Championships. At that time, the brewery chose the song “Waiting In The Wings” by the Fog Joggers as its brand song and it has remained that way to this day. The song was written by Jan Arne Büttner, Benjamin Kronski, Christian Peitz and Stephan Selbach, co-published by MELODIE DER WELT and EDITION GUTER TON at MdW. Bitburger still supports football, e.g. Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2017.

Probably not everyone associates “Atemlos durch die Nacht” (Take A Breath) (by Kristina Bach, published by Franky Boy and administered by MdW), sung by Helene Fischer, with football. But the song was actually released in 2014 and became a World Cup song that same year. When Germany also won, the hit could not be missing from the victory celebration. As Helene Fischer and the national team sang the song there, that was probably the moment that made the song one of the most successful German hits of all time. You can still hear it on all sorts of football-related occasions today.

Frankfurt am Main, April 19, 2024, The Black Keys' new album "Ohio Players" at number 3 on German album charts

The prominent rock duo The Black Keys have released their new album and named it after the legendary funk band “Ohio Players”.

This 12th album is also great fun. “Ohio Players” is catchy and puts you in a good mood. It is particularly varied thanks to the collaboration of friends of The Black Keys, be it indie cult figure Beck, who contributed to seven songs, or the British rock musician Noel Gallagher and feature parts of the Memphis rappers Lil Noid and Juicy J. The Black Keys have brought all these influences together to create a melodious and convincing LP. The songs are published by McMoore/McLesst (Wixen Music), sub-published for German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT, or partially published for the songs with co-authors.

Frankfurt am Main, April 16, 2024, Coco Schumann – commemoration of the 100th birthday

The 100th anniversary of the birth of German jazz musician and guitarist Heinz Jakob “Coco” Schumann is on May 14th.

Coco Schumann began his life in Berlin on May 14, 1924. Not even of legal age, the talented young musician played jazz music in the clubs of his hometown. This was dangerous in Nazi Germany because this style of music was banned. In addition, he had to wear the so-called “Judenstern”, which made the situation life-threatening for him personally. In 1943 he was denounced and taken to the so-called Theresienstadt ghetto, which was supposedly subject to Jewish self-government. He was just under 19 years old at the time. In reality it was a collection and transit camp in the occupied part of the Czech Republic (Terezín). Some Jewish prisoners got together and, under the direction of jazz trumpeter Erich Vogel, developed a jazz combo in 1943 called “The Ghetto Swingers”. In order to refute the accusation of persecution of Jews in foreign policy terms, the performances were effectively used by Nazi propaganda to portray Theresienstadt as a “model ghetto” and to create the impression that jazz and swing music were not banned. Most of the band members were deported and killed in 1944. Schumann was one of four members who survived. In January 1945, Coco Schumann was deported to Bavaria and went on the death march, where he contracted severe typhus. He was lucky, the Americans were already at Wolfratshausen and he was saved.

Schumann returned to Berlin. His parents survived because they were supported and hidden by Germans. As soon as he got home, he found the improvised “Ronny Bar” where he could play swing and meet old friends again. However, he is said to have spoken little or not at all about his experiences with them. Immediately after the war, dance music was in great demand. The classically trained violinist Helmut Zacharias offered him a collaboration. They performed in GI clubs and even had their own radio show on NWDR.

Despite the successes, Coco Schumann felt increasingly uncomfortable in Germany because more and more former Nazis were returning and remained untouched despite their past. Coco Schumann, who had meanwhile married a Shoah survivor, emigrated to Australia and was able to make a musical impact here too. But after just four years, he was overcome by homesickness and longing for his parents and the family returned to Berlin.

Now he appeared in a few films and jazz receded into the background. In the 1960s he began writing his own pieces for his dance and gala bands. And this is where MELODIE DER WELT came into play. The publisher signed some of his compositions and one of them was even able to establish itself in the USA: “Exotique”, which Martin Denny, who lived on Hawaii, included it in his repertoire.

At the age of 60, Coco Schumann remembered his origins and concentrated on jazz music again, which he continued to perform publicly until the age of 90. His autobiography was published in 1997, in which he also spoke about his past as a survivor of the Shoah. Schumann died at the age of 93 on January 28, 2018 in Berlin.

Frankfurt am Main, April 05, 2024, 50 years ago: Versatile Schlager hits in 1974

In 1974, some titles by MELODIE DER WELT were in the German charts. One of the most successful hits of the year was „Ich hab dein Knie geseh’n“ (I've seen your knee) by the recently deceased Hans Blum, which he sang himself under the stage name Henry Valentino. He sampled “Sempre libera” of Verdi’s opera “La Traviata”, which was actually released on the Edison label in 1910, and gave this ragtime song its nostalgic touch.

Bata Illic's „Ein Souvenir von Marie Antoinette“ (A Souvenir from Marie Antoinette) (music: Henry Mayer, lyrics: Günther Behrle) was also a hit, as well as “Rosemarie” (music: Jean Frankfurter, lyrics: Stephan Lego) and “Komm auf meine Insel” (Come to My Island) ( music: Jean Frankfurter, lyrics: Robert Puschmann) by the Flippers.

The Swiss Monica Morell asked „Später, wann ist das?“ (Later, when is that?) (music: Pepe Ederer, lyrics: Irma Holder), it was the third success for the singer, who was regularly in the top 50 of the German sales hit parade for a few years. She ended her career in the music business at the end of the 1970s.

Schlager duo Adam & Eve reached number 45 in the German charts with “In Manuels Taverne” (music: Jean Frankfurter, lyrics: Stephan Lego).

Of course, Melodie der Welt also published other songs, not all of which ended up in the charts. The Maledos, for example, were a trio from the Mombach Carneval Club. The name is derived from the “Maleten”, as the apricots are called in Mombach. They were successful at the Mainz television carnival sessions and Kurt Götz wrote „Wir sind nur einmal jung“ (We are only young once) for them.

Adam and the Micky's recorded a single in 1974 with the title "Alles ist vergänglich, nur der Kuhschwanz, der bleibt länglich" (Everything is transient, only the cow's tail remains elongated) (music: Dieter Adam, lyrics: Hans Podehl), musically reminiscent of The Lords, but they sang in Hessian dialect.

In the same year, the Medium Terzett sang about the FC Bayern legends “Müller und Maier” (music: Henry Mayer, lyrics: Hans Bradtke).

Even though the charts of the best-selling titles in Germany determined by Media Control found more and more English-language songs in the top places, Schlager was a safe bet in German musical tastes at that time.

Frankfurt am Main, April 02, 2024, GHØSTKID's new album has entered the charts

The German metalcore band GHØSTKID, founded by Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler, entered the German album charts at number 27 with their new album “Hollywood Suicide”. Edition SÜDLAND and MELODIE DER WELT have signed the singer and frontman recently.

Sushi left the successful band Electric Callboy in 2020 and is now devoting himself entirely to his own project. Musically, GHØSTKID's tone is dark and aggressive, but there are influences from pop, nu metal, industrial and rock, which results in a modern mix of genres. That's what "Hollywood Suicide" is all about.

The songs are catchy, but also emotionally stirring. In this album, Sushi follows his own vision, which he pursues until the end. It's a very personal project because everything is controlled by him - so it's not a band that just got together, but Sushi recruited the musicians from his circle of friends. GHØSTKID is a serious project in which he deals with issues that concern him. “GHØSTKID, that’s me!” he says.

Frankfurt am Main, March 19, 2024, Hans Blum died on March 15, 2024 at the age of 95

Hans Blum was born on May 23, 1928 in Hanover and received his music training in Bückeburg. He founded the Hansen Quartet and made a name for himself as a musician. However, he found his calling in the 1960s as a composer and lyricist. He met the founder of Melodie der Welt, Johann Michel. Many years later, Hans Blum remembered his saying: “The better is the enemy of the good,” after he had played his compositions to him on the piano.

He wrote “Zigeunerjunge” for the singer Alexandra, with her distinctive alto voice. The song became crucial for the careers of both artists. Melodie der Welt published the title, which was also successful in France under the title “Tzigane”, as well as the follow-up piece “Auf dem Weg nach Odessa” (Hans Blum/Fred Weyrich). The title “Zigeunerjunge”, produced by Fred Weyrich, was the German contribution to the 3rd Intervisions Song Festival in Karlsbad on June 22, 1968. Just a year later, Alexandra was fatally injured in a car accident.

In 1974, Hans Blum had a new idea for himself. He wrote the nostalgic song “Ich hab’ dein Knie geseh’n”. Melodie der Welt published the song, but the record company initially didn't want it. So he put on a bowler hat, called himself Henry Valentino, and sang the song himself, which ended up at number 11 in the charts.

Now Hans Blum peacefully passed away at his home in Overath near Cologne after a long and successful life. He published around fifty songs with Melodie der Welt. Over the many decades, the contact between author and publisher remained friendly and Blum once said: “We were very lucky together”. Melodie der Welt is grateful to him.

Frankfurt am Main, March 07, 2024, The Dark Tenor – live album and tour from March 2024

The Dark Tenor is not a stiff representative of classical music who appears in a tailcoat and bow tie. Although he learned to play the violin, is a trained opera singer and sang in the Dresden Kreuzchoir and Semperoper ensemble, his target group is young fans outside the opera houses. Over the last 10 years he has created his own crossover sound, consisting of world-famous classical motifs and his own pop songs.

2023 was one of Billy Andrews’ aka The Dark Tenor's most successful years. Shortly before Christmas he received the Sold Out Award from the Johanniskirche in Magdeburg, where he was even allowed to give an additional concert in the former church, which is now used as a venue.

It continues in 2024. The Dark Tenor gave several New Year's concerts, including in the almost sold-out Philharmonie Berlin on January 6th. His new tour is coming up in March and his live album “Alive 10 Years Classic RoXX” will be released.

Frankfurt am Main, Febuary 20, 2024, “Das bisschen Haushalt” singer Johanna von Koczian has died

On February 13, 2024, singer and actress Johanna von Koczian died in her native city Berlin at the age of 90.

Her interpretation of the song “Das bisschen Haushalt … sagt mein Mann” (Housework is a breeze ... says my husband) (music: Henry Mayer, lyrics: Hans Bradtke, published by MELODIE DER WELT) made her prominent. With her, the song became an evergreen and its title a dictum.

The comedic Schlager was considered critical and is still often used inter alia in a feminist context today.

Johanna von Koczian began as a film actress in the 1950s, she also worked on renowned German-speaking theater stages, she sang, moderated and successfully wrote books - in short, she was a multi-talent.

Picture source: Joint advertisement in "Der Musikmarkt", issue 21/77

Frankfurt am Main, January 23, 2024, MAGNUM

Tony Clarkin, songwriter and guitarist of the English hard rock band MAGNUM, died on January 7, 2024 after a short but serious illness. His unexpected last album “Here Comes The Rain” was released posthumously, the 23rd in his career, and entered the German album charts at number 2. Clarkin was 77 years old. A tour was actually planned, with dates in Germany (where Magnum is particularly popular in addition to their home country), but the band had to cancel it.

Clarkin founded MAGNUM together with his school friend and singer Bob Catley in Birmingham in 1972. Both remained constant in the band over the decades. The new record is the last on which fans can hear Clarkin's songs, who composed all the pieces himself and published them with Maxwood (sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT). Once again he composed bombastic and beautiful works with hard riffs, real melodic rock. Catley gave Clarkin's songs a special touch with his warm singing. You could feel that he loved this music and the narrative lyrics meant a lot to him.

Frankfurt am Main, December 19, 2023, MERRY CHRISTMAS

At the end of the year the team of MELODIE DER WELT wishes a peaceful Christmas, with lots of little joys and special moments, and a good start into the New Year.

Our office will be closed from December 27, 2023 unteil January, 01, 2024.

Frankfurt am Main, December 14, 2023, 50 years of "Schwarze Madonna" by Henry Mayer and Guenther Behrle

At the end of 1973, the song "Schwarze Madonna" was released, sung by Bata Illic and published by MELODIE DER WELT. The catchy tune became a cult hit and Schlager classic that has lasted to this day and has been covered several times.

Guenther Behrle (born 1945) wrote numerous hits in the 1970s, two of them for Bata Illic, who everyone still knows from that time, “Schwarze Madonna” (Black Madonna) and „Ich möcht‘ der Knopf an deiner Bluse sein“ (I would like to be the button on your blouse). Despite his successes, he also worked as a senior teacher and taught accounting to vocational students. Today, he works as a music producer and runs a recording studio in Regensburg together with his son.

Henry Mayer created many successful titles within just two decades. However, surprisingly little is known about the life of the composer. Henry Mayer was born Heinz Meier on November 18, 1925 in Nuremberg. He studied music at the local conservatory and from 1947 worked as a pianist and arranger in the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra. From 1949 he worked as a freelance arranger and composer for the orchestras of the German radio stations and for various record companies (Telefunken, Decca) and from the 1960s he also conducted his own dance orchestra. During this time he had a world hit, sung by Frank Sinatra. Now it went in quick succession. One hit followed the next. In 1978 there was a serious traffic accident that ended his career. Henry Mayer died on September 22, 1998.

The song "Schwarze Madonna" stands so much for the time in which it was written that the love song is often used as background music in films set in the 1970s, such as recently in "The Golden Glove" by Fatih Akin or in the narrative film "Wicked Games" by the Austrian Ulrich Seidl.

Frankfurt am Main, November 08, 2023, Successful songwriter Hannes Braun

31-year-old songwriter Hannes Braun is extremely successful. Disciplined and goal-oriented, the versatile musician has become one of the most sought-after authors in Germany. More than 4 million records, on which Hannes Braun worked as a songwriter and producer, have already been sold. He studied songwriting at the Baden-Württemberg Pop Academy and developed a great talent for it.

He co-wrote three tracks on the new Santiano album “Doggerland” („Angekommen“, „Seine Geschichte“ und „Wo schläfst du heute Nacht“). It's been on the German charts for weeks (and started at number 1). He co-wrote the song “Bäume” on Joachim Witt’s new album, which was also in the charts for two weeks.

He wrote on all the songs on Versengold’s new album “Lautes Gedenken”. It's just been released and you can already tell it's going to hit the German charts. The album again consists of a mix of rock with Celtic folk & pop.

At the age of twelve, Hannes already made a name for himself as a singer on the German TV show “StarSearch”. Since 2008 he has been touring throughout Europe and Asia with his own band “Kissin’ Dynamite” and has released six studio albums and one live album. In addition to top ten chart successes and sold-out tours, the band was awarded the Metal Hammer Award in 2018 as “Best German Band”.

Most Hannes Braun songs are now published by Südland-Music-Edition (which is the publishing side of his production company “Südland Music” in Reutlingen) and MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, September 26, 2023, ALBUM X by The Dark Tenor new in the charts

The new Album X - 10 Jahre Dark Tenor (10 Years of Dark Tenor) has entered the official German Album Charts at number 9! From Nessun Dorma to the Hungarian March, the classical music is rocked! With his combination of rock and classical music, Billy Andrews shows the cool side of classical music by Bach, Dvorak, Bizet, Puccini and others, transports their works into the modern age and takes them out of the elitist corner to make them accessible to everyone. The Dark Tenor's music builds bridges, it brings opposites together, it fuses the seemingly incompatible. For him, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are the rockers, poppers and punks of their own time.

The son of an American family of musicians who emigrated to Austria and later moved to Germany, Billy Andrews aka The Dark Tenor grew up under the influence of American and German culture. He was a member of the traditional Dresden Kreuzchor and the choir of the Dresden Semper Opera. Besides classical singing, he was also interested in rock music, played in bands and wrote songs. Together with producer Bernd Wendlandt, he developed his first classical crossover album "Symphony Of Light", which was an instant success and reached gold status. Further successful albums and sold-out tours followed. All albums, such as "Symphony Of Light", "Nightfall Symphony", "Symphony Of Ghosts" and "Christmas", which The Dark Tenor has released since 2014, achieved Top 10 and Top 20 rankings in Germany.

For ten years now, the classic rocker The Dark Tenor has been delighting many people with his music. The anniversary year kicked off with the completely sold-out "Classic RoXX" tour, the most successful The Dark Tenor tour of all time with more than 11,000 concert visitors so far, which has been continuing since August and is touring across Germany. All songs on The Dark Tenor's new album are co-published between Little White Raven and Valicon Songs and MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, September 25, 2023, Edith Stehfest with her husband and album “Regenbogenbraut” in “Sommerhaus der Stars” 2023

Edith Stehfest signed an exclusive author contract with Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT in 2019 and released her first solo album “EXIT” under the artist name “Lotta Laut”.

“Regenbogenbraut” (Rainbow Bride) is Edith's second electronic pop album, which has been released now. The German songs not only make you dance, but also make you think. They tell of deep emotions and stories about her life journey. Her husband Eric co-wrote all the songs. In a promotionally effective way, Edith moved into the “Sommerhaus der Stars” (TV format - Summer House of the Stars) in a dress sprayed in rainbow colors.

Edith Stehfest was born in Leipzig in 1985 as the daughter of the musician Pina Rücker and the actor Guido Lambrecht. She began her musical career as a child at the Leipzig music school, where she learned several instruments and even became a national prize winner at “Jugend musiziert”. At the age of 16 she became part of the Leipzig techno scene. During this time she had drug problems, which she only got under control through her relationship with the actor Eric Stehfest (soap opera “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”). The couple married in 2015 and have two children. Edith and Eric Stehfest achieved publicity through the publication of their own book and a program on TV-Now. They also run an online shop with the brand “Stehfest (stand firmly by yourself)”. Her career in reality TV began in 2022, reaching its provisional peak with her participation in “Sommerhaus der Stars” 2023 on RTL.

Frankfurt am Main, September 19, 2023, 10 years Helene Fischer album "Farbenspiel"

In October 2013, Helene Fischer's album "Farbenspiel" was released. What came next, none of those responsible dared to hope for and even the critics had no idea of this impact.

The album broke all records. It topped the annual charts for two years and was in the top ten for 95 weeks, something that had never happened before with any other German album. The most successful song from it was "Atemlos durch die Nacht" by Kristina Bach (Franky Boy / EMI, administered by MELODIE DER WELT). The song has been downloaded a million times. The album itself also had 250,000 downloads. The video with "Atemlos" even reached 100 million clicks. Consequently, the single got a diamond record.

The album's producer was Jean Frankfurter, who also composed most of the tracks on it. Together with Tobias Reitz, he wrote the first single from the album “Fehlerfrei” (Franky Boy). However, there was no official music video for it. The song was in the top 100 charts for 26 weeks. For Jean Frankfurter this was the 51st chart hit that he wrote in the course of his career. The song was awarded a gold record.

Together with Joachim Horn-Bernges, Frankfurter wrote the song "Mit keinem andern" (Franky Boy). It wasn't an official single release, but due to high download numbers, it made it onto the singles charts anyway. That was Frankfurter's 52nd chart success in Germany. This song also reached gold status.

The two writers also co-wrote "Marathon" (Franky Boy). There are also numerous remixes of the song. "Marathon" stayed in the charts for six weeks. So for Jean Frankfurter it was the 53rd chart hit in Germany.

More than a million people saw the singer's "Farbenspiel Live" tour in 2014/15. With these successes, those involved wrote Schlager and even music history in the German-speaking territory.

Frankfurt am Main, September 11, 2023, 70 years ago: Founding of Michael Jary Produktion publishing house (10 years later at J. Michel)

The Michael Jary Produktion music publishing company was founded in 1953 and initially operated as a sole proprietorship. Ten years later, the company became a general partnership with the partners Max Jarczyk (Michael Jary's birth name) and Johann Michel, founder of the music publishing company Melodie der Welt.

Michael Jary, born on September 24, 1906 in Laurahütte (Siemianowice) in the Katowice/Upper Silesia district, studied at the highest level at University of Music in Berlin and learned his compositional knowledge from, among others, Igor Stravinsky and Arnold Schönberg.

Under the Nazi regime, his career began as one of the most successful film composers of his time, a process that was not entirely free of obstacles due to his origin and his previous musical work. In this genre he was able to allow himself musical freedom and became an important representative of “Light Music”, in which, for example, jazz elements could be incorporated, even though jazz was otherwise not allowed to be heard.

In the film industry he met the well-known actresses of those years and soon stories about affairs with Evelyn Künneke and Zarah Leander began making the rounds, for whom he delivered numerous legendary film hits. Even after the Second World War, Jary was well-liked and was allowed to continue working immediately. Künneke sang “Mäcki-Boogie” in the film “Dancing Stars” of 1952, a great big band number that she interpreted in an exceptionally jazzy way. Michael “Mäcki” Jary made Boogie Woogie popular in post-war Germany. The slow, contemplative waltz “Farewell, You Black Rose” also came from the same film, lyrics also by Bruno Balz, interpreted by Gerhard Wendland, which allowed people to escape the gray everyday life for a short time.

In the 1950s, Jary topped the GEMA list of German composers for a long time. So it made sense to publish the new copyrights in his own music publishing company. One of the big hits of the Michael Jary Produktion was “The Legs Of Dolores”, a tango bolero from the film “Die verschleierte Maja” with lyrics by Bruno Balz and interpreted by Gerhard Wendland. The song helped the singer with the gentle voice to achieve a commercial breakthrough.

The foxtrot “Das ist nichts für kleine Mädchen”, sung by Renée Franke, also came from this film and was written by the same lyricist. Another title that is now part of the publisher's catalog won big in 1954: "There's Something In The Air" (Michael Jary/Bruno Balz/Curth Flatow) from the film "Fräulein vom Amt", sung by Mona Baptiste and Bully Buhlan. Jary wrote other titles for the Berlin original Bully Buhlan, including the Dixieland Fox "I'll Dance At Your Wedding" from the film "How Do I Become a Film Star?" together with Balz in 1955.

One of the most popular and long-lasting successful songs was “The Heart of St. Pauli”, a marching song from the film of the same name, with lyrics by Arno Gillo and sung by Hans Albers. A rock version of the title by the group Phantastix became the official fan song of FC St. Pauli.

But the publishing house was not the only company that Michael Jary helped to found. He led his own orchestras, including the Radio Berlin Dance Orchestra, with which he gave a concert just a few days after the surrender in 1945. Michael Jary Produktion had already been active as a film production company for a few years before the affiliated publishing house and he was involved in Rolf Meyer's “Junge Film Union”, which produced, among other films, “The Sinner” with Hildegarde Neff. After great success, the company unfortunately came to an inglorious end. However, from 1956 onwards it was continued by Burg-Film, Michael Jary GmbH. In 1956, Jary also founded a company together with Hamburg Real-Film that produced short films for American television stations.

Michael Jary separated from his first wife Otti and married the model Christiana Michaelis. In 1956 his only daughter Micaela was born, who is a successful writer and at the same time manages her father's inheritance and her own publishing house.

In 1960, Jary's slow waltz "We Never Want To Be Apart" (Lyrics: Bruno Balz / Gloria de Voss), which he had composed for the young Schlager singer Heidi Brühl, was mentioned in the Christian TV-program "Das Wort zum Sonntag" as an expression of "true love". It became a number one hit, reaching seventh place on the year's best list.

Anyone who is successful also has enviers and so younger authors in the early 1960s complained about the dominance and high GEMA income of Michael Jary, among others, and insulted him and other authors of his generation as “good, but old-fashioned”.

In 1963 the Jary family moved to Ticino, where the composer began working more on symphonic works again. In 1965, Michael Jary's musical “Nicole” premiered in Nuremberg. It was particularly successful in Eastern European countries. “Nicole” is a Parisienne story in four pictures with the libretto by Ernst Nebhut, which is co-published by Michael Jary Production, J. Michel (MELODIE DER WELT) with the Cinema Edition Michael Jary, which is run by Micaela Jary.

After several heart attacks, Michael Jary retired. He resignedly realized that the younger Schlager composers mostly no longer had a solid academic education and he missed their musical foundation. Michael Jary died on July 12, 1988 in Munich. His grave is in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg.

From 2007 onwards, Götz Alsmann presented the composer's evergreens in his own arrangements in his Michael Jary Revue. The revue was a great success that lasted for years.

Frankfurt am Main, August 29, 2023, 20 years of Eisbrecher

In 2003, the Bavarians Jochen "Noel Pix" Seibert and Alexander "Alexx" Wesselsky founded the band EISBRECHER, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Noel Pix signed an exclusive contract with MELODIE DER WELT. The debut album "Eisbrecher" (co-released with Arts of Toyco, among others) caused a stir because two blank CDs were included to protest against the criminalization of end users by the music industry.

Eisbrecher became an attraction. Noel Pix and Alexx Wesselsky created a significant sound and showed their versatility again and again. At the same time, always remaining audibly Eisbrecher, that is the special art. In 2008, Noel Pix finally succeeded in establishing Eisbrecher in the German rock alternative scene with the success of the album "Sünde". Both, the album and the single "Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?" held up for weeks at number 1 in the German alternative charts. The studio album "Liebe Macht Monster" entered the charts at number 1 in 2021, eleven songs of it were published by MdW and partly co-published with Edition Lebenslinien.

For the anniversary, a best-of album “Es Bleibt Kalt°! (2003-2023)" with 40 songs of the last 20 years on two CDs or double vinyl was released. The single "Wir sind Gold" (Pix share with MdW) was previously only available on a promo CD and in the US version by "Sturmfahrt". The track was therefore considered a highly traded rarity among fans because it was not released digitally.

Frankfurt am Main, August 22, 2023, X-PERIENCE – We Travel The World

The new album by X-Perience "We Travel The World" entered the charts at place 16 in mid-August. It's the sixth album by the group, which indulges in 1990s synthie pop. The singer Claudia Uhle has a crystal-clear voice that is laid over the synth melodies, the beats make the music danceable. The lyrics of the songs (co-published between Edition Valicon Songs and MELODIE DER WELT, partly copyright control) are about life and the beauty of the world.

The synthie pop band X-Perience, consisting of the band members Claudia Uhle (vocals), Alex Kaiser (synth bass) and Matthias Uhle (keyboards), has existed since 1995 and has sold more than five million records throughout Europe. Alex and Matthias had known each other since school in Berlin and brought Matthias' sister Claudia on board for their project, who had already proven her talent at the German State Opera and in recordings of hymns. In 2004 she also started her solo project "Angelzoom" (Songs partially copyrighted by Edition Valicon Songs).

Frankfurt am Main, July 20, 2023, Charly Niessen on his 100th birthday

Successful composer, arranger and lyricist Charly Niessen would have been 100 years old on August 22nd. He was born as Carl Niessen in Vienna in 1923. He spent his childhood in Dresden and then studied German philology, Music and Dramatics in Vienna, Weimar and Jena. After the Second World War he worked as a pianist in the "Kabarett am Naschmarkt". In 1949, he went to the American Radio ECA in Paris. From 1952, he made music in the cabaret "Die Stachelschweine" in Berlin. Here his talent as a songwriter was discovered and he celebrated his first successes with his songs. One of his special features was that he didn't just specialize in one thing - composing or writing lyrics - he could do both and was involved in many of the songs and film music of his time.

In 1963, he landed with "I'd Rather Buy Myself a Tyrolian Hat", published by MELODIE DER WELT, texted by Franz Rüger and performed by Billy Mo, a hit and evergreen that is still as popular as a folk song, especially in Scandinavia.

During this time, the collaboration with Hildegard Knef also began. The actress and author also established herself as a chanson singer with his piece „Eins und Eins das macht Zwei“ (One and one that makes two) from the feature film "Das Große Liebesspiel" (The Great Love Game). Especially today the songs he wrote for Hilde Knef are very popular again. The artist Dendemann sampled "Ich bin zu müde" (I’m too tired) for his new song "Müde" (Tired). Görkem Sengel interpreted "In dieser Stadt" (In this city) in Turkish and Philipp Dittberner is working on his own version of the song.

The Mainz carnival singer Margit Sponheimer represented a completely different style of singer. For her he composed the carnival song „Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren“ (I was born on Shrove Monday), the lyrics were again written by Franz Rüger. It was her biggest hit and remains a hit to this day.

In the 1980s Charly Niessen gave up his career as a composer and turned to writing literature. On February 21, 1990 he died of a heart attack and was buried in his adopted hometown Prien in Bavaria.

Photo f.l.: Charly Niessen and Johann Michel, 1963

Frankfurt am Main, July 05, 2023, „Wir sind wir“ (We are us) - The Song for the Fistball World Cup 2023

Julius Faehndrich is not only considered the new discovery in German pop, but is now also presenting the official World Cup song for the 2023 Fistball World Cup. 16 nations from Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa will be competing in Mannheim from July 22 to 29, 2023 for the Men's Fistball World Cup in the Rhein-Neckar Stadium and the SAP Arena.

Radio and television stations around the world will report on the World Cup, the ARD Sportschau app provides daily information and live from the final from the SAP Arena in Mannheim.

Julius Faehndrich will perform the World Cup song "Wir sind wir" (We are us) live at the Rhein-Neckar-Stadion on July 22 and at the SAP Arena on July 28. The song is published by Edition GC Music & Media at METEOR MUSIK Ralph Siegel Musikverlag, administered by MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, May 23, 2023, Nino de Angelo entered the German album charts at position 5 with "Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit"

Nino de Angelo has been through all the ups and downs that a singer can go through. Now he's back at the top and has entered the charts again with his new album. Seven tracks from the album are published by MELODIE DER WELT and EDITION SÜDLAND resp. EDITION FENNSTRASSE, including the title song “Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit" (From eternity to eternity) as well as "Mein Kryptonit” (My Kryptonite), "Mein Herz hört nie auf” (My heart never stops), "Da wo mein Herz brennt” (Where my heart burns), "Memento Mori", "Unter Gottes Sonne" (Under God's sun) and "Io respiro" (I breathe). With the new team of authors (Noel Pix and Julian Breucker as well as Philipp Burger and Hannes Kelch with "Unter Gottes Sonne" and Peter Antonius Schmitz with "Io respiro"), de Angelo - co-author of the songs - gets to the bottom of his life.

Nino de Angelo's career began with "Jenseits von Eden", which became his signature song and made him the absolute heartthrob of the 1980s. He could not really build on this fantastic success, but never completely disappeared from the scene. Later, however, he made headlines mainly with his marriages and excesses of all kinds. Musically, he lacked authenticity, because he didn't really stand behind what he did.

But in 2021 he was suddenly back, with a new sound, away from German Schlager. His second album in a new style has now been released and he is going on a tour in Germany in fall.

Frankfurt am Main, May 19, 2023, Quellkartoffel und Dupp Dupp – A Hessian song goes viral

"Quellkartoffel un Dupp Dupp" had always a catchy tune, but it's now in the ears of more than fifty million people because the song spread on TikTok earlier this year. Since then, remixes and covers have been booming, be it by NoooN, Killermichel, Markus Becker, Dragan and Andy Luxx or a version by Marc Eggers entitled "Party, Palmen und Suff Suff". All came onto the market within a few months. However, Ikke Hüftgold had already recognized the potential of the song in 2015 and covered the title.

"Quellkartoffel un Dupp Dupp" was written by Dieter Adam and "Adam und die Micky's" released the song in 1979. The dance band was mainly known for entertainment and party music in the Hessian dialect and only broke up 10 years ago after 44 years. Dieter Adam died of throat cancer in 2019 at the age of 77. During his lifetime, his song was only a modest success in comparison.

The question remains: What does the title mean? “Quellkartoffeln” are boiled potatoes. And “Dupp Dupp” (a word even most Germans don’t know)? As a Hessian publisher, we can answer the question rather easily. Dupp Dupp is a kind of “dip” (something to dip in, i.e. “duppe”), usually herbal quark or in Frankfurt the famous “Green sauce” for boiled potatoes, but it can also just be butter and salt.


Frankfurt am Main, March 21, 2023, Peggy March to her 75th birthday – MEMORIES OF HEIDELBERG

On March 8th, Peggy March celebrated her 75th birthday. Born in Pennsylvania in 1948, she was already enjoying success in the USA at the age of 15 and was the youngest singer to have a number 1 hit. After that she became known worldwide and came to West Germany in 1965, where she won the German Schlager Festival in Baden-Baden. Peggy March was a global star, popular in the Americas, Oceania, Asia and Europe alike. She sang songs in nine different languages and perfectly adapted to the respective market.

German-language titles generally took a back seat from 1967, but Peggy March hit the charts and stayed 11 weeks in the top ten with the song "Memories of Heidelberg" (only the title line was in English) by Henry Mayer and Georg Buschor, published by MELODIE DER WELT. By the age of twenty she was already an experienced artist. The author duo Mayer/Buschor wrote many more songs for her, such as "Canale Grande Number One", "Mississippi Shuffleboat", "Telegramm aus Tennessee" and "Yesterday Waltz".

Peggy March married her second manager in 1968 and moved back to the United States with her family in the early 1980s. Today she lives in Florida, but regularly flies to Germany for performances. 

Frankfurt am Main, March 15, 2023, Gold for Electric Callboy

In February 2023, the band Electric Callboy received the first record award in its career. For more than 200,000 units sold of "Hypa Hypa" in Germany, it received a gold record.

Those involved in the production of the Golden record have put a lot of effort into the design: it bangs! The award with the design by Matthias Löwenstein is really great and will find a place of honor in the rooms of MELODIE DER WELT - EDITION LEBENSLINIEN.

A&R Manager John Ruhrmann congratulated: “Electric Callboy is a great, entertaining and gripping group that burns the concert halls and we are very happy to accompany the members on their way. So much energy!”

Frankfurt am Main, March 14, 2023, BRDIGUNG - WIEDER HÄSSLICH at position 12

Brdigung’s new album "Wieder hässlich" has entered the charts at position 12. The songs are published by EDITION ALL BLACK EVERYTHING, co-published with MELODIE DER WELT.

Brdigung is a sound mix of punk rock and electro, but the band uses different elements and is therefore never boring - lyrically maybe too aggressive at times for some tastes.

Three years after the last album "Zeig dich", the German punk rock band Brdigung shows edge again. Uncompromising as always, the band cares very little about political correctness on their 8th studio album. The album is musically varied and denounces social grievances. But there is also a party anthem with "Brennt den Club ab".

Frankfurt am Main, February 17, 2023, New adventures by symphonic metal band XANDRIA

Xandria start again with their eighth studio album "The Wonders Still Awaiting" with completely new members. The CD entered the German album charts at position 9. They get support from front woman Ambre Vourvahis, who fulfills all vocal requirements to give the sound that certain something. Besides band founder Marco Heubaum (guitar), the band members are Robert Klawonn (guitar), Tim Schwarz (bass) and Dimitrios Gatsios (drums).

The songs on the album, published by SÜDLAND Music Edition and MELODIE DER WELT, are as always complex and epic, in a balanced mixture of metal, symphonic arrangements and keyboards. The title song "The Wonders Still Awaiting" was very elaborately produced by Marco Heubaum, who wrote the song alone. The orchestral arrangement and sound design is by Lukas Knöbl, who is known for his work for film producer Roland Emmerich, among other things. Co-produced by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Studios, performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra and classical choir. The song "Two Worlds" (also by Marco Heubaum in the orchestration by Lukas Knöbl) is supported by the children's choir of the Bulgarian National Radio, which gives the song an extremely exciting mood. The lyrics deal with the social issues of our time.

Frankfurt am Main, January 30, 2023, Two tracks with the participation of MdW at the ESC preliminary round

MELODIE DER WELT is occupied with two out of nine songs at the German ESC preliminary round on March 3rd, 2023. Act number 1 is the band Lonely Spring, founded in Passau in 2019, with the song "Misfit". The song was written by band members Julian Fuchs (vocals, guitar), Simon Fuchs (vocals, bass), Manuel Schrottenbaum (guitar) and Matthias Angerer (drums), supported by songwriter Phil Sunday, published by Edition ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and MELODIE DER WELT, each with 35% copyright. The band is categorized as a pop punk band and the song comes across rock-like. It's about the supposed "losers", high pressure of expectations, queerness, but people don't have to adapt, they should remain themselves.

The 2nd act is Patty Gurdy, who wants to win "Our Song for Liverpool" with radiant singing and her hurdy-gurdy. The Celtic folk pop song is called "Melodies Of Hope" and was composed and written by her and Hannes Braun. Hannes Braun's share, who also produced the song, is published 50/50 with Edition SÜDLAND and MELODIE DER WELT. The young artist already has some experience in the industry and is well known in the international folk scene.

Frankfurt am Main, January 27, 2023, Melodie der Welt starts increased cooperation with High Fashion International

MELODIE DER WELT takes over the administration of the publishing company HIGH FASHION International B.V. for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The independent music publisher is based in Hilversum, Netherlands and has been administering MELODIE DER WELT in the Benelux countries since 2014. The company became known, among other things, through the so-called Italo Disco, including the song "The Night" (Music: Giuseppe Nicolosi, Lyrics: Barbara Lynn Addoms), sung by Valerie Dore, of 1984. HIGH FASHION also represents large catalogs for several areas.


Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2023, The most famous carnival songs & 80th birthday of Margit Sponheimer


"Humbta Täterä" (MELODIE DER WELT), composed by Toni Hämmerle, first performed together with Ernst Neger at the television session "Mainz wie es singt und lacht" (Mainz how it sings and laughs) in February 1964, caused the TV show to be extended by one hour. The Mainz carnival fools couldn't get enough of it and didn't stop singing the join-in song. No wonder it was able to place in the top 20 of the charts. At the beginning of the 1990s, the fans of 1. FSV Mainz 05 picked up the hit and made it known all over Germany again, so that Lukas Podolski even made the football anthem internationally known at the 2008 European Championship.


"Gell, du hast mich gelle gern" (Right, you like me) (MELODIE DER WELT) was the debut hit with which Margit Sponheimer made her breakthrough in 1965. The success song was also written by Toni Hämmerle.

In 2023 Margit Sponheimer will celebrate her 80th birthday!

In 1969, Margit Sponheimer sang “Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren“ (I was born on Shrove Monday) (JOHANN MICHEL GmbH), a song composed by one of the most successful Schlager composers, Charly Niessen, and written by Schlager songwriter Franz Rüger. Margit Sponheimer finally asserted herself in the male-dominated carnival world and made both songs evergreens.

She wasn't actually born in Mainz, but was born on February 7, 1943 in Frankfurt am Main. But when she was ten years old, the family moved to Mainz. She made an incredible career in this city and was made an honorary citizen five years ago.


The melody and lyrics of "Rucki Zucki" (MELODIE DER WELT) are simple and therefore predestined for a party hit. Ernst Neger performed it for the first time in 1973 in the TV show “Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es singt und lacht” (Mainz stays Mainz, how it sings and laughs). The lyrics are written by Willi Stranzl, the music by Sepp Gußmann and Gerd Schmidt, based on the sailor song "Goodnight Ladies". Gußmann led his "Original Bayerische Trachtenkapelle" for almost 40 years and otherwise lived off his hit song. He never had such a success again.

In the 1970s, Willi Görsch and Egon Häußer joked their way through the Mainz carnival very successfully as the "Tramps von der Pfalz" and caused a lot of hilarity with their appearances on the television carnival.

"Im Schatten des Doms" (In the shade of the cathedral) (MELODIE DER WELT) was written by Rainer Mathes, father of the successful siblings Sandra and Julia Mathes, who performed it with Thomas Neger in 2003. This song also became a fan song of 1. FSV Mainz 05.



Many songs by Karl Berbuer (1900 - 1970), who became active in the Cologne carnival in the 1920s, have not been forgotten to this day. He published them in his own Karl Berbuer Musikverlag, which is now affiliated with MELODIE DER WELT.

One of his best-known works is the carnival hit "Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän" of 1936. The title was so successful that it secured him an "excellent lifelong pension", according to the magazine "Spiegel" No. 1 of 1950. In the early days of the Federal Republic of Germany, the song even served as a substitute anthem before the German national anthem was officially reintroduced in 1952.

While the composer made a decent living due to “Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän”, the “Trizonesien-Song” made him immortal. “Wir sind die Eingeborenen von Trizonesien" (We are the natives of Trizonesia) satirically referred to the combined economic area of the American, British and French zones of occupation, i.e. the "Trizone". This song was also used as an anthem at sports awards ceremonies.


"En d'r Kaygass Nummer Null" (OTTO KUHL MUSIKVERLAG) was composed by Hermann Kläser and written by Wilhelm Herkenrath, who belonged to the street singer group "Drei Laachduve" in Cologne Kalk. They wrote the carnival song about teacher Welsch in 1938. His school was not in that Kaygasse (an alley in Cologne), but the teacher was known for his commitment to socially weak and disadvantaged children in Cologne, and the Kaygasse in the southern part of the old town was also a social hotspot, like Kalk, where the teacher actually worked. After the Second World War, the Cologne band "Vier Botze" covered the song and made it a carnival evergreen, which, with slightly different lyrics, is not missing in any session. The Bläck Fööss also covered the song and transferred it musically to the present days.

In 1950 the waltz “Wenn das Wasser im Rhein goldner Wein wär” (If the water in the Rhine were golden wine) (OTTO KUHL MUSIKVERLAG) was written by Heinz Böninghausen and composed by Werner Stamm. Willy Schneider sang the wine song at numerous carnival events, paving the way for enduring success.

In 1960, Heinz Korn and Toni Steingass composed the waltz song “Ich hab’ den Vater Rhein in seinem Bett geseh’n" (I saw Father Rhine in his bed) (SUPRA). It won 1st prize at Radio Luxembourg's 'Karnevalitis' festival in 1961 and was covered in two other languages.

Frankfurt am Main, January 17, 2023, ANTI-FLAG - Lies They Tell Our Children

3 years after the album "20/20 Vision", ANTI-FLAG releases its new album "Lies They Tell Our Children", which entered the German album charts at place 6. It is the 13th studio album from the Pittsburgh punk band, which has been in business for 34 years. All titles are published by RUST BELT INDUSTIRIES LLC, administered by Wixen Music Publ., Inc. and sub-published in the German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT.

As always, the band expresses loudly its opinions. It's about American politics and today's problems, such as health care and the environment, above all greed for profit is simply evil. This time ANTI-FLAG is supported by well-known colleagues again such as Jesse Leach, Shane Told, Brian Baker, Tim McIlrath and many more. Even Campino is there with the song VICTORY OR DEATH (WE GAVE 'EM HELL). It's a charity anthem that is released in an English and a German version (as a limited edition 7inch single). The income from the single goes to the non-profit project SIT'N'SKATE, which promotes the mobility of people in wheelchairs. From a German point of view this is of course the highlight of the album.

Frankfurt am Main, December 21, 2022, MERRY CHRISTMAS

The entire MELODIE DER WELT team wishes you a Merry Christmas, time to relax, reflection on the really important things and many bright spots in the coming year 2023.

Our office is closed from December 27 until December 30, 2022.

Frankfurt am Main, December 13, 2022, Till Lindemann sings with Sharon Kovacs and she writes songs with all-rounder Jonathan Quarmby

On January 13, 2023, the album "Child Of Sin" by Dutch singer Sharon Kovacs, who suddenly became famous in 2014, will be released. She sings the title song with Till Lindemann from Rammstein.

But that's not really what we want to say in the main. We would like to tell you something about Jonathan Quarmby who co-wrote all the songs. The 61-year-old is actually a record producer, but also a programmer, engineer and arranger, pianist and guitarist and, of course, a songwriter. As a young man he first studied architecture at Sheffield University, but music interested him more. He played keyboards and toured with a local band. Then he became a Grammy-winning record producer. In 2003 he moved from Sheffield to the famous RAK Studios in London. His songs are now published by RAK Publ. (sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and he has a studio in the RAK building. This has its advantages, because in this way RAK can offer a nice, orderly one-stop shop for sync rights on many titles.

Jonathan Quarmby is busier than ever with numerous releases outside the UK and internationally. The number of streams of his co-written releases is now well over 300 million on Spotify alone! UK releases include Sam Ryder, VC Pines, Tiggs Da Author, Tycho Jones, Kovacs and Lexi Berg. In the US, Jessie James Decker's release “The Woman I've Become” (co-written by Jon) peaked at #11 on the US iTunes chart. He also co-wrote "But I'm Not Lonely", which was released as a single in English and Mandarin by local superstar Joyce in China.

In Germany only a few write about Jonathan Quarmby. That might change with the new release.

Frankfurt am Main, October 04, 2022, 100th birthday of composer Gershon Kingsley / 50 years electronic Popcorn

The German-American composer Gershon Kingsley would have been one hundred years old on October 28, 2022. Born in Germany, he emigrated at the age of 16 shortly before the night of the pogrom in Germany to the region of Ein Harod, in the north of present-day Israel. He studied at the music school in Jerusalem. A few years later he moved to the United States, where he was reunited with his family. From 1946 he studied music in Los Angeles and received more and more composition commissions for the theatre, film and music industries. In the 1960s he became interested in electronic music. Gershon Kingsley was a pioneering and multi-talented musician and composer. He died in New York on December 10, 2019.

That a synthesizer piece led the German best list in 1972 was an absolute novelty. Although Moog synthesizers had been on the market for a number of years, the expensive and unwieldy instruments were not widely used and were mostly used purely for sound effects.

The song with the characteristic sound was called “Popcorn”. The original came from the band Hot Butter and was published by BOURNE Co., sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for the German-speaking countries. Number 1 in the charts in the summer of 1972 and ubiquitous on the radio, the composition by Gershon Kingsley was covered by the Popcorn Makers - and still reached number seven on the German list of the best. That's not all:
There were a total of nine different recordings on the German market.

In the summer of 1972, Johann Michel handed a gold record to Gershon Kingsley and Bonnie Bourne, owner of the American publishing house Bourne Co. New York, in Frankfurt's Palmengarten - "Popcorn" had been sold more than a million times by then.

Since then, the song has been covered and sampled hundreds of times.

Photo: Bonnie Bourne, Johann Michel und Gershon Kingsley ("Popcorn"- Awarding of the Gold Record), 1972

Frankfurt am Main, September 23, 2022, Electric Callboy: Number 1 in the German album charts with "TEKKNO"

They did it: With “TEKKNO”, Electric Callboy landed at number 1 in the German album charts for the first time and once again made a name for themselves. Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT have shares in all songs.

2022 is definitely the year of the band from Castrop-Rauxel, because they have fans all over the world now. Apart from the songs, which basically belong to “Metal-/Transcore”, but actually every song does what it wants, the guys in the band are super funny. Not only the music, especially the music videos are fun and lift the spirits. In hard times, the band provides best entertainment and a carefree time.

So let's hope Electric Callboy shoot the "Arrow Of Love" (shot in the video by streamer Kalle Koschinsky - also one of those truly funny music videos) really far in their incomparable way.

Frankfurt am Main, August 30, 2022, MELODIE DER WELT and the Sound of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan city, especially due to the airport, which brings international public to the city. The "Sound of Frankfurt" was created in the top clubs like the "Dorian Gray".

It all started in the mid-1980s with people like Andreas Tomalla aka Talla 2XLC, who is considered one of the pioneers of the commercial techno scene and also coined the term. Melodie der Welt published his titles THE AGE OF THE ATOM, GENERATOR X.0.7/8 (each together with Ralf Henrich) and INTERFACE AD. Tomalla met Ralf Henrich alias RaHen in the early 1980s, which was the starting point for joint work . MdW also signed Henrich’s SECOND VOICE, ABSOLUTE FASHION, BONUS SEQUENCE RE-DUB, FUTURISTIC DANCE, RADIO AND TELEVISION, SURRENDER and THE TIME IS RIGHT. This is how a lot of new and electronic music was created in the Rhein-Main area and Frankfurt. MdW also published VISIONS AND DREAMS by Michael Münzing in 1985. Münzing later made a name for himself with Eurodance.

Melodie der Welt maintained good contacts with the record company ZYX Music and administered the music publishing house of the then owner Bernhard Mikulski. He was a contractual partner for musicians and producers such as Torsten Fenslau and Andreas Tomalla and was known primarily for Frankfurt Eurodance. In 1994, the entire MdW staff visited ZYX in Merenberg, Hesse, where this photo was taken, and everyone went home satisfied with a full case of records. The collaboration ended 2011.

The radio program HR3 Clubnight also made a significant contribution to spreading the Frankfurt sound. There, DJs specified their mixtapes, which were then reproduced in the clubs in the Rhine-Main area. Whoever appeared on this show sold his vinyl.

In 2007 Melodie der Welt could attract Nosie Katzmann, author of numerous hits such as MR. VAIN by Culture Beat, produced by Torsten Fenslau, and RIGHT IN THE NIGHT by Jam & Spoon, and MdW has been administering his publishing company “Get Into Magic” ever since. Frank Fenslau, brother and executor of the producer Torsten Fenslau (label: Abfahrt) also put the administration of his publishing company in the hands of MdW. Torsten Fenslau's sets and club nights had a lasting impact on the Frankfurt area. MR. VAIN is an exquisite production that is still popular today. It was one of the most successful dance floor titles in Germany of all time. The song peaked at #1 in thirteen countries and also went gold in the US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. In 1994, Torsten Fenslau was posthumously awarded the Echo "Producer of the Year" nationally. In contrast to the Berlin scene, a different approach was followed in Frankfurt. They also produced commercial sound and earned money for their underground productions.

At the end of the 1990s, Frankfurt's techno culture came to an end. The clubs "Dorian Gray" and "Omen" closed and in 2000 the last broadcast of the HR3 Clubnight went over the ether. The techno scene was centered in Berlin now. This year, the Museum for Electronic Music (MOMEM) was opened at the Hauptwache, reminiscent of the heyday of Frankfurt techno.

Frankfurt am Main, June 07, 2022, Volks-Rock’n’Roller Andreas Gabalier EIN NEUER ANFANG

On June 17th, Andreas Gabalier will release his album "Ein neuer Anfang" (A New Beginning), which is destined for a place in the charts.

With his seventh studio album, Gabalier returns to his roots as a songwriter. The songs were written and recorded in Graz, Berlin and Nashville. The title song "Ein neuer Anfang" is very personal and tells about the return to life, understandable for everyone. It's about love and life itself, because “Ein Ende kann ein neuer Anfang sein” (An end can be a new beginning). The title single premiered live on the Giovanni Zarrella Show on April 9th.

But of course the artist also spreads a spirit of optimism for the summer party season. With “Bügel dein Dirndl gscheit auf” (Iron your dirndl properly) he has created a new party and Oktoberfest hit. Finally celebrating again with pure joie de vivre. Here he even quotes his long-seller “Hulapalu”.

With a homage to “Südtirol” (South Tyrol), Gabalier relies on maximum musical power and it is not difficult to imagine the song live on stage. Anyone who wants to experience this can do so on his tour from July on. "Südtirol" is a new “folk rock'n'roll” anthem and the perfect promotional song for this popular holiday region.

The original songs are published by Edition Stall, administered by MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, May 24, 2022, The Black Keys' highly anticipated studio album Dropout Boogie is out

"Dropout Boogie" by The Black Keys entered the German charts at position 11. What a coincidence, because it is the 11th studio album by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. The two rely on old and trusted styles and the songs are cool and easy-going as always. The Black Keys don't chase after trends, they just play what they feel like and with a lot of humor. On this album they also worked again with other musicians and composers.

But it's the first time they've had a team of guest songwriters on board, including ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons (Good Love feat. Billy F. Gibbons). The songs are therefore only partially published by McMoore/McLesst (Wixen Music), sub-published for German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT. The lead single is "Wild Child" which comes with a "Back to School" video which is ribald, funny and wacky as always.

Frankfurt am Main, May 19, 2022, 100th Birthday of Karl Götz

Karl Götz was born on August 20, 1922 in Frankfurt am Main. He studied at the Frankfurt Music Academy and worked as a composer, arranger and orchestra director after World War II. In 1952 he was discovered by the CEO of MELODIE DER WELT, Johann Michel. Just a few years later the first successful titles came from his pen, such as “Das müssen wir noch lernen” (We still have to learn) (together with Willi Glahé / Peter Christian / Heinz Schumacher) and “Seemann, wo ist deine Heimat” (Sailor, where is your home), sung by the Hofmann siblings and “Matrosenliebe” (Sailor's love).

In the mid-1950s,  sentimental films with German regional background boomed and attracted the masses. Karl Götz wrote the film scores for “Donaumädel” (Danube girl) with Gerlinde Locker and Wolf Albach-Retty, as well as “Der Wilderer vom Silberwald” (The poacher from Silver forest) with Lucie Englisch, Rudolf Lenz and the film hit “Wir waren drei Kameraden” (We were three comrades) (The Teddies).

His successful streak never stopped. In 1958 he composed the tracks “Endlos sind die Straßen” (The streets are endless) and “Ich bin ja nur ein Troubadour” (I'm just a troubadour), which both achieved top ten positions. “Ich bin ja nur ein Troubadour” sung by the ‘laughing vagabond’ Fred Bertelmann, reached number six on the charts, as well as “Endlos sind die Straßen”, sung by the Teddies.

Then came the biggest hit of all. Connected by Johann Michel, the lyricist Kurt Hertha and Karl Götz met in Frankfurt. Both agreed to write something together that wasn't on the market like that. The twist dominated the jukeboxes in the late 1950s and the team of authors consequently decided on something completely different - a tango. Karl Götz was spontaneously inspired by the line of lyrics “Dance With Me Into The Morning” - he sat down at the piano and came up with the melody just like that. Not only the authors, but also publisher Johann Michel was convinced of the piece. He drove to Hamburg together with Karl Götz to introduce the song to the producers of the local record companies. Karl Götz was immediately able to inspire the producer at Philips with the idea of ​​having the piece interpreted by Gerhard Wendland. At the German Schlager Festival in Baden-Baden, Karl Götz and Kurt Hertha were honored with the highest author's award, the “Golden Sparrow”. For over a million singles sold in Germany, the authors and MELODIE DER WELT received a gold record from the record company. Local versions have been published not only in Germany, but also in many European countries and even in the USA. If the title had appeared earlier in 1961, it would certainly have done better in the annual charts, but even then it was still enough for a respectable eleventh place. “Dance With Me Into The Morning (Midnight Tango)” remained successful until well into 1962 and is still the best-known title of the Berlin singer Gerhard Wendland.

Wendland remained successful with a new title in 1962: „Schläfst Du schon“ (Are you asleep) (Karl Götz / Kurt Hertha) reached third place in May and 15th place in the annual charts at the end of the year.

In the 1960s, figure skaters Marika Kilius and Hans-Jürgen Bäumler were the perfect couple - and not just on the ice. Singing athletes were no longer a taboo. MELODIE DER WELT took advantage of this and had Marika Kilius sing new hits from the publisher. A stroke of luck, because the Kilius numbers “Ich bin kein Eskimo” (I am not an Eskimo), “Kavalier, Kavalier” and “Wenn die Cowboys träumen” (When the cowboys dream) and the duet “Honeymoon in St. Tropez”, all written by Karl Götz and Günter Loose, were able to secure top positions in the charts in 1964.

At the end of the 1960s, new faces were needed. This fact, and a third place in the "German Schlager Competition", pushed Bata Illic's career forward. The singer's breakthrough came in 1968 with the piece "Mit verbundenen Augen” (Blindfolded), written by Karl Götz and Kurt Hertha. In the Dutch cover version, the song was even awarded Gold. Bata Illic stayed in the best lists with “Die Liebe kommt am Abend” (Love comes in the evening) by the same author duo.

Götz wrote more than 800 songs in his life. He died on February 18, 1993 in his hometown.

photo f.l.: Johann Michel and Karl Götz

Frankfurt am Main, April 12, 2022, 50 years ago: With "Michaela" to the top

When Bata Illic, born on September 30, 1939 in Belgrade, came to Germany in 1963, he had already completed classical singing training in his hometown, as well as studying English and the teacher's exam. In Bad Kissingen he sang in American GI clubs and in 1967 he recorded his first record, which was not a great success. A third place in the "German Schlager Competition" was the starting signal for Bata Illic's career. His breakthrough on the German market came in 1968 with the song "Mit verbundenen Augen” (With Blindfolded Eyes), written by Karl Götz and Kurt Hertha (MELODIE DER WELT).

1972 was a very special year for Bata Illic: With "Michaela" (R. Puschmann, J. Frankfurter, W. Krisch - a joint production of MELODIE DER WELT and Hanseatic Musikverlag) he landed his first number 1 hit in Germany in May. The song stayed in the charts for 30 weeks.

At this point, Illic did not speak German and had trouble pronouncing the German sound for "ch" correctly. So he sang the name as "Mikaela". One would like to think that this has contributed to the success of the hit, which is still cult in Germany today.

We have the following editions of "Michaela" available:
Single edition for voice/piano, order number: 7078/01/10
Edition for big band, order number: 7078/41/10
Magic Keyboard - Deutsche Evergreens 1, order number: 58569/93/10
Magic Keyboard - Deutsche Schlagerparade, order number: 68514/93/10

Photo: Bata Illic at the 25th anniversary celebration of Melodie der Welt in 1976

Frankfurt am Main, March 15, 2022, Eskimo Callboy are now called Electric Callboy

Ex-Eskimo Callboy have found their new name and are now called ELECTRIC CALLBOY. Actually, they wanted to celebrate and promote the renaming properly, but the Ukraine war is in the foreground now. The band immediately started appeals for donations and supports drummer David Friedrich's aid campaign.

This weekend they performed on Pro7 TV-show "Schlag den Star" with their current single PUMP IT. This is the song that didn't make it to the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which outraged their fans. It didn't do them any harm, because the as usual funny video has more than 10 million clicks on YouTube now.

David was absent from the Pro7 performance. He was in Poland at the time to bring refugee Ukrainian children to Germany with a "Helpbus".

Frankfurt am Main, March 01, 2022, 40 years STERNENHIMMEL

In the 1980s, a new wind blew in the German Schlager industry. The young audience accepted German lyrics, but no longer classic Schlager music. Instead, it got enthusiastic about the "Neue Deutsche Welle" (New German Wave), because the genre was increasingly dominated by "Schlager-like" music. This modern and often mocking form of German song material thoroughly mixed up the traditional German hit parade.

Also active in that area was Krokodil Musik, a newly founded publishing house by MELODIE DER WELT: “Rosemarie” (Hubert Kemmler / Markus Löhr), sung by Hubert Kah (scion of the Kemmler manufacturing family of BEKA pressure cookers), landed in 12th place of the annual charts and on rank 3 in April 1982. Hubert Kah's successor hit "Sternenhimmel" (Hubert Kemmler / Ulrich Herter / Claus Zundel) placed 2nd in the charts in September and reached number 76 in the annual ranking - Kah received a gold record for it in 1983. A year later he was able to build on his success with "Einmal nur mit Erika" (Hubert Kemmler / Claus Zundel). The group included Hubert Kah as singer, Markus Löhr as guitarist and keyboardist and Klaus Hirschburger as bassist.

Kah's hits have become evergreens that are inextricably linked to the NDW.

We have the following editions of "Sternenhimmel" available:
Single edition for voice/piano, order number: 55555/01/10
Edition for big band, order number: 55555/41/12

Frankfurt am Main, February 09, 2022, WAS KOST DIE WELT – Versengold directly reach the pinnacle

MELODIE DER WELT A&R John Ruhrmann congratulates co-publisher SÜDLAND Music-Edition on the "refreshing chart storm": "That's really great. Versengold at #1, Kissin' Dynamite at #2 last week. It sure is ‘Not The End Of The Road’," he says, referring to their album title. This week, Versengold sets the tone with “Was kost die Welt" (What does the world cost) at number 1 in the German top 100 longplay charts.

Versengold was founded by singer Malte Hoyer near Bremen in 2003 and initially played in a pure medieval style. Over the years the style changed towards folk rock. Especially during the pandemic, the band showed their strength. Whether drive-in cinema, seated concerts or streaming - Versengold was undeterred and played everywhere that was possible for the fans. In addition, they created the new album "Was kost die Welt" with feel-good songs and sad ballads. The band accompanied the development with track-by-track videos on YouTube.

The title track is light-hearted, slightly critical of cruising and its effect on the environment. The Low German song "Hier kummp de Storm" is real Versengold, with the theme of dawning into better times. In „Bella schau (mit mir in die Sterne)“ (Bella look with me into the stars) horoscopes and zodiac signs are lovingly mocked. "Windsbraut" is a melancholic, wistful ballad. In "Hey Hanna" their own lack of tact when it comes to dancing is lampooned. In the songs “Die wilde Jagd” (The Wild Hunt, „Trink aus! - Der alte Rathenstein“ (Drink! - The old Rathenstein) und „Eis und Asche“ (Ice and Ashes) Versengold tells stories from Thuringia and Saxony. The fans participated in the making of. The song „Augen auf und durch (Gib nicht auf)“ (Eyes up and through - don't give up) is a motivational song in depressing times. With "Kobold im Kopp" (Goblin in head) the Versengold members make fun of themselves and the result is a real catchy tune. This is followed by a sad song with „Sternensee“ (Star Lake). Hoyer sings with Annie Hurdy Gurdy in “Eis und Asche” and ends with „Die letzte Runde“ (The Last Round), which describes his longing for the old days.

Frankfurt am Main, February 01, 2022, MAGNUM – THE MONSTER ROARS

The British melodic rock band MAGNUM has been in business for exactly 50 years (with a break) and during this time they delivered regularly. In January 2022, vocalist Bob Catley and guitarist Tony Clarkin (both mid-70s) released their 22nd album THE MONSTER ROARS, which debuted at #5 and remains in the top 100 of the album charts. It is published by Maxwood Music Ltd., in German-speaking countries sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT.

The twelve new songs again have a harmonious mix of vocals, keyboards and guitar, melodic but not cheesy. This is immediately apparent in the title song "The Monster Roars". It is followed by songs to dance (Remember), a powerful ballad (All You Believe In), a classic rock number (I Won't Let You Down), musically really exciting, because totally varied in a single song (The Present Not The Past), then an unusual swing rock track reminiscent of the "Blues Brothers" (No Steppin' Stones), expressive guitar sound (That Freedom Word), an epic song (Your Blood Is Violence), a calm number (Walk The Silent Hours), a powerful 80s-style song (The Day After The Night Before), energetic music (Come Holy Men) and guitar sound at its best (Can't Buy Yourself A Heaven).

Covid willing, Magnum will come to Germany in April:

18 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp (with Gotthard)
19 - Fürth, Germany - Stadthalle (with Gotthard)
20 - Hannover, Germany - Capitol (with Gotthard)
22 - Singen, Germany - Stadthalle (with Gotthard)
23 - Balingen, Germany - Volksbankmesse (with Gotthard)
24 - Regensburg, Germany - Airport Obertraubling (with Gotthard)
26 - Munich, Germany - Tonhalle (with Gotthard)
27 - Cologne, Germany - Carlswerk (with Gotthard)
28 - Stuttgart, Germany - Im Wizemann

Frankfurt am Main, January 25, 2022, KISSIN' DYNAMITE with new album

The long-awaited new album by heavy metal band “Kissin' Dynamite” is out now! NOT THE END OF THE ROAD is a mass-market hard rock album marked by skill and character. The authors (partly co-published by MELODIE DER WELT and Südland-Music-Edition) know how to create clever and catchy compositions, and the band can easily be compared internationally. The fans love it, the reviews are brilliant, they just enjoy the album. Twelve entertaining songs, with party tracks like the album title number "Not The End Of The Road", the deliberately conventional song "Yoko Ono", up to quieter songs like "Good Life" and "Gone For Good", all songs are downright made for the stadiums of the world.

Anyone who wants to support the band can download the current OUT NOW trailer from this link and post it on their social media channels. You can simply link @


Frankfurt am Main, January 25, 2022, ESKIMO CALLBOY plans renaming

The metalcore band "Eskimo Callboy" surprised at the end of 2021 with all kinds of announcements. In December they announced via YouTube that they want to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on May 14 in Turin and submitted their current single "Pump it" (co-published between MELODIE DER WELT and Edition Lebenslinien) for the preliminary round. The chances are not that bad, because the corresponding YouTube video had around seven million clicks after a very short time. On February 10th, the decision will be made as to whether the band will take part in the preliminary round.

The band also told on Instagram that they will be removing old songs from all platforms due to offensive and controversial lyrics. They distance themselves from discrimination in any form and would like to correct some mistakes from the past. Criticism about some of the politically incorrect lyrics has recently increased, especially the content of the album "Bury Me in Vegas", which was released in 2012. Not everything was always meant seriously, but awareness is different today and the boundaries of good taste have shifted.

This also applies to the name. The "condescending appelation" of the indigenous ethnic group of the Inuit was often hold against the band on the Internet. The members describe themselves as tolerant and cosmopolitan and are against any form of racism and exclusion. The band wants to be fun, not hurt. So they considering a new band name.

Frankfurt am Main, January 25, 2022, KRAUTROCK by Edition Rock Melody

To this day, the bands that have become known under the genre "Krautrock" are revered internationally and are considered mega cool in English-speaking countries. In addition to their German origins, they made often experimental music in their songs and that made them something special. The term, which was picked up by a British journalist, goes back to the actually derogatory description of German soldiers as "Krauts" (of sauerkraut) in World War II.

In 1980, MELODIE DER WELT secured the publishing rights for around 400 German rock music titles published by SWP-Musikverlag and founded the independent Edition Rock Melody. Among them were the music groups Eloy, Jane, Kin Ping Meh and Triumvirat, all major figures in the genre. When the catalog was first presented at MIDEM 1981, it generated a great deal of interest and attention. Together they achieved great success for their bands.

ELOY became known with impressive English-language art rock. The German critics often reviled the band, but they were loved by international audiences. Since it was founded by Frank Bornemann in Hanover in 1969, the line-up of the band has changed many times. When Edition Rock Melody came into play, the group consisted of Frank Bornemann, Klaus-Peter Matziol, Hannes Arkona and Hannes Folberth. In 1980 there was a big tour in Germany and all the concerts were sold out. In 1981 Eloy undertook a concert tour in Greece. 14,000 visitors came to the shows in Thessaloniki and Athens. The halls were sold out days in advance and twice as many tickets could have been sold. The event was even covered in the official news programs because of the crowds that broke out in Thessaloniki, prompting tightened police security measures for the Athens concerts. At the same time, Capitol Records released a compilation of Eloy titles in Canada. During this time, in which Eloy was so enormously successful, they published the concept work "Planets / Time To Turn". The title song "Time To Turn" has lost none of its attractiveness to this day. It achieved a high radio presence at the time and was covered several times abroad. The cover of the Polish rock band Budka Suflera still enjoys great popularity. The Eloy LPs sold over a million copies. A video tape of the band, co-financed by the publisher, was broadcasted on several foreign TV stations.

JANE is a progressive Krautrock band, formed in Hanover in 1970 by guitarist Klaus Hess, drummer/singer Peter Panka, bassist/singer Charly Maucher and keyboardist Werner Nadolny, who have been called the German "Pink Floyd" sometimes. Down to earth and hard, Jane successfully rocked for many years. The LP "Between Heaven and Hell", released in 1977, surprised with untypical choir singing and in the song "Voice in the Wind" church organ and harp were used. Live, Jane presented the album with quadraphonic effects. In 1978 the band received the gold Brain label from their record label. Overall, album sales have exceeded the million mark. In 1981 the band agreed on a worldwide management contract with Brian Morrison (manager of the Bee Gees and Pink Floyd) and toured England and the USA. In 1994 there was a name dispute, which was resolved by the district court of Hanover in such a way that the band name Jane could only be used with a prefix (Peter Panka's Jane, Klaus Hess' Jane etc.).

KIN PING MEH was founded in Mannheim in 1969 by Joachim Schäfer and Werner Stephan. The band was discovered by Polydor at a competition on the Reeperbahn. Their fourth album “Virtues and Sins” of 1974, written by Gerhard Mrozeck, Geff Harrison and Alan Joe Wroe, was also released in Argentina. The single release "Good Time Gracie" was by far the most successful KPM title up to that point. Not only was it the best-selling, it was also the most played on radio. The band played an exciting mix of pop rock with progressive and psychedelic elements. In 1977 they broke up.

TRIUMVIRAT was a progressive rock band that was founded in 1969 by Jürgen Fritz, Hans Bathelt and Dick W. Frangenberg and continued in 1976 as a solo project by Jürgen Fritz. Experimentation was also part of the principle with this band and the new electronic keyboards were the focus. Edition Rock Melody acquired from SWP the copyrights of the second album "Pompeii" of 1977. Due to disputes about the naming rights, it was released under the name "New Triumvirat". The last album was released in 1980.

The band HARMONIA actually made more electronic music than typical Krautrock. It was founded in 1973 by the "Cluster" musicians Dieter Moebius, Hans Joachim Roedelius and Michael Rother (previously with "Kraftwerk" and "Neu!"). It only existed for two years. In 1975 SWP signed publishing contracts for the second album "de Luxe" for the German-speaking area. Harmonia's music influenced many musicians, including David Bowie.

In addition to these well-known bands, there were many more and all kinds of activities. The Hanoverian band FARGO released the new LP “Frontpage Lover” in 1981, directed by Frank Bornemann. Fargo immediately started an extensive concert tour through Germany and neighboring countries and performed as the opening act for AC/DC in the sold-out Olympiahalle in Munich. Releases in the USA, Japan and all of Europe followed.

Also from Hanover was the rock group FIREHORSE around keyboardist Mani Wieczorke, who undertook their first tour in England in 1981. That was a promising start with the album "On the Wind". Unfortunately it stayed that way.

The rock group FAITHFUL BREATH from Witten had another fate. They signed a publishing contract for their latest album with Edition Rock Melody in the same year. The band created a small sensation when they were able to take first place in the WDR Schlager Rally for four weeks with the title "This is my Love Song" and were in the top ten for a total of four months. After that they turned from psychedelic rock to heavy metal.

LENNY MAC DOWELL, Germany's No. 1 jazz rock flutist, and his band completed a very successful tour at that time and ended up at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The album "Airplay" turned out to be a real sales hit. The famous New York jazz label Innercity Records released the album in the USA. Friedemann Leinert, one of the most prominent radio producers of the time at Süddeutscher Rundfunk, hid behind the pseudonym.

The brothers Klaus and Rolf Fichter from Freiburg were very excited when they heard that the LP of their project DREAMWORLD was amazingly well received by the older generation in the USA who normally listened to classical music. The album "On Flight To The Light" ran in its entirety on the WAIF station in Cincinnati/Ohio and created a furore. In 1979 the Fichter brothers wrote “Das Lied der Grünen” (song for the party “The Greens”) together with Helmut S. Unbehoven. In a short time, the state association of Baden-Württemberg already had 10,000 pre-orders for the single.

WINTERGARDEN released the album "The Land Of Milk & Honey" on Electrola, which was also released by Capitol in Canada with great publicity. Unfortunately it wasn't as successful as hoped and Walter Seyffer and Bernd Unger, the band's founders, ended their collaboration with Electrola. There was a third self-distributed album and then it was over.

The group RAMSES (like so many) from Hanover signed a publishing contract with Edition Rock Melody in 1981. The first album in this collaboration "Light Fantastic" was released by Sky Records. Just one month later, the band was in front of the ZDF (TV station) cameras on the grounds of the Berlin Radio Exhibition, where "Rockpop" was recorded.

Unfortunately, the best time of German progressive rock was already over by that time, but there were always references to it and some of the bands have never been forgotten.

Frankfurt am Main, December 14, 2021, MUSIC was his first Love

After a short, serious illness, British musician and composer John Miles died on December 5th at the age of 72. With the simply titled song MUSIC (published by RAK, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT), he not only landed in the charts in 1976, he had written an unforgettable evergreen.

John Miles loved making music whenever the opportunity arose. When Stadtwerke Munich wanted to use his song for their advertising, he spontaneously declared himself ready to sing his world hit again himself and the result was “Munich was my first love”.

Born in northern England in 1949, the artist released six studio albums and composed music for several musicals. But his musical legacy is and will remain MUSIC WAS MY FIRST LOVE.

Frankfurt am Main, November 23, 2021, WE LOVE BEYONCE MUSIC & QUEEN BEY BEATS

WIXEN Music Inc. USA administrates two new publishers, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for Germany, Austria and Switzerland: We Love Beyonce Music (ASCAP) and Queen Bey Beats (SESAC).

The first song Wixen Music will administrate for these companies was recorded by Beyoncé and is called "Be Alive" (By Beyoncé Gisselle Knowles & Daris Scott Dixson - We Love Beyonce Music / Queen Bey Beats and others) . It was written for the new Will Smith movie "King Richard," a bio pic about tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, and is her first song that year.

There is hope that this song will be nominated for the Academy Awards as "Best Song".

Frankfurt am Main, October 06, 2021, 70 years Melodie der Welt - 50 years Super Top Musikverlag

The titles of publisher MELODIE DER WELT, which started its business with Schlager music, have been known for 70 years, including classics such as “Tanze mit mir in den Morgen” (Götz / Hertha), “Zwei Spuren im Schnee” (Winkler / Rauch) and “Das bisschen Haushalt” (Mayer / Bradtke). Thousands of titles have been published by MELODIE DER WELT. This also includes carnival hits such as the legendary "Humbta Tatärä" (Hämmerle) and "Im Schatten des Doms" (Mathes). In addition, MdW represents internationally renowned publishers and authors as well as successful Editions.

The best-known copyrights of Super Top Musikverlag, which was founded in 1971 and belongs to MdW, are the songs by Jean Frankfurter, which he wrote for the pop music group “Arabesque”. Around 1980 the girl band had their first top hit with “Marigot Bay”. Successful songs like "Hello, Mr. Monkey" and others followed. After that, the group started particularly good in Japan, South Korea and the Russian countries. "Arabesque" is still unforgotten there today and is downright adored. Founding member Michaela Rose re-formed the band 15 years ago.

Frankfurt am Main, August 10, 2021, German New Wave hero MARKUS with new single "Helden"

What does an 80s hero do when he wants to travel “Back to the Future”? Of course he grabs a DeLorean, shoots a video in the typical and colorful 80s style and releases a single that is musically up-to-date, but reminiscent of the good old German New Wave times in terms of sound aesthetics. The new song by MARKUS Mörl (written by Linda Stark, Jan Listing and Joschka Bender, co-published with 33.33% each between MELODIE DER WELT and TMB) is called HELDEN (heros).

Frankfurt am Main, August 4, 2021, Edition Factoree (Melodie der Welt) and Side by Side Management arrange successful Writing Camp in Saarbrücken

The joint venture label Factoree organized a songwriting camp together with Side By Side Management in Tonstudio 99 in Saarbrücken from July 22nd to 24th, 2021.

The label founded by Ever Ever Music and successful producer Benjamin Factor (“Endorphine” and “Saufen aufm Spielplatz”) has established fascinating young artists in the past couple of months who are blowing musical standards with the new genre Goa-Rap.

During three days songs were written for the artists BroyS, Audiohenta! and Scutta under the guidance of Lena Leick (label manager Ever Ever Music) and Lukas Adamidis (director Side By Side Management). The Camp was made possible thanks to the support of Melodie der Welt where Factoree has an own publishing edition. In addition to Benjamin Factor, Deon and Lucy from the Saarbrücken cross-over duo Tiavo as well as the producer team Tim Schoon and Matteo Schwanengel took part as writers. A great deal of songs were created which stand out with meaningful lyrics and impulsive electro beats.

“With these songs we would like to build upon former success and further expand the genre”, says Lena Leick about the Camp. “It’s good to see that our publisher Melodie der Welt as well as our longtime partner Side By Side Management believe in our vision.”

The hit single “Saufen aufm Spielplatz” by BroyS went viral on TikTok during the last six months and reached 9 million streams in shortest time. “The Camp was a great success! The mixture of Hip-Hop and EDM is very exciting and we are sure that the new songs will at least equally convince!”, tells Benjamin Factor. “The combination of our Hip-Hop writers, the EDM producers and the artists harmonized very well. We are leaving the Camp with a lot of songs showing another new facet of this music style.”, adds Lukas Adamidis.


Picture: back from left to right: Hanna Derber (Ever Ever Music), Lena Leick (Ever Ever Music), Nicole Giesa (Ever Ever Music), BroyS (Factoree), Scutta (Factoree), Lucy (Tiavo), Deon (Tiavo), Tim Schoon (Side By Side Future), Matteo Schwanengel (Side By Side Future); front from left to right: Benjamin Factor (Factoree), Carmelo Lo Porto (Ever Ever Music), Audiohenta! (Factoree), Lukas Adamidis (Side By Side Management); sitting from left to right: Johnny Carrera (Factoree), Trip-Tamine (Factoree)

Frankfurt am Main, June 16, 2021, ESKIMO CALLBOY nominated at the Heavy Music Awards 2021 - VOTE NOW!

ESKIMO CALLBOY has been nominated as a finalist at the Heavy Music Awards 2021 (#HMA21) in the BEST VIDEO category for their video for the song "HYPA HYPA" from the album MMXX. The winners are chosen by public vote.

Starting June 16, voting can be done at Anyone over the age of 18 can enter to win tickets to the event at the O2 Forum Kentish Town in London on September 2, 2021.

"HYPA HYPA" is co-published by Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, June 08, 2021, VIVA – UNSER WEG entered the German album charts at pos. 18

One year after their debut album, the Franconian band VIVA is already releasing their next LP with a mixture of rock, pop and punk. Their first album created a stir already, the second goes one better with its “New Hymns, New Songs”. The songs are essentially traditional German rock, you can hear exactly what singer and guitarist Florian Rittweger and his guys have produced together - honestly and clearly.

German rock enthusiasts and VIVA fans even more will love the album. All songs are co-published between EDITION LEBENSLINIEN and MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, June 01, 2021, Schlager lyricist Fred Weyrich - 100th birthday on August 28, 2021 in memoriam

Fred Weyrich became known in the 1960s as the discoverer and producer of singer Alexandra. He produced many other artists, including Hildegard Knef. But his life path was already quite interesting and, above all, varied.

Fred Weyrich was born on August 28, 1921 in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. At first he studied dentistry at the request of his father, but then, with the support of his mother, completed an acting course in Berlin. Immediately after the Second World War he was a cabaret artist with the later internationally known Gert Fröbe in Munich. He then became a house singer with the Northwest German Broadcasting Corporation.

In the 1960s he started producing and writing lyrics for his interpreters. His most successful songs of those years include „Sind Sie der Graf von Luxemburg“ (Are you the Count of Luxembourg) and “Jeder Schotte” (Any Scots) for Dorthe, with music by Henry Mayer, and Alexandra's “Auf dem Weg nach Odessa” (On the way to Odessa), composed by Hans Blum, as well as many others. He has published over sixty lyrics with MELODIE DER WELT alone. He has also written TV scripts, newspaper articles and glosses.

He had a close human relationship with the publisher Johann Michel. Fred Weyrich had practice as an emcee, he had already moderated fashion shows in the 1950s, and he was known for his consistently good mood. Whenever Johann Michel had something to celebrate, like the 25th anniversary of MELODIE DER WELT (see photo, left Fred Weyrich, right Johann Michel) in 1976, Fred Weyrich always gave the laudatory speeches, sometimes even with simultaneous English translation.

As usual, he also gave his speech on Johann Michel's 85th birthday in May 1999. In the same year, on December 30, 1999, he died of heart failure in his house on Lake Ammersee.


Frankfurt am Main, May 26, 2021, Tenth album of The Black Keys at position 3 in German charts

On May 14, 2021, The Black Keys released their new album "Delta Kream". The songs “Goin‘ Down South”, “Poor Boy A Long Way From Home”, “Do The Romp”, “Stay All Night”and “Sad Days, Lonely Nights”by R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough are published by WIXEN Music and sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT.

It's easy-going Mississippi Hill Country Blues at its best. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney wanted to honor the blues tradition that influenced them in their musical beginnings. The session was completely natural and informal and so the album was only finished in two afternoons. An absolutely authentic album that is just pure joy.

Frankfurt am Main, May 18, 2021, WILLKUER in the charts

The German rock band WILLKUER has existed since 2007 and started as a cover band for various German rock greats. They were very successful with it in the Swabian region.

Now they are going into songwriting. All songs on the debut album (entry on pos. 11) are co-published between SUEDLAND-MUSIC-EDITION and MELODIE DER WELT.

In these songs, the five band members Moritz Hermle (vocals), Julian Kuder (guitar), Florian Söll (drums), Andreas Weible (bass) and Tobias Röschl (guitar) tell their unvarnished truth, criticize society, but also encourage people in hard times. „Wir treffen euch hart mit purer Willkuer“ (“We hit you hard with pure arbitrariness”, i.e. a word play on their band name) is the hearty announcement to the fans. With this album, the boys from Reutlingen are definitely paving their way to the top.

Frankfurt am Main, May 11, 2021, Local Bastards entered the charts with the album “Feindbild”

The Hessian punk hard rock band LOCAL BASTARDS entered the charts at position 32 with their album “Feindbild” (Bogeyman). The songs are co-published between MELODIE DER WELT and the editions LEBENSLINIEN and SÜDLAND.

The "Local Bastards" were the opening act for the "Goitzsche Front", who were right at the top of the charts a year ago with their album. Both bands are close friends. The new album "Feindbild" is the fifth album of the "Local Bastards".

The sound is memorable, hard and solid. The content of the songs is what you would expect from rock songs: It's about friendship, alcohol, love and tattoos. But there are also heavy songs like in “Tote Mädchen” (Dead Girls), which takes up the subject of suicide.

Frankfurt am Main, May 04, 2021, Tom Petty's Musical Echo

Tom Petty's album “Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)” entered the German charts at place 17. The "Wildflowers" album is timeless in the best sense of the word.

In October last year the nine LP box set "Wildflowers & All The Rest" was released for hardcore fans. This album of alternative versions of 16 tracks from the sessions is now affordable for normal fans and interested parties.

The songs are published by Gone Gator Music (Wixen Music), sub-published for the German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT.

Lucinda Williams dedicates herself to this unique singer-songwriter on her album "Runnin‘ Down A Dream - A Tribute To Tom Petty ". It entered the German charts at position 32. She donates the proceeds to independent employees of the music business, such as concert organizers, bookers and music clubs, who are fighting for their existence due to the pandemic.

With this album Williams shows a new facet of her skills and presents her Tom Petty cover with a lot of verve and charisma.

Frankfurt am Main, April 27, 2021, Ben Zucker with a new successful album

Ben Zucker has released his third album, “Jetzt erst recht!” (Now more than ever) and is delighting the Schlager world with it. The two songs “Schon wieder für immer” (Already forever again) and “Danach fragt die Liebe nicht” (Love doesn’t ask for it) are published by SUEDLAND-MUSIC-EDITION, co-published with MELODIE DER WELT.

The album went straight to number 1 on the charts. Berlin-based Ben Zucker, who stands out from other Schlager singers with his rough and raspy voice, has experienced a rapid promotion in recent years and has firmly established himself in the industry. This is due to the more pop-rock music, as well as his appearances with Schlager stars like Florian Silbereisen.

Frankfurt am Main, March 30, 2021, LIEBE MACHT MONSTER - The new EISBRECHER album

Eisbrecher's new studio album “Liebe Macht Monster” was released on March 12, 2021 and immediately entered the charts at position 1 – 14 new strong songs, 11 of them published by MELODIE DER WELT and partly co-published by Edition LEBENSLINIEN.

Eisbrecher are undoubtedly an attraction in the German music scene. Noel Pix and Alex Wesselsky have created a significant sound and keep showing their versatility. Staying audible Eisbrecher while doing that is the real art. And so the music changes from Gothic/Wave to Hard Rock/Metal and yet remains true to both.

As soon as the pandemic allows it again, Eisbrecher are planning their European tour.

Frankfurt am Main, February 16, 2021, 50 years ago: Johann Michel and Mickie Most (RAK) agree to cooperate

The year 1971 was of great significance to MELODIE DER WELT’s foreign activities. More and more the British music market developed into the most important repertoire source. On March 1, 1971 Johann Michel and Mickie Most agreed on a long-term publishing cooperation for the German speaking territory in order to exploit the RAK Publishing Ltd. Catalog in the best possible way. This was the start of a unique success story. The cooperation with Mickie Most, one of the most successful and prolific record producers of the 1960s and 1970s, set new standards.

Mickie Most (1938 - 2003) was responsible for 27 Hot Chocolate hits that were released on the RAK label, including "You Sexy Thing", written by lead singer Errol Brown and produced by Mickie Most in 1975. The song became number two on the UK Singles Chart and number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 a year after. Later it was used widely in feature films.

One might think that the year 1975 was under a particularly musical lucky star. In 1975, “Make Me Smile” (Come Up And See Me) by the British rock band Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel was released. The song became a number one hit in the UK charts and stayed in the top 50 for nine weeks. There are now more than 120 cover versions.

In addition, RAK published the most famous pop song by Swedish singer Harpo, "Moviestar", which was number 1 in the charts in numerous countries.

On top of that, in 1975, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" was released by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker and their band Arrows. But the version by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts of 1981 was more successful.

In 1976 John Miles composed the absolute classic of rock music: "Music Was My First Love". The ballad had high chart positions and has still millions of clicks on social media today.

Suzie Quatro was one of the most popular and successful acts of the 1970s. There was hardly any youth room at that time that didn’t have one of her posters from youth magazines on the wall. In 1980 her song "Mama’s Boy" came to MELODIE DER WELT via RAK. The singer and bassist exudes her energy until today. In 2019 she entered the German album charts at position 31 with her album "Suzi Quatro: No Control" and started her tour in Berlin.

In 1981 Mickie Most discovered the singer Kim Wilde. Her debut song "Kids In America", written by her father Marty and brother Ricky Wilde, became a worldwide hit.

Today, RAK Publishing Ltd. is run by Mickie Most's lovely daughter Nathalie Hayes.

photo f.l.: Johann Michel, Suzie Quatro, Mickie Most.

Frankfurt am Main, January 11, 2021, BLACK MAGIC WOMAN

Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green delivered an evergreen with his composition BLACK MAGIC WOMAN in 1968. But, the song only became a big hit with the cover version by Carlos Santana. Fifty years ago, in January 1971, the single reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The original version by Peter Green was not as popular as Santana's interpretation, but two years later it still became a blues rock hit and landed at number 37 on the British singles chart.

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN is originally published by Bourne Ltd. in London and sub-published for the German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT.

At MELODIE DER WELT you can get the following sheet music of BLACK MAGIC WOMAN:

Single edition for voice/piano (Order number: 5407/01/10)

Edition for big band (Order number: 5407/41/10)

Further information can be found under the heading "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, December 17, 2020, MERRY CHRISTMAS

The MELODIE DER WELT team wishes this special year peaceful holidays full of joy and happy family life, and personal and business success and, above all, health for 2021!

Our office is closed from December 24, 2020 to January 01, 2021.

Frankfurt am Main, November, 2020, Information concerning the dispatch of printed editions by the music publishing group MELODIE DER WELT

As of January 1, 2021, HeBu Musikverlag from Kraichtal will take over the shipment of printed editions from the MELODIE DER WELT publishing group. Already from the end of November our printed editions can be ordered at HeBu. The HeBu Musikverlag has already taken over the distribution of our Brass music editions in 2013 and later also the delivery for the editions of the publishing house Clou-Music Wolf (the works of Hubert Wolf), which is administrated by us.

Below you will find the address and contact details:

HeBu Musikverlag GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 22
76703 Kraichtal

Tel.: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 28-0
Fax: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 12 31

You can also obtain our sheet music in digital form quickly and easily as a PDF download via the affiliated store

Frankfurt am Main, November 25, 2020, Ever Ever Music, Melodie der Welt and Benjamin Factor start extensive collaboration

Producer and songwriter Benjamin Factor has signed a worldwide exclusive author’s agreement with Edition Ever Ever / Melodie der Welt.

In addition, Ever Ever Music and Benjamin Factor are founding Factoree and the Edition of the same name (also administered by MdW), a joint venture label to develop and utilize new, exciting artists in the Goa-rap genre. The first signings for this are already in the starting blocks.

Benjamin Factor was able to show with TheDodo and the two songs "Endorphine" and "Komm mit" and the more than 20 million streams associated with them that Goa-rap is a new genre to be taken seriously.

“Benjamin has created a new genre with Goa-rap. His instinct for new artists and trends makes him the ideal business partner for us.” Carmelo Lo Porto (Managing Director, Ever Ever Music) is pleased about the new cooperation.

“Thank you for the exciting productions and for putting your trust in Melodie der Welt on the music publishing side, Benjamin. We look forward to everything that may come from you, from our new exclusive author. We discussed and signed the deal digitally in a corona-safe manner, as can be clearly seen from the signing photo. Sometimes it must go that way,” adds John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager, Melodie der Welt).

“I am really looking forward to the cooperation with Carmelo and MdW! I finally have trustworthy partners by my side with whom I will implement my vision. We're coming!” Says Benjamin Factor.

Photo above: John Ruhrmann (A&R Melodie der Welt), Carmelo Lo Porto (Managing Director, Ever Ever Music), below: Benjamin Factor



Frankfurt am Main, November 24, 2020, Congratulations dear Rainbow Fish

The children's musical “The Rainbow Fish” is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Detlev Jöcker was a young father when he discovered the wonderful picture book by Marcus Pfister. He was enthusiastic about the story of the colorful, iridescent rainbow fish, who must learn that friends are not made through beauty, but through sharing. He quickly came up with the idea of developing a children's musical from the age of 4. This created the foundation for a long and extremely successful collaboration between Detlev Jöcker and Marcus Pfister.

The accompanying CD was awarded gold and platinum and sold more than half a million copies. Detlev Jöcker's Menschenkinder Verlag has been administered by MELODIE DER WELT since 2016.


Frankfurt am Main, November 12, 2020, Neil Young will be 75 years old

Demanding and full of character, that is the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Neil Young. He proves his strength of character again and again, especially now, when he sued the election campaign team of still-President Donald Trump for the unauthorized use of his songs or ... even more exciting, acquired US citizenship in order to contribute to Trump's deselection. In addition, Neil Young has created an impressive, well-known work in over 50 years.

Neil Young was born in Toronto on November 12, 1945. His career began in 1966 with the band Buffalo Springfield. His music spans several genres, including Rock, country and folk music. He is also revered as the "Godfather of Grunge". In 1969 he performed with the popular folk rock group Crosby Stills Nash & Young at the legendary Woodstock Festival. In 1972 the longing ballad "Heart Of Gold" was composed.

However, Young was never interested in success. He frequently changed the line-up of his band and wrote unusual songs that are now classics, such as "Time Fades Away". Writing innovative songs off the mainstream has paid off. Nowadays, seven of his albums are on the "all time list" of the US magazine "Rolling Stone".

MELODIE DER WELT is Neil Young's sub-publisher for the German-speaking area and the Eastern European countries.

Frankfurt am Main, October 27, 2020, Tom Petty: Wildflowers & All The Rest

The “Wildflowers” album, including all the songs that didn’t make it onto the album 26 years ago and have never been released (means All The Rest), entered the official German album charts at position 4.

Three years after Tom Petty's death, those ten songs from the “Wildflowers” recording session have also been released now. These recordings are among the musician's most emotional. Tom Petty wrote many profound songs in 1994, all of which were recorded but not all appeared on the CD of that time. The plan for a second part of the album with "All The Rest" was made while he was still alive. Now it has appeared in the form he imagined.

The songs are published by Gone Gator Music (Wixen Music), sub-published for the German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, October 09, 2020, Eddie Van Halen died at the age of 65

"Jump" was Van Halen's biggest hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 charts for five weeks in 1984.

Born on January 26, 1955 in Nijmegen, his family moved to California in the early 1960s. Eddie and his brother Alex formed their first band during high school. David Lee Roth later made the band Van Halen out of it.

Van Halen Productions signed a sub-publishing contract with MELODIE DER WELT in 1981 for the songs of the first albums, including the legendary song "Jump", for German-speaking countries.

Eddie Van Halen had suffered from cancer for years, to which this first-class musician succumbed on October 6, 2020.

Frankfurt am Main, September 30, 2020, Schlager legend Ralph Siegel celebrates his 75th birthday on 30th September

Born into a well-known family of musicians on September 30, 1945 in Munich, Ralph Siegel inherited the talent and carried on the family tradition, which also included the father's publishing companies. He quickly made a name for himself as a composer of Schlager music and worked with the greatest artists in this guild. In 1973 he founded his record label Jupiter Records and became one of the most influential songwriters, producers and publishers in Germany. His Grand Prix win for Germany in 1982 will not be forgotten.

Pamela Georgi worked for Siegel music publishers in Munich for more than ten years before she took over the management of MELODIE DER WELT as the successor to her grandfather and company founder. In 2012 Ralph Siegel handed over his music publishing companies to the administration of MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, September 29, 2020, Neil Young's album "The Times" entered the German charts at number 57

"The Times" consists of songs from the current Neil Young online concert series "Fireside Session", which the top artist started for his fans at the beginning of the Corona crisis. The new album contains the protest song “Lookin 'For A Leader 2020”. Young released this song last July, with a clear message to US President Donald Trump. The original song “Lookin 'For A Leader” appeared on his album “Living With War” in 2006 and was directed against the then ruling President Georg W. Bush.

Neil Young recently took legal action against the use of his song "Rockin’ in the Free World" at Trump's rallies.

The new EP is his first "Amazon Original" release and his first album recorded on an iPad, for which his wife, actress Daryl Hannah, is responsible.

All songs on the new album (except for a Bob Dylan cover) are sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT (obo Wixen Music).

Frankfurt am Main, September 22, 2020, "MMXX-EP" by Eskimo Callboy entered the charts on place 10

MMXX is the name of the new CD by Eskimo Callboys from Castrop-Rauxel, which entered the German album charts on place 10.

The first single from it is "Hypa Hypa". The track generated a lot of clicks on YouTube within a very short time, simply because the video is hilarious. The good mood song is an allusion to Scooter, but musically the two tracks have little in common.
“Hate / Love”, on the other hand, is more serious, it's about a toxic love.
"MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)" is catchy in a special way.

These three songs are co-published by Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT. The other three songs on the CD are reinterpretations of older pieces.

Frankfurt am Main, September 08, 2020, Vico Torriani - 100th Birthday

Vico Torriani, born on September 21, 1920 in Geneva, is remembered to this day as a popular star with several television shows of his own and numerous leading roles in movies. It was the golden era of television entertainment and lively music. In the 1950s and 1960s Torriani made practically every song a hit and brought MELODIE DER WELT great success.

Vico Torriani was actually a chef and pâtissier but began his show career by winning a singing competition in Zurich 1946. Four years later he signed his first recording contract, and to date more than 25 million records have been sold under the name Vico Torriani. But not only as a singer, he also reached an audience of millions as a cinema and television star, Torriani was able to speak six and sang in twelve languages.

In 1954 MELODIE DER WELT benefited from the successful songs “La Signora Musica” and “Cuculino” from the music film “Guitars of Love”, written by Willy Mattes and Walter Brandin. Two years later it was “Die Bar von Johnny Miller” (Johnny Miller's Bar) from the film “Ein Herz voll Musik” (A Heart Full of Music) and “Zwei Spuren im Schnee” (Two Tracks in the Snow), “Du bist schön wie Musik” (You're beautiful as music) and “Schau nur zu den Sternen” (Just look at the stars) from the pen of the team of authors Heino Gaze and Bruno Balz.

The Germans had a strong attachment to southern climes. The new German wanderlust was brought to the point by Vico Torriani, who portrayed himself as the singing “The Tour Guide of Lisbon” in the film of the same title with the tracks “Verlieb’ dich in Lissabon” (Fall in love with Lisbon) and “Du bist mein schönster Liebesroman” (You are my most beautiful romance novel) by Hans Bradtke and Erwin Halletz.

The Italian copyright “Songo Americano” from the film “The Star of Santa Clara” developed into a radio hit - albeit in the German version by Walter Brandin, sung by Torriani. With “Romantica” (Verde / Rascel) he even won first place at the Italian Schlager Festival in San Remo.

Vico Torriani kept his success constant in the 1960s. In 1961 he was represented twice in the top 50 with “Bon Soir, Herr Kommissar” (Fritz Schulz-Reichel / Hans Bradtke) and “Lebe wohl kleine Frau” (Farewell little woman) (Walter Jäger / Ernst Nebhut). In 1963 the audience loved his “Lass uns mal ein Tänzchen wagen” (Let's dare to dance) (Karl Götz / Kurt Hertha / Heinz Hellmer), in 1964 the winter sports hit “Auf der Hütt'n” (On the hut) (Henry Mayer / Kurt Hertha) - his biggest chart success in Austria - and "Ski-Twist".

On February 25, 1998, Vico Torriani died of a serious illness in Ticino and the world of light muse lost one of its most prominent entertainers.


Frankfurt am Main, July 01, 2020, HOMEGROWN - The great "lost" album by NEIL YOUNG

It finally appeared: Neil Young's album “Homegrown” has entered position 4 in the Official German Album Charts.

Recorded between June 1974 and January 1975, the album was due to be released 45 years ago, but Neil Young canceled the release. That made the recordings legendary and highly sought after. The album contains twelve songs, seven of which have never been released before ("Separate Ways", "Try", "Mexico", "Kansas", "We Don't Smoke It No More", "Vacancy" and "Florida"/narration ) and the others, which later came on the market in arranged versions, can now be heard in their original form ("Homegrown", "White Line", "Little Wing", "Love Is A Rose" and "Star Of Bethlehem") The songs are published by Silverfiddle Music, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT.

The question arises as to why Neil Young didn’t release the album at that time. The reasons were deeply personal, as also is the music - the sad memory of his relationship and separation that he wanted to leave behind. “Homegrown” was mixed on stereo-analog master tapes and has been carefully restored and mastered for this release.


Frankfurt am Main, June 10, 2020, "What's Another Year" for 40 years

“What’s Another Year” was the song with which Irishman Johnny Logan made a name for himself at the Grand Prix Eurovision (today ESC) forty years ago. The song is published by Bocu Music London, sub-published on MELODIE DER WELT for G/A/S. In 1987 Johnny Logan even succeeded to win first place in this competition a second time, at that time with the song "Hold Me Now", which already made him a legend of the ESC. But he went one step further and in 1992 he won the prize as best songwriter for the hit "Why Me" (both published by Union of the Heart Music, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for G/A/S) as a lyricist and composer.

The music is in the genes of the 66 year old, as his father was an Irish star-tenor. The son established himself as a singer, songwriter (e.g. for film and television) and musical actor.

With Melodie der Welt you receive the following sheet music for Big Band:

Healy, Shay: What's Another Year (order number 19756/41/10)

Further information can be found under the heading "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, May 18, 2020, MELODIE DER WELT moves

After 10 years in the “Bienenkorbhaus” (“Beehive House”) and more than half a century in the city center of Frankfurt, MELODIE DER WELT moves into new rooms in the “Gutenberg-Palais” in Frankfurt's City-West in May 2020.

From May 18, 2020 we can be found at the following address:

Melodie der Welt GmbH & Co. KG
An der Dammheide 10
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Otherwise, nothing changes in the contact options.

Frankfurt am Main, May 04, 2020, Gino Trovatello found dead in his apartment

The freelance guitarist, singer, producer, composer, arranger and audio studio director Gino Trovatello was only 58 years old. Trovatello was not only a thoroughbred musician who was active as a guitarist in several well-known Cologne bands, but had also worked on many songs. One of the greatest successes was Michelle's ESC hit "Who Lives Love" from 2001. The Cologne-Italian also worked with international stars such as Jennifer Rush.

The exact cause of his death is not yet known. In 2013, he developed esophageal cancer, but was able to defeat the disease, while his wife died of cancer last year.

In 1999 Gino Trovatello and Matthias Stingl founded their own edition, which was administrated by MELODIE DER WELT. "Who Lives Love" (Gino Trovatello, Matthias Stingl, Eva Richter) is co-published between Edition DIABOLO, MdW and Peer Music.

Frankfurt am Main, April 28, 2020, THE DARK TENOR - EP "Ludwig" entered at pos. 58

Billy Andrews is known for his crossover songs, with which he wants to get the "cool side" of classical music out of the "elitist corner". 2020 is the Beethoven year (250th birthday) and in addition the trained classical singer musically tells "A Beethoven Story by Billy Andrews" on his current EP, with which he immediately entered position 58 of the current charts.

The tracks on the EP, like all the Dark Tenor songs, are intense, emotional and confident. The songs "Out Of The Darkness" and "Unforgettable" were produced by Rob Wells (Backstreet Boys, N Sync), are based on the pieces "Für Elise" and the first movement of the "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven and are catchy pop songs.

His Acoustic Heartbeat-Tour was supposed to start in April but had to be canceled due to the corona crisis. Billy Andrews is now planning an elaborate and unique online concert. The date has not yet been determined.

Frankfurt am Main, April 08, 2020, "Neuer Wind” (New Wind) by Andreas Gabalier ...when the time comes to rest...

Actually, Andreas Gabalier had decided a few months ago to get out of to the public in order to consciously spend more time for oneself, creativity and to have new songs. Now he's signing back with his first work off and about this special time.

Like many other people, Andreas Gabalier has been thinking about the crisis and its effects in the past days and weeks. "Based on the media reports, I was very quickly aware of where this journey would lead and so, in the silence of the nights, which seemed even quieter due to the deceleration of our daily life, I intensively occupied myself with putting my view of this new time on paper."

NEUER WIND is the result. The song has originated in the own living room at the piano and Andreas Gabalier was concerned to preserve the musical simplicity and not to distract from the message and the text by elaborate arrangements.

But the song is also meant to make you think: What can come out of this difficult time in "positive aspects"? Maybe that people will talk to each other more and take the time to listen, that nature seems to take a deep breath, or that after a very long time the otherwise soaring politics suddenly find their way back to the centre and engage themselves in the interest of the general welfare of mankind.

The video once again underlines the theme of the song and shows an empty old farmhouse, which underlines this "breathed out life" from our time, which was perhaps too exhausted and turbulent in the last decades. The video was also kept very simple and was shot by a friend with a small handheld camera.

“Neuer Wind” is meant to give food for thought and is available digitally everywhere since April 03, 2020. The song is, like all titles by Andreas Gabalier, published by Edition Stall c/o MELODIE DER WELT.


Frankfurt am Main, April 07, 2020, Children's song and rock music for a better world!

The children's song star Detlev Jöcker and the hard rock band Mad Max release the joint single “Ladies & Gentlemen”. It will be released on April 09, 2020.

As is well known, dramatic times require special measures: On the German/English language single “Ladies & Gentlemen” the German children's song star Detlev Jöcker, whose Menschenkinder Verlag is administered by MELODIE DER WELT, cooperates with the Münster hard rock band Mad Max as well as students of a North Rhine-Westphalian music school. Detlev Jöcker is one of the most successful and most sung German-language artists with approximately 1300 published songs and over 17 million sold records/songbooks. The musician, who has received several gold and platinum awards, has been committed for decades to the preservation of the environment as well as to humanity and solidarity. Jöcker: "'Ladies & Gentlemen' is the emotional description of this time with its increasing man-made problems. But it is also an appeal to humanity and solidarity to stand up and face negative change with confidence, courage and hope. The bilingualism of the song also reflects the global dimension of the current situation, which not only concerns the Corona virus, but also the environment and refugee problems.

Jürgen Breforth, composer/guitarist of Mad Max, also emphasizes the great importance of the song: "This song is almost predestined for a collaboration between Detlev and our band", he explains. "Already during the creation of 'Ladies & Gentlemen' on the guitar, I had the complete picture in my head: melody, verse, chorus, German/English lyrics, plus Detlev and a children's choir that transports and symbolizes the central message. Because only all generations together, only old and young together can solve the problems of our time. In order to set an example, we have decided, in cooperation with our record company SPV, to release 'Ladies & Gentlemen' today and thus earlier than originally planned. We want to encourage now, we want to stand together now - as the lyrics of the song make clear - together."

For Detlev Jöcker, this song continues his decades of work as a globally active ambassador for charitable, social and socially relevant projects. One of the most remarkable merits of the German musician is his commitment to a peaceful coexistence of religions and cultures in the Middle East, initiated by Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres. Jöcker recorded the song 'Alle Kinder dieser Erde' in German, Hebrew, English and Arabic with pop singer Liel Kolet and Israeli and Palestinian children and musicians. As early as the 1990s, the man from Münster was commissioned by the Goethe Institute to travel through England, Scotland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and other countries as the official "ambassador of the German children's song" to introduce children to the German language and culture. He was also invited to an audience with Pope Francis in Rome for his many years of work as an author of Christian music. Jöcker also supported the international "Climate Action Project" and with a climate flashmob and the environmental song 'Alle wollen leben' (All want to live) he was able to gather more than 400 pupils in front of Münster's town hall.

For Jöcker and Mad Max, this is their first collaboration together, and also with a musically unusual approach: "Actually, with such an emotional message, you would expect a big ballad, but that's exactly what we didn't want," explains Breforth. "Inspired by bands like Def Leppard, for example, the song should have a lot of power and rock out. The atmospheric video clip, directed by Sebastian Stumpe (AffenAufRuhr) and shot in a music school in Havixbeck near Münster, for which the participating children painted their T-shirts with messages about the situation in the world, is also fitting. Breforth: "What the children have to say in concrete terms can be seen very clearly in the video.

The video can be seen here:

As Detlev Jöcker so aptly put it: "'Ladies & Gentlemen' fits for me exactly into this time. People need a lot of light now, because they are becoming increasingly scared. This song and also the video is a message with a lot of light."

Frankfurt am Main, March 31, 2020, Alan Merrill (I Love Rock 'n' Roll) died of Covid-19

Alan Merrill died at the age of 69 from the consequences of the corona virus in Manhattan on March 29, 2020. He was co-author (with Jake Hooker) and lead singer of the British band The Arrows, which released the first version of the rock anthem "I Love Rock 'n' Roll". In 1981, Joan Jett made the breakthrough of the song and since then it became music history. It was published by RAK (sub-published by Melodie der Welt).

Merrill was born on February 19, 1951 in the Bronx, New York, as son of two jazz musicians. At the age of nine, he came to a boarding school in Switzerland. At 13, he returned to the United States, attended schools in New York and Los Angeles, and eventually the Sophia University (a private Jesuit university) in Tokyo.

Alan Merrill had a long and varied career as a pop musician, TV actor, presenter and model that started in Japan. At the age of 18, Merrill signed a record deal with RCA Victor Tokyo. His surname Sachs was changed to Merrill because Sachs sounded too ambiguous in the English pronunciation. He became a teen idol in Japan, which he got tired of after a few years. He went to the UK and founded The Arrows in 1974, which was soon produced by Mickie Most of RAK Records. The band was popular with teenagers and so Merrill's fate did not really change. The Arrows even got their own weekly TV series. After the breakup of the band, he founded a new band called Runner. In 1985, Merrill released a solo album and then joined the Meat Loaf band for two albums. In 1989, he worked as an actor again in an HBO television series. In 1990, he went on a reunion tour with his former Japanese band Vodka Collins, which at that time was Japan's first top glam rock act. In addition to various releases, he then gave international live concerts, solo and with bands, and released various albums. Eminem used "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" as a sample in his title "Remind Me", for which Merrill, as a co-author, was recognized.

Frankfurt am Main, March 02, 2020, David Roback (Mazzy Star) died unexpectedly

David Roback, born April 4, 1958 in California and co-founder of the band "Mazzy Star", died unexpectedly at the age of 61 from cancer on February 24, 2020.

Even before the breakthrough with "Mazzy Star", which he founded together with Hope Sandoval in 1989, the guitarist and keyboardist was one of the most important people in the California Paisley Underground scene. Together with Sandoval he wrote dozens of songs, of which the neo-psychedelic song "Fade Into You" is still unforgettable. It hit the charts worldwide in 1994 and was the band's biggest commercial success.

In 2012 David Roback and Hope Sandoval submitted their songs to the administration of Wixen Music Publishing USA and thus to the sub-publisher MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, February 14, 2020, BRDigung - Album “Zeig dich” from 0 to 3

BRDigung is provocative, socially critical, ironic and politically incorrect. The band members, singer / guitarist Julian "Julez" Cistecky, bass player Tobias "Tobsen" Behnen, drummer Sven "Da Prinz" Hinsken and guitarist Jonas "Jonzen" Straeten, come from Kempen on the Lower Rhine and play German punk rock with metal coloring.

The band's seventh album “Zeig dich” (“Show Yourself”) was released on January 31, 2020 and entered the album charts at number 3. There are 14 new songs on it, which are co-published between Edition All Black Everything and MELODIE DER WELT. BRDigung are now going on tour.

Frankfurt am Main, January 28, 2020, Magnum "The Serpent Rings" & Anti-Flag "20/20 Vision"

Tony Clarkin wrote and produced all of the tracks on the newly released MAGNUM album "The Serpent Rings" and thus immediately reached number 5 on the German album charts. MELODIE DER WELT has sub-published the songs of the composer, founder and guitarist of MAGNUM for over 30 years - obo Maxwood Music Ltd. for the German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

With this chart entry, the English hard rock band broke their own record of two years ago, when they went straight to number 8 with their album "Lost On The Road To Eternity".

Clarkin uses the artistic freedom that he is given to create songs for the band that fully illuminate their strengths - rocking and at the same time melodic, direct and at the same time playful, dynamic and also sensitive, with poetic and equally critical lyrics and in contrast skeptical, sometimes almost scary.

The big Magnum European tour starts in March 2020 (with dates in April and May also in Germany).

ANTI-FLAG have entered place 41 on the German album charts with their album "20/20 Vision". With incredible political punk rock, the legendary band from Pittsburgh takes a close look at the state of their country. The old punk masters have their 25th anniversary and "20/20 Vision", which songs are published by Wixen Inc. and sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT, is a political statement, concrete and consistent. Anti-Flag are not only against, but above all for something, namely freedom of expression, peace and a better future. The musical desires are packaged in clear and dynamic sounds.

Anti-Flag were on 20/20 European Tour in January and also came to Germany.

Frankfurt am Main, January 13, 2020, "OSTGOLD" by Goitzsche Front is number 2 of the German album charts

The "Ostgold" album by the East German band Goitzsche Front, released on January 3, 2020, entered the album charts at number 2.

Powerful, energetic, rocking, hard, martial, aggressive, loud, critical, brutal - all of this is said to be the successful German-speaking rock band from Bitterfeld. Singer Bocki, Ulze (bass guitar), TT (drums) and Maxi (guitar) had started as a cover band in 2009, now they are making their own music. "Goitzsche" (pronounced "Gottsche") is the flooded open-cast mine near Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

As expressive as their name, as honest is the band. Down-to-earthness and everyday topics characterize their songs, with a high identification space for their fans. They were supported by Dieter "Maschine" Birr, who accompanied them on their last tour and who is author of the only cover song on the new CD. All other songs are co-published between Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, November 18, 2019 Melodie der Welt and The Musicbrokers compose for the Troglauer and The Dark Tenor

From 6 to 8 November, at the joint songwriting camp of Melodie der Welt and the Hamburg based music agency The Musicbrokers, the artists Troglauer and The Dark Tenor were in focus. For three days, they worked on song-material together with the interpreters at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg. Fourteen composers and lyricists assisted the artists and developed the new works under the creative aegis of The Musicbrokers.

John Ruhrmann, A & R Manager of Melodie der Welt, is impressed by the results: "Meanwhile, we have organized the eleventh camp together with The Musicbrokers. It is always a pleasure to see how especially our young, new authors are encouraged and challenged there. The resulting works show how concentrated and innovative the days were."

Tom Nevermann, Managing Director of The Musicbrokers, adds: "This time we had two very different performers together with the Troglauer’s and The Dark Tenor, who challenged our authors. The positive feedback from the artists shows us that we approach the camps with the right concept. The mixture of a relaxed working atmosphere and professional expectations brings out great new songs."

The Dark Tenor adds: "Hamburg has long been a Dark Tenor stronghold, and its creative vein is not just a matter of great past! Tom and his team have created a great camp where the art of creating music couldn’t be celebrated more beautifully! Thanks for a great time! "

The joint series of songwriting camps is to be continued.


From left to right: Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Nicki (Troglauer), Mike (Troglauer), Luis Baltes (front left), Maxi Beuster, Danny (Troglauer), Christoph Sakwerda, Marius Tilly, Denny Meißner, Anna Zimt, Daniel Eisenlohr (front right), Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Felix Gerlach, Hauke ​​von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers).
Not in the picture: The Dark Tenor, David Stoltzenberg, Michael Knauer, Björn Patrik Pfeiffer, Justin Balk, Buket Kocatas


Frankfurt am Main, November 4, 2019, Neil Young and Crazy Horse are back

Crazy Horse, the rock band founded by Neil Young in 1968, is back after seven years with Neil Young on a new album titled "Colorado". The album immediately entered the German album charts in 6th place. The entire album is sub-published at MELODIE DER WELT for the German-speaking and Eastern European countries.

The album was created in the Studio in the Clouds, an eco-lodge with recording studio in the mountains of Colorado. Ten songs on CD or alternatively double LP, recorded analogue and mostly live, that makes the special sound and captures the passion of the musicians.

Frankfurt am Main, October 22, 2019, The Dark Tenor: Alive - 5 Years

Who is behind The Dark Tenor is unknown to the public, but with his mixture of classical and pop music, he made it instantly in the charts and his new album "Alive - 5 Years" has immediately entered No. 12 on the official German album charts. His own works, published in editions and by MELODIE DER WELT, are rock and pop songs, which give his tenor voice due weight and which he cleverly combines with modern arranged classical works. With the new live album, he celebrates his last 5 years and thanks the fans for their loyalty.

Frankfurt am Main, September 30, 2019, Bata Illic is celebrating his eightieth birthday

His songs have shaped generations and absolutely unforgotten are his hits such as “Michaela” and “Schwarze Madonna” from the seventies.

Born on September 30th, 1939 in Belgrade, Bata Illic released his first single recording in 1967. Shortly followed by the next song “Mit verbundenen Augen”, performed by Bata Illic in the very first “ZDF-Hitparade”, written by Karl Götz and Kurt Hertha both being long-term MELODIE DER WELT writers (photo f.l.: Bata Illic and Karl Götz). The Dutch cover-version “Met geschloten Ogen” by Theo Diepenbrock was even awarded with Gold.

Also, all of his other singles – many of them published by MELODIE DER WELT – were able to be placed successfully in the hit-parades, such as “Die Liebe kommt am Abend” (Karl Götz/Kurt Hertha), “Ich hab noch Sand in den Schuhen aus Hawaii” (Henry Mayer/Fred Jay), “Ich möcht’ der Knopf an deiner Bluse sein” (Christian Bruhn/Günther Behrle), “Ein Souvenir von Marie Antoinette”, “Schwarze Madonna” and “Mädchen mit den traurigen Augen” (all written by Henry Mayer/Günther Behrle).

Certainly, “Michaela” (Robert Puschmann/Jean Frankfurter/Werker Krisch) is and will remain the most famous song. “Michaela” was his first #1 Hit in Germany in 1972, being an Evergreen today, and is a guarantee to leave a jolly mood with the audience. “Michaela” always creates an exuberant atmosphere. Whether Carnival in the Rhineland or Octoberfest in Munich: “Michaela” is part of it and conquers every audience.

Many of these Evergreens are available through MELODIE DER WELT:

Single edition for piano/voice, order no.: 7078/01/10
Edition for Big Band, order no.: 7078/41/10
Mädchen mit den traurigen Augen
Edition for Big Band, order no.: 11876/41/10
Ich hab noch Sand in den Schuh'n aus Hawaii
Single edition for piano/voice, order no.: 11134/01/10
Edition for Big Band, order no.: 4618/41/10
Ich möcht der Knopf an deiner Bluse sein
Edition for Big Band, order no.: 12728/41/10
Schwarze Madonna
Single edition for piano/voice, order no.: 9043/01/10
Edition for Big Band, order no.: 9043/41/10
Frankfurt am Main, September 23, 2019, Gabalier reaches the top again

For the third time the Austrian Andreas Gabalier tops the German album charts. With his album "Best Of Volks-Rock'n'Roller" he made directly the first place.

Gabalier is one of the most successful Austrian musicians of all time. With his always sold out concerts he fills entire stadiums in Austria and Germany. He was accompanied on his musical journey in the last 10 years by manager and producer Klaus Bartelmuss (Edition Stall in Melodie der Welt) and promoter Sepp Adlmann.

Of course, his awards are impressive, but especially the number of platinum records. That is also to be expected for the new album. Crowd-puller Gabalier will take a break now and he deserves it.

Frankfurt am Main, September 17, 2019, 10 years Andreas Gabalier on stage

"Volks Rock'n Roller" (Rock’n Roll star of folk music) Andreas Gabalier has been on stage for 10 years, producing countless hits such as "I sing a Liad für di" (I sing a song for you), "Hulapalu" and "Amoi seg ma uns wieder" (One time we see again). He has just released a new CD with his 20 greatest hits.

Gabalier is filling stadiums nowadays and his reputation extends all the way to America, recently the New York Times dedicated an article to him. The former law student started with a concert in his homeland Styria 10 years ago. Already with his debut album, he established himself in the Austrian charts, received a golden record and was immediately nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award. In 2011, he became known in Germany with "I sing a Liad für di" and landed in the German single charts for the first time. Since then his career has been steadily rising and numerous golden and platinum records as well as other music awards accompany his musical path.

With Melodie der Welt you receive the following sheet music by Andreas Gabalier:

Andreas Gabalier - "Seine besten Songs" (order number 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4)

Andreas Gabalier - "Seine neuen Songs" (order number 253786/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0537-9)

"I sing a Liad für di" (order number 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0)

"Amoi seg 'ma uns wieder" (order number 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1)

"Hulapalu" (Order number 248779/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0534-8)

"Verdammt lang her" (order number 267413/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0541-6)

Further information on the editions can be found under the heading "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, August 23, 2019, Lyricist Irma Holder died

Every Schlager fan knows her hits. Songwriter Irma Holder has written more than a thousand lyrics and dozens of them have appeared with Melodie der Welt, the affiliated and MdW-administered publishers.

Irma Holder died on August 16, 2019 in Gärtringen (Baden-Württemberg) at the age of 93 years.

Already in 1972, she signed her first publishing contract with Melodie der Welt. At that time, she wrote a lot together with her seven years younger brother Pepe Ederer, who paved her way to the music industry.

From the mid-1980s, Irma Holder worked intensively and very successfully with the composer Jean Frankfurter. Many of her songs from this collaboration are published by Franky Boy Musikverlag.

Frankfurt am Main, May 17, 2019, Nie und Nimmer - Laute Stille

The album "Laute Stille" by the Berlin band "Nie und Nimmer" (singer Hayat and rapper / vocalist Mo) has been released on May 3rd and entered position 25 on the longplay charts. The songs are published by Melodie der Welt and Ever Ever as well as TMB, which are also administered by Melodie der Welt. The duo is a vocally interesting pairing and offers German Pop / Hip Hop / Rock in top form. “Laute Stille” (Loud silence) tells of their life, with all ups and downs.





Sänger Hayat & Rapper Mo (Quelle: Ever Ever)

Frankfurt am Main, May 14, 2019, Death of Doris Day

The American Hollywood actress and singer Doris Day died at the age of 97 years on 13th May 2019. One of her greatest hits is undoubtedly the song "Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)", written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston in 1956 for the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Alfred Hitchcock. It was sung by Doris Day in the film and prized with the Oscar award for the Best Song in 1957. In UK, it reached # 1 in the hit parade, in the US, it was a # 2 hit and million seller. From 1968 to 1973, the song was the theme tune of the Doris Day Show on US television.

The song was often covered, above others from The Lords, Shakin’ Stevens or the Hermes House Band and almost everyone can at least sing along the chorus. A true evergreen, subpublished by MELODIE DER WELT since 1985.

You can get "Que Será Será" as single edition for voice / piano in trade (order number 76303/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0528-7).

Frankfurt am Main, May 7, 2019, 50th anniversary of death – Alexandra: “The voice of yearning”

One of the well-remembered personalities of the German "Schlager" is Alexandra having a much too short but still very impressing career with the song "Zigeunerjunge”. Only in 1968 she had her breakthrough with this song by Hans Blum. The French version "Tzigane" was quite successful there. This song and the follow-up "Auf dem Weg nach Odessa" (Hans Blum/Fred Weyrich) are both published by MELODIE DER WELT.

Born 1944 in Heydekrug in East Prussia she moved to North Germany shortly thereafter and grew up in Kiel and Hamburg. She did several jobs to finance her singing and acting classes, finally sang to producer Fred Weyrich. He realized her talent and made the first recording. The rest is musical history.

On July 31, 1969, the 27-year-old singer died in a car accident near Heide in Holstein, as well as her mother. Only the 6-year-old son survived. Many rumors and conspiracy theories surround Alexandra's death. Her lover at the time, Pierre Lafaire, was said to have been working for the US secret service, and she herself was said to be in contact with secret services. A tragic, short life story, around which many myths still surround.

Frankfurt am Main, April 17, 2019, MIDEM 2019

MELDODIE DER WELT can be contacted at the German Pavilion at MIDEM, the leading international business event for music, from 4. to 7. June 2019 in Cannes.

Here you can find further information about the German Pavilion.

Frankfurt am Main, April 11, 2019, Melodie der Welt and The Musicbrokers host Anniversary Songwriting Camp

For the tenth time many authors met at the songwriting camp of Melodie der Welt and the Hamburg music agency The Musicbrokers. From 3rd to 5th April 2019 the anniversary camp took place in the rooms of Chamäleon Studios in Hamburg. Fourteen composers and lyricists developed new songs during the three days under the creative aegis of The Musicbrokers. The songs have been written for German pop singer Philipp Leon and DJ / Producer Lukas Ernst, who were also present and guaranteed that tailored works were the results.

Tom Nevermann, Managing Director The Musicbrokers, is pleased with the collaboration with Melodie der Welt and the camps of the last years: "One reason that we celebrating the tenth anniversary is that we bring together motivated and highly talented song writers, who write about interesting things and for extraordinary performers. On the other hand it is Melodie der Welt, with which we have found a reliable partner in music business and put these camps so uncomplicated and professional into action."

John Ruhrmann, A & R Manager of Melodie der Welt, adds: "A continuous quality of the songwriting camps and the resulting works is of highest importance for us and our authors. With The Musicbrokers we have found an agency that totally promotes creativity and implements the camps in relaxed work environments. Looking at the compositions of the last ten camps it is out of question that we still want to organize as many more common camps as possible. "

From left to right: Hauke von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers), Julian Laping, Christoph v. Freydorf, Marius Tilly, Philipp Leon, Florian Luig, Joschka Bender, Hannes Kelch, Daniel Eisenlohr, Buket Kocatas, Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Lukas Ernst

Frankfurt am Main, April 8, 2019, European Copyright Directive Article 17 (formerly 13) - Briefly explained

Former Article 13, now Article 17, gives rise for much discussion. It would lead to the use of upload filters through the internet platforms and thus to censorship, say the opponents.

However, the article's main point is that internet platforms ("online content sharing services") that commercially use intellectual property and generate annual sales of more than € 10 million are required to seek permission from the authors. If this does not happen, the platform should be liable for it in the future.

In the case of material property, no one doubts that an intermediary must lawfully purchase his goods before reselling them. In the case of intangible property, e.g. compositions, opponents of copyright reform put intellectual property into question. The big providers such as Google, YouTube and Facebook earn a lot of money from their users' data, advertising and information. So far, they have not been responsible for the content, but users were for unlawful use and release of songs on these platforms.

The proposed legislation requires strong platforms to buy a content license, for example, from a music publisher and label that represents the intellectual property of composers / lyricists and artists. Until now, this is theoretically the responsibility of the user who wants to upload protected content, because uploading a musical work is a copyright relevant act. Behind every song is a complex network of creative and economic participants. Only through this collaboration do users have access to the songs. However, these are not their property. The copyright of the songs belong solely to the participating composers and lyricists.

Frankfurt am Main, April 8, 2019, Suzi Quatro out of control

Suzi Quatro is back and hits the German album charts on place 31 with her album "Suzi Quatro: No Control". Also on this album, the pop-rock icon shows her creativity and the songs are sure to be a hit. This album is also special by the fact that it is a family project. Her son Richard Tuckey has worked with her on almost all titles. All songs on the album are 100% copyright by RAK London and sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT. German fans can look forward to Suzi Quatro's Germany tour, which starts on April 24, 2019 in Berlin.

Frankfurt am Main, March 18, 2019, HEROIN & HELICOPTERS

On March 1, 2019, the new album "Heroin & Helicopters" by Citizen Cope appeared. The honored musician returns with the new recording after seven years. The title of the album came after a meeting with Santana, who is a fan of Cope. He should have advised him to stay away from the "two H's" (heroin and helicopter). Cope translated that musically as a social metaphor for addiction and its immediate fulfillment. In spring, Citizen Cope goes on tour through the USA.

Frankfurt am Main, March 12, 2019, The best of the Best

We are excited that The Black Keys having returned with a new song

Written by Daniel Quine Auerbach and Patrick James Carney
Published by McMoore McLesst Publishing 100%
Subpublisher Ruminating Music / Wixen Music
MELODIE DER WELT GmbH & Co. KG for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This is the first common musical sign of the Grammy Award winners since the album "Turn Blue!" of 2014 - a real surprise! The music delivers what you want it to be: Straightforward blues rock with soulful backing vocals.

"Tom Petty: The Best Of Everything" 1976 - 2016 is the title of the Greatest Hits album dedicated to rock legend Tom Petty, who died in 2017. In addition to his biggest hits, you can also hear personal rarities here, put together by Petty's family and some band members. The album is currently ranked place 24 on the German album charts. During his lifetime, Tom Petty had full confidence in the American publisher Wixen Music, which is represented by MELODIE DER WELT for the German-speaking countries.

Weezer have also entered the album charts with their new The Black Album. Ruminating / Wixen Music has also shares of these songs, sub-published for the German-speaking countries by MELODIE DER WELT. The new album is first class and diverse. The songs of the new album were written by frontman Rivers Cuomo, for the first time in the history of Weezer completely on the piano.

Andrew Bird has also announced a new album "My Finest Work Yet" for March 22, 2019. His fans can be happy, because on his tour he will come to Germany in June. His American publisher Wixen Music (sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT) already saw his warm up show in Los Angeles and that was fabulous, we were told.

Frankfurt am Main, February 25, 2019, Dieter Adam died in February 2019

The well-known Hessian musician Dieter Adam (born 1941) had released numerous records and CDs until his larynx surgery in 2014. With MELODIE DER WELT he signed almost 70 publishing contracts between 1969 and 1981. With his dance band "Adam and the Micky's" he was a regular guest at the Hessian Carnival Strongholds. Especially popular were his joke versions of well-known songs in Hessian dialect. But he also had success with his own songs. Ikke Hüftgold made Dieter Adam's song "Quellkartoffeln un Dupp-Dupp" (1979) an après-ski hit of the year 2016. Now, Adam died at the age of only 77 years.

Frankfurt am Main, February 12, 2019, Dendemann „da nich für!“

On January 25, the new album “Da nich für!” (it’s a North German expression for “You’re welcome”)  of German rapper Dendemann appeared and went straight to the first place of the German album charts. Not only the audience, but also the trade press celebrates the album. Thereon is the track "Müde" (“Tired”), in which Dendemann explains that he is actually too tired "for the shit". Herein he samples “Ich bin zu müde” ("I'm too tired") by Charly Niessen and Hildegard Knef, published with the music publisher JOHANN MICHEL.

Frankfurt am Main, January 31, 2019, Cinema film "Work without an Author"

German feature film "Work without an Author" premiered as part of the 75th Venice Film Festival in September 2018 and was released on 3 October 2018 in German cinemas. It was directed by Oscar®-winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The song “Tausend Mandolinen sollen heut’ erklingen” (“A Thousand Mandolins Should Sound Today”), published by MELODIE DER WELT, written in 1954 by librettist Walter Brandin with the music by Willy Mattes and sung by Vico Torriani, can be heard in four scenes. "Work without an Author" is nominated for the Academy Awards 2019 in the category "Best Foreign Language Film".  We keep our fingers crossed for the Oscars on February 2, 2019!

Frankfurt am Main, December 20, 2018, Merry Christmas....

We wish you a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas season and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.


Please note: Our office will be closed from 22nd December 2018 until 1st January 2019.

Frankfurt am Main, December 5, 2018, MELODIE DER WELT and THE MUSICBROKERS bring songwriters together again

From 27th to 29th of November 2018, the joint songwriting camp of MELODIE DER WELT and the Hamburg music agency THE MUSICBROKERS took place for the ninth time. Fifteen composers and lyricists met at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg for collaborative songwriting. New works have been created in groups of three authors. The focus was this time, inter alia, on the development of songs for the newcomer band "Adayna" and singer Philipp Leon, who were also on site and therefore could take direct influence on the resulting titles.
Tom Nevermann, Managing Director of THE MUSICBROKERS, explains: "We are always happy when the performers are with us in the camps. The direct contact between authors and artists during the process of creating a song is incredibly important for the authenticity. Not only can the lyrics, which should tell a personal story, also the composition can be written much more honest."

John Ruhrmann, A & R Manager MELODIE DER WELT, adds: "The results speak for themselves once again. Great songs have been created that will hopefully help the artists as a stepping stone. Our authors always like to travel to the camps in Hamburg. THE MUSICBROKERS provide a relaxed atmosphere that allows the authors to work creatively and informally. We as MELODIE DER WELT are looking forward to the upcoming songwriting camps."
The tenth Writing Camp is planned for the early summer of 2019 already

From left to right: Jan Schröder, Jan Listing, Felix Gerlach, Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Funda Alatali, Lukas Ernst, Bernd Klimpel, Funya Alatali, Justin Balk, Philipp Leon, Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Vijay Kanhai, Hauke von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers)

Frankfurt am Main, July 24, 2018, On occasion of the 80th birthday of Rocco Granata on 16 August 2018

The recognition rate of a musician and composer cannot be measured exactly. However, if someone writes an evergreen, popular for 60 years and still hot, then he is exactly a recognized force.

Rocco Granata, born on August 16, 1938 in Calabria, southern Italy, became famous with "Marina". "Marina" was on the B-side of the first single by Granata, who came to Belgium at the age of ten and still lives there.There is hardly a song that has been recorded, printed and played so often.

Until now, the song is still successful, covered repeatedly and used in films and commercials. "Marina" and Rocco Granata are hit history.

MARINA by Rocco Granata
© 1959 by Granata Music Editions, Deume-Antwerpen, Belgium
West Ton Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt/Main for Germany and Austria

Frankfurt am Main, June 28, 2018, Melodie der Welt and The Musicbrokers break new ground in songwriting-camps

In early June various composers and lyric writers met for the eighth time for a songwriting-camp at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, under the aegis of the publishing company Melodie der Welt and the Hamburg-based music agency The Musicbrokers. For the first time the main focus was not only on pure songwriting. The existing studio facilities were used to immediately produce some selected works ready for release. This advancement of the “classic” songwriting-camp shall offer to the participants the possibility to position themselves in the music market beyond the work as pure creator. It is planned to release these productions i.a. by the label “Skip A Beat” which was specially founded by The Musicbrokers.

“We are living in times of streaming-portals and playlists, thus a particularly pronounced track business. A really good song does then have the chance to find its way to the listener, largely irrespective of the awareness level of the artist or as part of an album strategy. The past camps taught us again and again that great works had been originated, but nevertheless some of them were not considered as final repertoire for the designated artists for various reasons. In many cases such titles disappear in the catalog although veritable “pearls” are among them. This is quite disappointing for the songwriters involved and loose capital for us as publisher. Thanks to this new concept we found a way to offer a perspective to these songs and a further source of income to the authors “, explains Tom Nevermann, Managing Director of The Musicbrokers.

John Ruhrmann, A&R Melodie der Welt, adds: “It is important for us to offer innovative options to authors, beside the pure work as songwriter for third parties, to exercise their skills and know-how and to support their career. A lot of composers and lyric writers associated with us have excellent qualities as producer and/or musician in addition to their talents as creator. The new concept of the songwriting-camps means for us an important and future-oriented component in the work with our authors. Because we as publishing company are committed to support our creative partners completely as auxiliary. Together with the team of The Musicbrokers we are creating a further basis for this.”

Chameleon Recording Studios Hamburg

Frankfurt am Main, June 08, 2018, Andreas Gabalier on # 1 of the german album charts

With his new album “Vergiss mein nicht” (Don’t forget me), ‘Folk-Rock'n'Roller’ Andreas Gabalier has jumped right to the top of the official german album charts. It is his second number one after "Mountain Man" from the year 2015. Including all album and single placements together, the Austrian was already over 700 weeks in the hit list. Andreas Gabalier had already released the two singles "Verdammt lang her” (Damn long ago) and "Ewig" (Forever).

MELODIE DER WELT congratulates its Edition Stall for the Chart entry! We are very happy about the success.


Frankfurt am Main, May 16, 2018, VERDAMMT LANG HER by Andreas Gabalier - as single edition for voice / piano at MELODIE DER WELT out now

Andreas Gabalier will present his new album "Vergiss mein nicht" (Forget Me Not) on June 1st. A first foretaste is his new catchy tune "Verdammt lang her" (Damn Long Ago), which was already published in late April in advance and for which a single edition for voice and piano is now available at MELODIE DER WELT.

"Verdammt lang her" is rocking, very catchy and also impresses with a Gabalier typical authentic text. It is a journey into the past, which he sings of in his new song: He evokes the 1990s, the carefree times of his youth, which he likes to look back on - times for which he burns. His fans find themselves in the straight, summery rock song, but also him. Once again, Andreas Gabalier shares his story with a twinkle in his eye.

"Verdammt lang her" as single edition for voice / piano you can get in trade immediately (order number 267413/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0541-6). Other titles by Andreas Gabalier are in our songbooks Andreas Gabalier - "Seine besten Songs" (order number 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4) and Andreas Gabalier - "Seine neuen Songs" (order number 253786/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0537-9). Also available are our single editions for song and piano from "I sing a Liad für di" (order number 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0), "Amoi seg 'ma uns wieder" (order number 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1) and "Hulapalu" (Order number 248779/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0534-8). Further information on the editions can be found under the heading "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, May 9, 2018, Hans Blum becomes 90 years old

On May 23, 2018 Hans Blum celebrates his 90th birthday. He is one of the most successful composers of the first years of publishing company MELODIE DER WELT.

In the 1960s, company founder Johann Michel listened to the compositions that Hans Blum presented to him on the piano. "The better is the enemy of the good," he said. A sentence that Blum still remembered many decades later.

As a musician, arranger, composer, lyricist, singer and producer Hans Blum wrote music history. With his song "Zigeunerjunge" (Gypsy Boy) he helped singer Alexandra to fame. For Hildegard Knef he wrote the chanson "Der alte Wolf” (The Old Wolf) (see Hildegard Knef album with 16 chansons, order number 684/93/10, available in music stores). Under pseudonym Henry Valentino he stormed the German charts with his song „Ich hab‘ dein Knie geseh‘n“ (I've seen your knee).

Blum published about fifty songs with MdW. MELODIE DER WELT and Hans Blum: "We were very lucky together."

Frankfurt am Main, May 2, 2018, The Grünschnabel-songbook

Together with MELODIE DER WELT children's songwriter GRÜNSCHNABEL (alias Burghardt Wegner) has published his first songbook with 20 of his most beautiful interactive songs now.

For many years, Grünschnabel has been an established name of German children's music scene. His songs are funky and modern: pop, rock, rap, folk and a pinch of classical music for children and the whole family. The captivating songs can be found on so far 14 Grünschnabel-albums, which are available as CDs in retail, as download and stream. After "Lazuli" (2015) and the greatest hits album "Besser ist das" (2016), his new album "Tut allen gut" will be released in June 2018.

The trained music educator and father of three daughters appears frequently with music clips on KiKA (children channel) music shows (Singa's jukebox, SingAlarm). For this reason, 22 Grünschnabel-videos were produced, commissioned by ZDF television. Grünschnabel's specialty are children's music interactive concerts. Thus, the North German Grünschnabel is in great demand to play on nationwide stages, as well as on large and small ones (from concert hall to kindergarten and elementary schools). There are many different programs for every season and for (almost) every occasion. On training events, Burghardt Wegner gives a wealth of tips for playing, movement and singing, using his songs, in order to teach kindergarten and elementary school children the fun in music and dancing.

Many of these valuable suggestions he has summarized in his now published practice songbook with 20 interactive songs. In addition to the notes (vocal lines), guitar chords and all lyrics, there are game tips, dance instructions and factual information. As a special bonus, each song is also presented in form of a one-sided copy template (illustrated singing and simplified music sheets, in some cases also as a worksheet for use in elementary schools). Moreover the song book, there is also a download and stream album incl. karaoke versions, available in digital music shops.

The Grünschnabel-songbook is now available at bookstores and music shops at a price of € 19.99 (order number 266146/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0540-9, ISBN 978-3-920635-10-1).

Frankfurt am Main, April 25, 2018, MIDEM 2018

MELDODIE DER WELT can be contacted at the German Pavilion at MIDEM, the leading international business event for music, from 5. to 8. June 2018 in Cannes.

Here you can find further information about the German Pavilion.

Frankfurt am Main, March 6, 2018, Erich Liessmann on his 70th birthday

Erich Liessmann, aka Jean Frankfurter, is someone very special for MELODIE DER WELT. He is not only an impressive successful composer and business partner, but above all a friend. In 1967 he signed the first publishing agreement with MELODIE DER WELT and then many more. Johann Michel promoted Liessmann, above all, he believed in him and his talent and introduced him to anyone who had something to say in the industry.

In 1972, Liessmann landed a number one hit with the song "Michaela", which he wrote tailor-made for Bata Illic. This is just an early example of countless brilliant compositions and lyrics that Liessmann has written over the decades. Also internationally, he was represented in the charts, for example he wrote for the group Arabesque, whose songs are still very popular, especially in Japan.

Immense meaning he also gained as a producer of many pop and folk music greats. He achieved the greatest success with Helene Fischer, whose potential he recognized immediately and whose CDs he produced for ten years.

In 2008, the publishing house Franky Boy was founded, which is managed by his wife Uschi Liessmann and administered by MELODIE DER WELT since 2011.

This year, Erich Liessmann / Jean Frankfurter, who was born on 9 March 1948 in Frankfurt, celebrates his 70th birthday with his friends.

MdW - Foto (from the left): Uschi Ließmann (Franky Boy), Pamela Georgi (Managing Director MdW), Jean Frankfurter (Franky Boy)

Frankfurt am Main, January 30, 2018, MAGNUM experiences highest charts entry ever with "Lost On The Road To Eternity"

MAGNUM experiences highest charts entry ever with "Lost On The Road To Eternity"

Frankfurt am Main, January 30, 2018

The new album "Lost On The Road To Eternity" by MAGNUM is ranked 8th in the official German album charts! Never before the English hard rock band entered the German charts with such a good position with a new album.

MELODIE DER WELT takes care of the songs by Tony Clarkin - composer, founder and guitarist of MAGNUM - as the sub-publisher obo Maxwood Music Ltd. for the German-speaking countries and Eastern Europe for almost 30 years.

Frankfurt am Main, January 29, 2018, Ty Segall has covered Hot Chocolate’s "Every1's A Winner"

Ty Segall has covered Hot Chocolate’s "Every1's A Winner"

Frankfurt am Main, January 29, 2018

Ty Segall has covered Hot Chocolate’s "Every1's A Winner"

American musician Ty Segall has covered Hot Chocolates's "Every1's A Winner" (Errol Brown) in a fantastic grungy version.

The track has been used in the current biopic "I, Tonya", which is scheduled to German cinema theaters in March.

The song is 100% RAK Publishing, sub-published for G/A/S by MELODIE DER WELT.

Frankfurt am Main, January 22, 2018, Margit Sponheimer becomes 75

Margit Sponheimer becomes 75

Frankfurt am Main, January 22, 2018

Margit Sponheimer played a key role in Mainz's carnival. In 1969, she sang her carnival evergreen "Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren" (On Carnival Monday I Was Born) for the first time. The song was composed by Charly Niessen with lyrics by Franz Rüger and published by music publisher Johann Michel. It became her song of recognition. On this occasion, the Mainz Carnival Association 1838 releases a special edition of the Mainz procession plaques with that song.

On February 7, 1943, "Margittsche" (as the carnivalists from Mainz call her) was not born in Mainz, but in Frankfurt/Main, and it was not on Monday, but on Sunday. However, just three years later, she moved with her parents to Mainz. She was discovered by lyricist and composer Toni Hämmerle, who also made Ernst Neger popular, a big figure in the carnival scene. 75 years after her birth, the city council of Mainz will decide whether to give her the honorary citizenship. It can be safely assumed that it will come to that.

We wish Margit Sponheimer happy birthday!

From our publishing companies the following titles of Margit Sponheimer are available:

Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren (Musikverlag Johann Michel)
single piano/vocal edition, order no.: 80078/01/10
edition for bigband, order no.:  80078/41/08

Gell, du hast mich gelle gern (Melodie der Welt)
single piano/vocal edition, order no.: 2861/01/10
edition for bigband, order no.: 21282/41/10

Es wird ja alles wieder gut (Melodie der Welt)
for keyboard contained in „Magic Keyboard – Wunschkonzert“, order no.: 60621/93/10

Zupft euch mal am Öhrchen (Clou Music Wolf)
for piano/vocal contained in „Die goldenen 5 - Stimmungslieder Band 2“, order no.: 56162
edition for wind orchestra, order no.: 161909
(you receive both editions from HeBu-Musikverlag,

Many other known titles were published in our series „Vom 11.11. bis Aschermittwoch“ (From the 11. 11. to Ash Wednesday).

Photo (from the left): Toni Hämmerle, Margit Sponheimer and Ernst Neger - ca. 1960


For the seventh time now, the music publisher Melodie der Welt and the music agency The Musicbrokers have organized a common songwriting camp. The new works have been created within three days in the Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, at the beginning of November. Three teams each, that had been put together of established songwriters and new talents, worked in a relaxed, but concentrated atmosphere on compositions and lyrics, which could be produced immediately under studio conditions as demo. This time the main focus of the camp was on the new works for the young target audience: It has been written for a new German language project which is directly addressed to kids from 7 to 12 years. Furthermore, songs have been created for a 13-year old singer, in whom the industry had already expressed keen interest.
“We see ourselves as a music agency that would like to provide as well an opportunity to young talents in particular to gain experience and go first steps in the music business as songwriter. The co-operation with Melodie der Welt gives us full flexibility to combine ambitious junior authors with successful songwriters in teams. The works thereby created are proof that this mixture often leads to compositions quite out of the ordinary”, Tom Nevermann, managing director The Musicbrokers, explains the functioning of his agency. John Ruhrmann, A&R Melodie der Welt, adds: “For nearly four years now we are cooperating with The Musicbrokers as co-publishing partner as well as in the field of organization and performance of songwriting camps. These, as meanwhile firmly established institution, always offer the possibility to our own writers and to those of our partners to cooperate with authors from all over Germany and to get in contact. Successful co-operations and long-standing friendships have already been founded.”
Further regular camps are planned for the next years to come.

(Photo (from the left): Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Daniel Eisenlohr, Deniz Jaspersen, Charlie Waldschmidt, Matthias Heising, Jan Listing, Philipp-Leon Altmeyer, Jan Grasmück, Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Ela Steinmetz, Hauke von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers)

Frankfurt am Main, October 26, 2017, Three of the most popular Wiesn-Hits 2017...

...can be found at MELODIE DER WELT.

Each year these songs ensure a good mood during the Oktoberfest at the Theresienwiese in Munich.

"Atemlos durch die Nacht” (Breathless through the night) by Helene Fischer is still one of the most popular titles.

Atemlos durch die Nacht
lyrics and music: Kristina Bach
single piano/vocal edition
Order number: 8900335/01/89
ISMN: 9790204905317
Price: 6,50 €

Right after, songs by Andreas Gabalier follow, especially "I sing a Liad for di" (I sing a song for you) and "Hulapalu".

I sing a Liad für di
lyrics and music: Andreas Gabalier
single piano/vocal edition
Bestell-Nummer: 216620/01/10
ISMN: 9790204905270
Preis: 6,50 €

also contain in:
Andreas Gabalier - His best songs
arranged for voice and piano
Order number: 235564/93/10
ISMN: 9790204905294
Price: 29,99 €

lyrics and music: Andreas Gabalier
single piano/vocal edition
Bestell-Nummer: 248779/01/10
ISMN: 9790204905348
Preis: 6,50 €

also contain in:
Andreas Gabalier - His new songs
arranged for voice and piano
Order number: 253786/93/10
ISMN: 9790204905379
Price: 29,99 €

Further information on our editions under section Sheet music.

Frankfurt am Main, October 19, 2017, TRICK OR TREAT MEDIA and Rapper MICEL O now cooperate

Rapper MICEL O, who has worked in the past with other HipHop artists like Manuellsen, Kay One and US rapper Mims, has signed in the edition TOTM, administered by Melodie der Welt.

The artist has just broken the million mark on views on the portal YouTube with his current single "Baby du bist anders" from his EP "Feelings". On 4th November 2017, he will be on stage for a show in Bochum as a support act of German rapper Azad and French rapper Alrima.

The director of rap artist Yves Christian Fernau said: "With Trick or Treat Publishing / MdW, we have gained a great partner who is an excellent choice due to many years of experience in business. We are looking forward to working with the team of TOTM and MdW."

"Micel's music convinces with the sound and its technology. I see in him a lot of potential and we will help to gain his maximum,” Bernd Wendlandt explains the motivation of Edition TOTM.

Photo (from the left): Bernd Wendlandt (Trick or Treat Publishing / MdW), Micel O (artist), Yves Christian Fernau (management) - met at the Red Bull Studios in Berlin.

Frankfurt am Main, October 18, 2017, Hubert Wolf – Polka melodies

Anyone who is interested in brass music will find the name Hubert Wolf sometime. He composed famous pieces such as "Der Schornsteinfeger aus Eger” (The chimney sweep from Eger), "Heute hast du Geburtstag” (You have birthday today), "Hinter den Wolken scheint immer die Sonne” (Behind the clouds always shines the sun) or "Jeder Tag bringt neue Hoffnung” (Every day brings new hope). From 1965 until his death in 1981, Hubert Wolf performed with his "Original Böhmerländer Musikanten” (Original Bohemian Musicians) an extra class of brass music and, besides Ernst Mosch and his band, was one of the most popular brass bands in the field of German folk entertainment. The melodies by Hubert Wolf still belong to the permanent repertoire of all folk musicians. In his own founded CLOU Music Publishing Company, Hubert Wolf has also made his titles accessible to other brass bands. Further editions by Hubert Wolf have been edited by CLOU Music, administered by MELODIE DER WELT, in collaboration with HeBu-Musikverlag, and has been published since 2014 in new editions.

„Hubert Wolf – Polkamelodien“, arranged by Klaus Rambacher, has now been released as the latest publication of CLOU Music by Hubert Wolf. This new potpourri for brass music contains the titles "Wild Roses from Bohemia", "Annamirl-Polka" and "Bruoda Liederle", which Hubert Wolf composed under his pseudonym Wenzel Valcek. You will receive the music sheets from HeBu Musikverlag under order number 177796 at the retail price of € 67.00. The difficulty is indicated with 3, duration is 4:20 min.

Further available titles for brass music from CLOU Music are:

•    Fingerhütchen-Polka - Thimble-Polka (composer: Hubert Wolf, arranger: Alfons Stock, order number 170476)
•    Tenorhorn Teufel - Tenor horn devil (solo polka for 1-3 tenor horns) (Composer: Manfred Minnich, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 168802)
•    Lustige Musikanten - Funny Musicians (composer: Hubert Wolf, arranger: Harry Becker, order number 130031)
•    Im kleinen Dörfchen  / Das alte Mühlrad - In the small village / The old mill wheel (composer: Wenzel Valcek, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 130029)
•    Jeder Tag bringt neue Hoffnung / Der schönste Stern - Every day brings new hope / The most beautiful star (composer: Hubert Wolf / Wenzel Valcek, order number 106502)
•    Der Schornsteinfeger aus Eger / Annamirl – Polka - The chimney sweep from Eger / Annamirl - Polka (composer: Hubert Wolf / Wenzel Valcek, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 98921)
•    Anna-Maria / Das ist meine Musik - Anna-Maria / This is my music (order number 161912)
•    Heute hast du Geburtstag / Böhmisches Ständchen - You have birthday today / Bohemian serenade (order number 130030)
•    Sei immer g'scheit und stell dich dumm / Die Liebe blüht nicht nur im Mai - Be always smart and pretend to be stupid / Love does not bloom only in May (order number 161910)
•    So jung wie heute / Ein bisschen Schwindel ist dabei - As young as today / A little dizziness is here (order number 161908)
•    Wir seh'n uns wieder / Sperrstund is - We will see again / Lock hour is (order number 161911)
•    Zupft euch mal am Öhrchen / Kinder, wir leben nur einmal - Pluck yourselves at the little ear / Kids, we live only once (order number 161909))

At you can find further information and audio examples of the editions. You will receive the editions with the original arrangements by Hubert Wolf over HeBu Musikverlag:
HeBu Musikverlag GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler Str. 22
76703 Kraichtal
Tel.: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 28-0
Fax: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 12 31

Frankfurt am Main, August 31, 2017, EISBRECHER No. 1 of the albumcharts

EISBRECHER made it to # 1 of the Official German Charts with "Sturmfahrt" right away! MELODIE DER WELT congratulates its author NOEL PIX to the chartentry! We are very happy about the success.

The album holds many new ideas and is not limited to one genre. "There is hardly anything better to hear in the electrified German rock scene." (Quote: Matthias Weckmann)


Foto © Holger Fichtner

Frankfurt am Main, August 29, 2017, Opening film of Arthouse-Festival Leipzig

“Arthur & Claire”, a charming tragic comedy with depth, tells of two world-weary people, just before suicide, who unexpectedly give each other new support.

The film by Miguel Alexandre, after the play by Stefan Vögel, starts on March 1, 2018 in German cinemas (distribution: Universum Film). Previously, it is one of the opening films of the Leipzig Arthouse-Festival from September 25 to 29, 2017, and will be presented personally by leading actor Josef Harder in the Passage Cinemas.

The title song of the film LAST NIGHT is sung by 16-year-old Dave Alex and is co-published in the brand new edition TOTM, administered by MELODIE DER WELT.


Foto © Miguel Alexandre

Frankfurt am Main, August 1, 2017, 35 years ago
In 1982, a significant merger occurred. Melodie der Welt acquired company shares of the publishing group Rheinische Musikverlage by Otto Kuhl and the publishing house moved from Cologne on the Rhine to Frankfurt on the Main. Six important publishing houses are included in this extensive complex:

West Ton Verlag
The company West Ton was a group. After the death of Otto Kuhl in 1973, the company was led by Jacques Maxime Joseph. West Ton Verlags GmbH has titles such as "Tchiou, Tchiou", "Tango Bolero" and "Im Leben geht alles vorüber” (In life everything will pass) (Peter Kreuder / Peter Schaeffers).

Nord Süd Verlag
The publishing house belonged to West Ton. The most famous title is "Komm Zurück (J'attandrai)" (German text by Ralph Maria Siegel).

Rheinischer Musikverlag Kuhl
Here are songs published as "Kleine Winzerin vom Rhein" (Little Whinemaker from Rhine) (Heinz Sommer) and "Bums Valdera" (Willibald Quanz / Brigitte Weber).

Karl Berbuer Musikverlag
This publishing house has made a name for itself through the care of music of the Rhineland and Cologne carnival music. Karl Berbuer was born on 26 July 1900 and was a native Cologne. Baker by profession, he was active in Cologne carnival from 1924 on and composed more than 120 songs. He met the Rhenish spirit like no other. One of his first success stories in the 1920s was “Wir sind die Eingeborenen von Trizonesien" (We are the natives of Trizonesia), an Evergreen to this day. This song became a Cologne persiflage on the political situation in Germany after Second World War. It also served as an anthem for honouring on sporting events until Germany had its own national anthem. Another very successful song is the carnival song "Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän" (Hurray, Captain) of 1936. It was almost a worldwide hit, because Konrad Adenauer was welcomed with this song on an official visit in Chicago in 1950. Karl Berbuer died in his hometown on 17 November 1977.

Edition Constantin Kuhl
The main publishing segment of the edition was International Dance Music.

Otto Kuhl Musikverlag
The publishing company, founded by Otto Kuhl, became a member of GEMA in 1925 already. The focus of the publishing house was orchestral light music. In the 1990s the well-known entertaining songs „Wenn das Wasser im Rhein goldner Wein wär“ (When the water of Rhine would be golden Whine) (Werner Stamm/Heinz Böninghausen) und „En D’r Kaygass Nummer Null“ (In Kaygass Street Number Zero) (Hermann Klaeser/ Wilhelm Horkenrath) have been acquired.

Frankfurt am Main, January 18, 2017, Number 3 on German charts

The album "11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory" by Dropkick Murphys has just reached number 3 on the German charts in January. Congratulations!

The band is currently on tour in Europe and also comes to Germany:
21.01.2017 Munich, Zenith
23.01.2017 Berlin, Max-Schmeling-Halle
24.01.2017 Leipzig, House Auensee
30.01.2017 Hamburg, Sports Hall
01.02.2017 Hannover, Swiss Life Hall
02.02.2017 Lingen, EmslandArena
03.02.2017 Düsseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Hall
05.02.2017 Offenbach am Main, Stadthalle

The Dropkick Murphys remain true to their music style: Feel good Irish punk-rock from the USA, with thoughtful lyrics.

Frankfurt am Main, November 7, 2016, Campaign with “HANDCLAP” for SKY TICKET

The American Indie-Popsong “HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums could be placed in the Radio/Internet campaign of German TV-station SKY. “HandClap” is among others administrated by Melodie der Welt via Ruminating Music.

Frankfurt am Main, October 1, 2016, Price changes as of 01/01/2017

Melodie der Welt announces price changes for it’s music sheets as of next year. A list with changed prices can be viewed here or by IDNV.

Make use of the possibility to restock inventories at the old prices. Our editions are offered by our distributor Musikverlag Josef Weinberger GmbH.

For further details on our music please click on the button “Sheet music”.

Frankfurt am Main, August 23, 2016, Erich Meder died 50 years ago

On September 18, 1966 the librettist Erich Meder, who was known for his soulful and popular songs and a lot of evergreens, died in Vienna. „Stell‘ dir vor, es geht das Licht aus“ (Just imagine, the lights switch off) was such a successful piece, composed by Hans Lang and interpreted by Maria Andergast and Paul Hörbiger in the movie "Der alte Sünder" (The old Sinner). The title was one of the first editions of the newly founded music publishing MELODIE DER WELT in 1951.

Erich Meder was born the son of a Privy Councillor in Brno (Czech Republic today) on July 28, 1897. After his high school graduation he made in WW1 military service in the artillery. He studied part time at the University of World Trade (Vienna University of Economics) and completed his diploma in business administration in 1929. At first he earned his living in a bank but became owner of a company for the production of promotional articles (he even had a patent on a wind turbine) until 1925 and finally worked as a salesman. From 1933 he worked as a freelance writer, author of radio plays and lyricist. Soon his songs were used in feature films, advertising and cultural films. For more information see website

„Du bist die Rose vom Wörthersee“ (You are the Rose of Lake Wörthersee) dates from 1947 and was written for the movie „Der alte Herr Kanzleirat“ (The old gentleman councilor). The hit was interpreted by Maria Andergast and the composer Hans Lang. 1952 the song became the theme song of a movie of the same name.
„Meine Rosa ist aus Böhmen“ (My Rosa is from Bohemia) is a Polka foxtrot, which Fred Rauch had sung on record.

Available as Combo-Edition:
Lang, Hans / Meder, Erich
Du bist die Rose vom Wörthersee / Meine Rosa ist aus Böhmen
Instrument / Voice: Combo
Order number: 672/41/10
Price: € 15.00

Frankfurt am Main, July 18, 2016, Felix Moese aka FXMO signs as author with Melodie der Welt

The radio presenter; DJ and entertainer Felix Moese has signed a long-term exclusive author’s agreement with the Frankfurt-based publisher Melodie der Welt.

John Ruhrmann, A&R Manager at Melodie der Welt, says: “Felix has totally convinced us as artist and writer. He is more present than ever as host of his daily radio shows at the Hessian market leader FFH and reaches millions of people. Felix creates an individual sound and spirit with his tracks and melodic remixes. His musical vision: brilliant sound, impulsive rhythms and electrifying vibes. His songs and mixtapes presently have more than 2,000,000 plays at SoundCloud , they are liked and shared by DJs, Blogs and music fans world-wide.

Felix Moese: “In Frankfurt, I’ve found in Melodie der Welt the publishing partner who perfectly suits me. A partner for the writing and production of fresh songs with a fantastic network and proper attitude. I’m looking forward to an extremely creative cooperation and wish us maximum success – we’ll have a blast!”

The signing of the agreement took place in the premises of Melodie der Welt recently.


In the picture (from left to right): John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager MdW), Felix Moese (Autor), Pamela Georgi (Geschäftsführerin MdW)

Frankfurt am Main, July 1, 2016, The Legacy of Hildegard Knef

It was 50 years ago, when the album “die neue Knef – Tournee LIVE” (The New Knef – Tour LIVE) was released. From 15 songs on the LP, 8 titles are published with MELODIE DER WELT.

IN DIESER STADT  (Charly Niessen / Charly Niessen) In this City
ICH FÜHL MICH SCHULDIG  (Charly Niessen / Hildegard Knef) I feel guilty
TAGE HÄNGEN WIE TRAUERWEIDEN  (Gert Wilden / Hildegard Knef) Days hang like Morning Willows
ICH MÖCHTE AM MONTAG MAL SONNTAG HABEN (Charly Niessen / Hildegard Knef) I would like to have Sunday on Monday
GESTERN HABE ICH NOCH NACHGEDACHT  (Charly Niessen / Hildegard Knef) I still thought yesterday about
EINS UND EINS DAS MACHT ZWEI  (Charly Niessen / Charly Niessen) One and One makes Two
ICH WOLLTE DICH VERGESSEN (Gert Wilden / Hildegard Knef) I wanted to forget you
ICH BRAUCH’ KEIN VENEDIG (Charly Niessen / Hildegard Knef) I need no Venice

The sound recordings were made during the concert tour by Hildegard Knef together with the Günter Noris quintet. The actress and singer (1925-2002) was a world star and at the peak of her career. Between February and May 1966 she performed thirty concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

On 15 July 1966, the LP entered the German charts and stayed for 44 weeks, including 20 weeks in the Top Ten, with 2nd place as maximum placement. Because the album was so successful, it also appeared as a special production for the magazine "Hör zu", as Clubedition Ex Libris, separately in the Netherlands and under the title "The New Knef" in the US.

The own texts by Hilde Knef are profound, often laconic, the music of the composers Charly Niessen and Gert Wilden was innovative in Germany.

A selection of Hildegard Knef’s chansons is edited in the msongbook "Eins und eins, das acht zwei" for voice and piano (German language) (Order No. 684/93/10 ISMN: 979-0-2049-0516-4), apart from “Tage hängen wie Trauerweiden” are all songs mentioned above included.

Frankfurt am Main, June 21, 2016, Andreas Gabalier Songbook 2 - His new songs

The success story of Andreas Gabalier continues. Whether "Hulapalu" or "Mountain Man", his songs are placed in the charts for months.

The second songbook with the new songs for voice and piano by MELODIE DER WELT is available now. These are just typical Gabalier songs: Life can be so beautiful and in most cases it is. But even the most beautiful life is not a guarantee of deliverance from misfortune. Gabalier digests his emotions in masterly ballads, which move people to tears.

Contents (Austrian texts only):
A Meinung haben / Ab zum See / Das kleine Haus / Der Himmel / Die Beichte / Dirndel lieben / Edelweiß / Es wär’ an der Zeit / Es wird alles wieder gut / Für mich bist du schön / Go for Gold / Hulapalu / Man of Volks-Rock’n‘Roll / Mountain Man / We salute you / Verliebt, verliebt

MELODIE DER WELT now released Andreas Gabalier Songbook 2 - "Seine neuen Songs", arranged for piano/vocal including chords. You can find the songbook in the shops from now on (order no. 253786/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0537-9).

More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Our single piano/vocal editions "I sing a Liad für di" (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0), "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1) and "Hulapalu" (order no. 248779/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0534-8) are also available. Further information on the editions under section "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, May 2, 2016, On May 2nd, Kurt Hertha would have been 90 years old

The name Kurt Hertha is forever connected with the German pop world of the 1960s and 70s. He wrote more than 1300 lyrics for countless pop stars of his time. He achieved his breakthrough as lyricist with the song entitled "Tanze mit mir in den Morgen" ("Dance with me into the morning"), in German sung by Gerhard Wendland, composed by Karl Goetz and under contract with MELODIE DER WELT since 1961.

When Kurt Hertha and Karl Goetz met each other, they agreed in no case to write a twist, which just dominated the market. The "Midnight Tango", which eventually came out in the discussions, also convinced publisher Johann Michel. He gave the song to the record label Philips. The story has been passed down over the years that Gerhard Wendland was not enthusiastic about the arrangement for bandoneon, guitar, drums and bass. In the recording studio, he was supposed to have remarked: "The next time I sing the same with pincers and brooms". This song in that very arrangement gave the singer an amazing comeback that will have reconciled him.

Composer and lyricist were awarded the supreme award "Golden Sparrow" to be granted to German authors in that time. Special recognition was bestowed upon the authors and MELODIE DER WELT by Philips, with a Golden Record for over one million singles sold in Germany. Almost twenty international artists covered the song. Because Kurt Hertha and Johann Michel got along well, many other titles by the lyricist appeared in Frankfurt. One of them was "Dich erkenn‘ ich mit verbundenen Augen" ("I recognize you blindfolded") of 1968, interpreted by Bata Illic, who started his career with this song perfectly.

The lyricist Kurt Hertha, who was also engaged as a composer, died at the age of 81 years in Grünwald near Munich on July 8, 2007.

Frankfurt am Main, April 11, 2016, Detlev Jöcker on the spring reception of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation

On March 16, 2016, the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation for patients with damage of the central nervous system invited to their spring reception in Berlin. The Foundation supports people with traumatic brain injury quickly and efficiently. The aim is to enable an autonomous life of those affected to the greatest possible extent.

The president of the Foundation, Kristina Schröder, welcomed guests from politics, economy and culture. Detlev Jöcker is Ambassador for Children projects of the Foundation. At the event, he presented his latest ballad “Himmel und Erde” (Heaven and Earth). The song is promoting with its statement about humanity, care and loving responsibility the aims and purposes of the Foundation. This year, it will be published as a single. A part of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Foundation.

YouTube Link: CNS song "Heaven and Earth"

Photo: Detlev Jöcker (Menschenkinder Verlag)

Frankfurt am Main, March 23, 2016, MELODIE DER WELT and EDITION ANTSTREET prolonged common deal and take the newcomers 8KIDS under contract

The co-publishing partner Carmelo Lo Porto (Edition Anstreet / Ever Ever Management) and the Music Publishers MELODIE DER WELT have already extended their existing cooperation early 2016 and now took the authors of the band 8kids under contract.

Carmelo Lo Porto, who supports also NICOLE CROSS – she is already in the starting gates and a promising singer – recently placed the band 8kids with Napalm Records. The band released its debut EP “Demons” there on 29th April 2016.

John Ruhrmann, A & R manager by Melodie der Welt, explains: "Ever Ever Management has once again demonstrated a keen sense for exciting new writers and artists. For this reason, we decided already in the noughties to cooperate with Carmelo Lo Porto. For sure you will hear very much from 8kids in the future. German texts in the guise of post-hardcore, that is not standard pop, that is one of THESE interesting niches that we are looking for and need."

Carmelo Lo Porto, Manager of Ever Ever Management and Edition Antstreet, adds: "I am pleased that I can manage a new publishing project with my Frankfurt partners again from the outset and thus continue the successful cooperation. We have ambitious goals and MdW is the right music publisher for us. For me, it is already a clever start to a hopefully long and successful band history of 8kids."

Hans Koch (8kids) says: "We are a band from Darmstadt. In close proximity to our region, we have found the music publishing partners now, for whom we are important new authors – and not just 3 among many others. It can’t be better for us. We are really looking forward to this cooperation!”


n the picture (from left to right): Lukas Adamidis (Ever Ever Management), Carmelo Lo Porto (Ever Ever Management), Hans Koch (8kids), Emma McLellan (8kids), Jonas Jakob (8kids), John Ruhrmann (Melodie der Welt)

Frankfurt am Main, March 15, 2016, GEBOREN UM DICH ZU LIEBEN – now available as single piano/vocal edition

In 2014, Nik P. released a very personally inspired song "Geboren um dich zu lieben" (Born to love you). It was a kind of consoling song for the unfulfilled desire for a child. That songs can work wonders, proved to be true shortly after the release. Nik P. and his wife became parents.

DJ Ötzi works wonders with new recordings of songs by Nik P. This happened for example with the re-release of “Ein Stern, der deinen Namen trägt" (A star that bears your name), which stormed the German Charts of 2007. Now, DJ Ötzi has re-edited "Geboren um dich zu lieben" with his signature sound.

When the German national handball team celebrated its European champion title 2016 in Berlin, Nik P. and DJ Ötzi presented their new version of the song. It is no wonder that the song, now published with MELODIE DER WELT, enjoys a great success and charted already at number 11 of the German charts.

MELODIE DER WELT now released "Geboren um dich zu lieben" as single piano/vocal edition. You can find the title in the shops from now on  (order no. 242959/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0535-5). Further information on our editions under section "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, March 7, 2016, HULAPALU by Andreas Gabalier - now available as single piano/vocal edition through MELODIE DER WELT

Oh-di-oh-di-oh-di-oh-di-eh .... HULAPALU finally available as sheet music. Those who are still wondering what Hulapalu might mean, Andreas Gabalier refers to their imagination …. and if one is referred to the own imagination, it’s usually all about .... well, you know what is meant. Hulapalu is a mega hit and makes a good mood.

Whatever Andreas Gabalier tackles musically, becomes a success. The song spents two months in the German charts now. The edition was repeatedly requested from MELODIE DER WELT. It is out now!

MELODIE DER WELT now released HULAPALU as single piano/vocal edition. You can find the title HULAPALU in the shops from now on (order no. 248779/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0534-8).

More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" arranged for piano/vocal including chords (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Our single piano/vocal editions "I sing a Liad für di" (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0) and "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1) are also available . Further information on the editions under section "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, February 2, 2016, The Vico Torriani Musical - HOTEL VICTORIA

On February 24, 2016, the Musical "Hotel Victoria" was premiered in the Hotel Reine Victoria in St. Moritz (Switzerland). The musical theater production by Felix Benesch (in co-production with the Theater Chur) recalls the legendary Swiss pop singer, actor, show host and cookbook author Vico Torriani (1920-1998).

The Musical is entitled after his TV show, which was aired on television ARD 1961-1968. Vico Torriani led through the course of the show in the role of a Hotel Director. Always new hits were sung and the artist himself put international recipes in song form, while he prepared them. Now, many of his big hits revive in the musical theater again, as “Zwei Spuren im Schnee” (Two tracks in the snow), “Ananas aus Caracas” (Pineapple from Caracas) or “Siebenmal in der Woche” (Seven times a week).

The play takes place in 1973. Vico Torriani (performed by Samuel Zünd) rehearses for a revival of his TV show "Hotel Victoria", but everything goes wrong. A Double (Christian Jott Jenny) must be found, but does not correspond to the ideas of the original Torriani. The Double is spoiled, grew up in a wealthy family and knows nothing about cooking. He is a pure imitator, does not identify himself with the artist. However, in a personal meeting at night in an empty studio the two men discover that they have very similar longings and hopes.

Felix Benesch has put a lot of passion into the production of his Musical and it demonstrates his enthusiasm for the all-rounder Vico Torriani. We hear some sounds and then we go back in time. At the same time new listeners could be persuaded for the songs. Therefore, it has been important for MELODIE DER WELT to support the Musical. Information about the Musical and other performance dates are available under

With MELODIE DER WELT Vico Torriani's hit “Du schwarzer Zigeuner” (You black gypsy) of 1953 is available in editions for voice and piano (Order number: 524/01/10 ISMN: 979-0-2049-0503-4) and for Bigband (order No. 524/41/10 / a) as well as “Zwei Spuren im Schnee” (Two tracks in the snow) of 1955 in an edition for Salon Orchestra (order No. 2765/41/10 / a). More information about the editions see under the category "Notes".

Frankfurt am Main, February 11, 2016, Ralph Siegel in Luck: After 12 years in the ESC pre-selection again

Ralph Siegel won the Eurovision Song Contest with Nicole and the title “A little Peace” in 1982. In the following 34 years, Siegel was represented 14 times for Germany, and in recent years for San Marino in the Authors Competition.

This year he sends his title "Under the Sun we are one" in the running, which is interpreted by the 19-year-old Laura Pinski. One knows Pinski from the talent show "The Super Talent", where she made it to the finals in 2012.

On February 19, 2016 the song will be presented on YouTube for the first time. It is administrated for Ralph Siegel by MELODIE DER WELT. The composer says of his song, it is one of the best he has ever composed. It is honest and emotional, marked by the desire for international understanding. The lyrics are by John O’Flynn.

The nine competitors of "Our Song for Stockholm” are strong. The TV transmission will be on ARD on 25th February. We wish Ralph Siegel and singer Laura Pinski that their song finds its way into the international song contest.

More about Laura Pinski

Frankfurt am Main, January 13, 2016, GEMA-Chartbusters of 2015

Franky Boy Publ. could position itself again with three chartbusters in the GEMA-charts 2015:

Atemlos durch die Nacht (Take a Breath)
(1st place of Recorded Music - 1st place in Discos - 1st place of Downloads - 2nd place of Live concerts Popular Music)
Music and Lyrics: Kristina Bach

Der Augenblick (The Moment)
(14th place of Recorded Music)
Music: Jean Frankfurter / Lyrics: Tobias Reitz

So kann das Leben sein (So Can Life Be)
(15th place of Recorded Music)
Music: Jean Frankfurter / Lyrics: Kristina Bach

Ranked 17 for Recorded Music and 10 in the Download section, this Austrian song hit the GEMA-charts again too:
Amoi seg‘ ma uns wieder (Once we meet again)
Music and Lyrics: Andreas Gabalier
Or.-Publ.: Edition Stall / Edition BMG Klanggold Drei Deutschland

MELODIE DER WELT has published the titles "Atemlos durch die Nacht" (order no. 8900335/01/89, ISMN 979-0-2049-0531-7) and "Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder" (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1) as single editions for voice and piano. Further titles by Helene Fischer and Andreas Gabalier can be found under category “Sheet music”.

Frankfurt am Main, December 1, 2015, 90 years Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef, who was born on 28 December 1925, lived for many careers: As a German postwar Star, Hollywood actress, singer and author. As a singer, she stormed the German charts with self-written songs.

The melodies of her songs were mostly composed by Charly Niessen (1923-1990). In 1965 Hildegard Knef wrote her first lyrics „Werden Wolken alt?“ ("Are Clouds getting old?") with the composition by Gert Wilden, who died at the age of 98 in September this year. Good songs in addition with a good performer also need a good music publisher. He was found in the person of Johann Michel and his publishing company MELODIE DER WELT. 1968 Hildegard Knef was honored with the "Golden Record" for three million-sellings of her LPs.

On 1 February 2002 Hilde Knef passed. In order to revere the 10th anniversary of the death, MELODIE DER WELT reissued her songs, published with the company. 16 chansons were selected, among others "Berlin, dein Gesicht hat Sommersprossen" ("Berlin, your face has freckles"), "Der alte Wolf" ("The Old Wolf"), "Es war beim Bal paré" ("Ball Paré") and of course "Eins und eins, das macht zwei" ("One and One, that makes Two").

The German Songbook "Eins und eins, das macht zwei" for voice and piano is available in any music store (Order-No.: 684/93/10, ISMN: 979-0-2049-0516-4). Please go to "Sheet music" for more information.

Frankfurt am Main, November 11, 2015, "Gell, du hast mich gelle gern" for 50 years

"Gell, du hast mich gelle gern, gelle ich dich auch" is an eternally young carnival hit in Germany, sung by Margit Sponheimer with the music by Toni Hämmerle, who worked successfully with MELODIE DER WELT for many years.

On 11th November at 11 o’clock and 11 minutes, the German carnival season starts again and although the legendary singer of the Carnival Association of 1838 in Mainz has left the field to the younger ones, you still can hear the song during the “foolish time” everywhere in Germany.

The blind and in 1968 deceased composer and lyricist Toni Hämmerle from Gießen was a happy person in spite of his fate. He composed the song for the young Margit and it was tailor-made for her, although he needed only one hour for it. The song was sold over a million times, the reward was, inter alia, a gold record for the singer. From the first moment it was a winner song. And for this reason it was clear that MELODIE DER WELT was interested in it. Margit Sponheimer has probably sung this song a thousand times, but never was tired of. "It's not just an entertaining hit, it also has soul," she explained in an interview.

"Gell, du hast mich gelle gern" appeared in various arrangements with MELODIE DER WELT. Please got to "Sheet music" for more information.

Frankfurt am Main, November 5, 2015, MELODIE DER WELT administrates Detlev Jöcker‘s “Menschenkinder-Verlag”

Whether “Im Kribbel Krabbel Mäusehaus” ("In the Tingling Scrambling Mouse House"), “Das Kille-Kitzel-Monster” ("The Tickle Monster") or “1, 2, 3 im Sauseschritt" (“1, 2, 3 with speedy steps") - there is hardly a nursery in Germany without a CD with songs by Detlev Jöcker. As a father of four children, Detlev Jöcker knows exactly what even the little ones like. The composer and producer from Muenster is one of the most successful children's singer-songwriters of Germany for years and has been honored with several gold and platinum awards for his albums. More than 13 million CDs and more than 4 million books have been sold. 

1987, Detlev Jöcker founded his "Menschenkinder-Verlag", where a large number of children phonograms, and interactive books belonging to, have been published over the years. Starting January 2016, MELODIE DER WELT will administer “Menschenkinder-Verlag" and looks forward to a successful collaboration.

Detlev Jöcker: “In 1951, MELODIE DER WELT and I were born. If that's not a good omen. I look forward to the cooperation with one of the first addresses regarding administration of music publishers in Germany.”


The photo shows (from left to right): Kornelia Jöcker (Menschenkinder Verlag), Pamela Georgi (Managing Director MdW), Detlev Jöcker (Menschenkinder Verlag)

Frankfurt am Main, July 27, 2015, MELODIE DER WELT und THE MUSICBROKERS go into the second round of their songwriter event

For the second time the co-publishers THE MUSICBROKERS and MELODIE DER WELT have invited to their songwriter camp in Hamburg. From July 15 to 17 selected authors (also from other publishing companies) met to write hits for various artists or specific genres.
The music agent THE MUSICBROKERS was in charge of the organization and supervision of the event during which many new songs were composed and written in the famous Hamburg Chameleon Studios.

Tom Neverman,  CEO of THE MUSICBROKERS says that “it’s all about the music, the songs. Our creative mission is to bring together the right songwriters with the respective artists. During the past three days our authors made a good job of it and we are very proud of them.”
Adds Melodie der Welt’s A&R John Ruhrmann: „Again we are very impressed about the results of our second camp with our Hamburg partners THE MUSICBROKERS! Generally great authors write great songs. As a publisher we make a point offering our authors frequently new constellations and settings for their work; that’s what THE MUSICBROKERS have done again with this songwriting camp.”
It will be continued.

The photo shows (from left to right): Hauke von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers), Joschka Bender, Dominic Sanz, Jan Listing, Andreas Jäger, Steffen Graef, Chris Stiller, Jan Grasmück, Janik Riegert, Elzbieta Steinmetz, Bernhard Wittgruber, Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Matthias Heising, not shown: Justin Balk

Frankfurt am Main, May 27, 2015, HELENE FISCHER on „Farbenspiel“ tour

For over 80 weeks now the album „Farbenspiel“ by Helene Fischer is holding a position in the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nearly as long her hit “Atemlos durch die Nacht” has been staying there.

The „Farbenspiel Live“ tour started already in 2014 when over 200,000 fans enjoyed memorable moments during her sensational concerts with a perfect stage show. Those who could not come last year or who would love to see the fascinating live show again are now given a second chance. The Farbenspiel stadium tour 2015 just started.

At MELODIE DER WELT you can also obtain separate versions for vocals/piano of the Helene Fischer songs „Atemlos durch die Nacht“, „Fehlerfrei“, „Du lässt mich sein, so wie ich bin“, „Ich will immer wieder… (dieses Fieber spür’n)“, „Mitten im Paradies“ and „Phänomen“. Please go to "Sheet music" for more information about the versions.


Here are the dates for the concerts:

26.05.2015     Düsseldorf, ISS Dome
28.05.2015     Hasselt (Belgien), Ethias Arena
02.06.2015     Rostock, DKB-Arena
04.06.2015     Hamburg, Imtech Arena
05.06.2015     Hamburg, Imtech Arena
07.06.2015     Hannover, HDI Arena
10.06.2015     Frankfurt, Commerzbank-Arena
13.06.2015     München, Olympiastadion
15.06.2015     Köln, RheinEnergieSTADION
16.06.2015     Köln, RheinEnergieSTADION
18.06.2015     Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Arena
20.06.2015     Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
21.06.2015     Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
23.06.2015     Basel, St.Jakob-Park
25.06.2015     Nürnberg, Grundig Stadion
27.06.2015     Leipzig, Red Bull Arena
28.06.2015     Leipzig, Red Bull Arena
30.06.2015     Wien, Ernst-Happel-Stadion
01.07.2015     Wien, Ernst-Happel-Stadion
04.07.2015     Berlin, Olympiastadion
05.07.2015     Berlin, Olympiastadion
07.07.2015     Dresden, Stadion Dresden
08.07.2015     Dresden, Stadion Dresden

Photo © 2014 Sandra Ludewig/Universal Music GmbH

Frankfurt am Main, May 27, 2015, „Mountain Man“ ANDREAS GABALIER climbs the charts

Dream start for the "Folk Rock ‘n‘ Roller" Andreas Gabalier: His new album "Mountain Man" sailed directly to position 1 in the album charts in Germany and Switzerland and to position 2 in Austria.

Concurrently with the new album his new ingle "Verliebt, verliebt" was also released – a wonderfully simple and catchy love song. In autumn Andreas Gabalier will tour the big concert halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Until then the MELODIE DER WELT sheet music may help you pass the time. Available are separate versions of the songs "I sing a Liad für di" (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0) and "Amoi seg‘ ma uns wieder" (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1), both for vocals/piano. More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" arranged for piano/vocal including chords (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Further information on the editions can be found under section "Sheet music".



And here are the dates fort he concerts:

01.10.2015     Nürnberg, Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
02.10.2015     Neu-Ulm, Ratiopharm Arena
08.10.2015     Bremen, ÖVB Arena
09.10.2015     Hamburg, o2 World
10.10.2015     Köln, LANXESS Arena
15.10.2015     Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
16.10.2015     Erfurt, Messe Erfurt (Halle 1)
17.10.2015     Regensburg, Donau-Arena
23.10.2015     Salzburg, Salzburgarena
24.10.2015     Linz, Tipsarena
25.10.2015     Graz, Stadthalle
05.11.2015     Leipzig, Arena Leipzig
06.11.2015     Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle
07.11.2015     Berlin, o2 World
12.11.2015     Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle
13.11.2015     München, Olympiahalle
19.11.2015     Basel, St. Jakob Halle
20.11.2015     Zürich, Hallenstadion
21.11.2015     Innsbruck, Olympiahalle
27.11.2015     Klagenfurt, Kärnten-Halle
28.11.2015     Wien, Stadthalle

Frankfurt am Main, May 27, 2015, MIDEM 2015

MELDODIE DER WELT can be contacted at the German Pavilion at MIDEM, the leading international business event for music, from 5. to 8. June 2015 in Cannes.

Frankfurt am Main, March 27, 2015, ECHO 2015: Awards for UDO JÜRGENS, ANDREAS GABALIER and HELENE FISCHER

Congratulations to six ECHO awards.

Singer Helene Fischer alone received four trophies in the categories “album of the year”, “pop songs”, “music DVD” (all for “Farbenspiel”) and “hit song of the year” (“Atemlos durch die Nacht”). Andreas Gabalier was awarded two ECHOs in the categories “folksy popular music” (“Home Sweet Home”) and “partner of the year” (“Sing my song – the swap concert”).

That evening Udo Jürgens was inducted into the ECHO HALL OF FAME. Accompanied by Udo Jürgens’ long-time orchestra directed by Pepe Lienhard national superstars like Annett Louisan, Sarah Connor, Xavier Naidoo, Herbert Grönemeyer, Udo Lindenberg, Andreas Bourani, Roger Cicero und Adel Tawil performed the song “Ich weiß, was ich will” in memory of the artist who passed away last December.

Frankfurt am Main, February 4, 2015, UDO JÜRGENS – EXTRA 3 now available again

Six weeks have passed since the sudden death of Udo Jürgens but the interest of his fans in his songs is still large. We at MELODIE DER WELT experience a great demand for his songbooks and titles, too.

The relaunch of the out-of-print album “Udo Jürgens – Extra 3”, which is now available again, should be especially interesting. It contains the following songs: Was wichtig ist /  Manchmal passiert’s (Once In A While) / Was ist das für ein Land / Darum steh‘ ich zu dir / In festen Händen / Der gekaufte Drachen / Ich will, ich kann – I can, I will / Mein Baum / Wer nie verliert, hat den Sieg nicht verdient

The songbook is commercially available at a price of € 19,50 (order no.: 150000/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0091-6).

We would also like to remind you of the numerous other available issues with songs by Udo Jürgens:


Our songbooks:

Udo Jürgens – Extra 1
order no.:  41222/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0042-8
USP 19,50 €

Udo Jürgens – Extra 2
order no.: 102000/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0043-5
USP 19,50 €

Udo Jürgens – Extra 3
order no.: 150000/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0091-6
USP 19,50 €

Best of Udo Jürgens (MAGIC KEYBOARD Serie)
order no.:  129550/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0053-4
USP 12,50 €

Mitten im Leben (2014)
order no.:  239218/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0532-4
USP 29,99 €

Der ganz normale Wahnsinn (2011)
order no.:  219509/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0500-3
USP 29,99 €

Einfach ich (2008)
order no.:  197548/93/10
USP 26,00 €

Jetzt oder nie (2006)
order no.: 185455/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0501-0
USP 23,50 €

Es werde Licht – meine Winter- und Weihnachtslieder (2003)
order no.:  166001/93/10
USP 20,00 €

Es lebe das Laster (2002)
order no.: 159777/93/10
USP 20,00 €

Zärtlicher Chaot (1995)
order no.: 111820/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0048-0
USP 20,00

Geradeaus (1994)
order no.: 78393/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0046-6
USP 15,50 €

Café Größenwahn (1993)
order no.: 93890/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0047-3
USP 20,00 €

Sempre Roma (1990)
order no.:  68176/93/10
USP 14,00 €

Treibjagd (1985)
order no.: 39009/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0045-9
USP 12,50

Our single piano/vocal editions:

Das wünsch ich dir
order no.: 26211/01/10
USP 5,00 €

Der Laster Party - Mix (Medley)
order no.: 165755/93/10
USP 13,00 €

Our editions for Salonorchester, Big Band and Combo:

for Big Band
order no.: 39012/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Alles im Griff auf dem sinkenden Schiff
for Salonorchester
order no.: 21150/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Buenos Dias Argentina / Mit 66 Jahren
for Salonorchester
order no.: 14748/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Das wünsch ich dir
for Big Band
order no.: 26211/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Der Laster Party - Mix (Medley)
for Combo
order no.: 165755/61/10
USP 25,00 €

Rot blüht der Mohn
for Big Band
order no.: 34046/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Sogar Engel brauchen Glück
for Big Band
order no.: 24730/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Further information can be found in the chapter “sheet music”.

Frankfurt am Main, January 22, 2015, AMOI SEG' MA UNS WIEDER by Andreas Gabalier - now available as single piano/vocal edition through MELODIE DER WELT


In 2008 it was the first single from the debut album "Da komm ich her" by Andreas Gabalier. Thanks to the cover version by Xavier Naidoo in the TV show "Sing meinen Song" the emotional ballad "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" by Andreas Gabalier climbed up the charts in 2014 in two versions and reached top positions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The "VolksRock'N'Roller" Andreas Gabalier shows his reflective side in the song "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder".

MELODIE DER WELT now released "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" as single piano/vocal edition. You can find the title in the shops from now on (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1).

More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" arranged for piano/vocal including chords (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Our single piano/vocal edition "I sing a Liad für di" is also available (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0). Further information on the editions under section "Sheet music".

Frankfurt am Main, December 22, 2014, Farewell to UDO JÜRGENS

We all mourn the sudden and unfathomable decease of Udo Jürgens yesterday.

Since 1977 MELODIE DER WELT is closely associated with Udo Jürgens and his management, as publishing partner and administrator of his repertoire. Although 80 years old he was still living “In The Midst Of Live” which we could witness on the occasion of his concert in Frankfurt in the beginning of November. Through his songs he will be forever unforgotten.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends in this time of sorrow. We are very sad.

Pamela Georgi and the whole MdW team.

Frankfurt am Main, October 15, 2014, UDO JÜRGENS honored with tribute album

„Mitten im Leben. Und du packst es an. Alles ist möglich, sag einfach: Ja, ich kann!“  ("In the middle of life. And you go about it. Everything is possible, just say: Yes, I can!") - For more than 50 years now Udo Jürgens has been delighting his fans of every age group with also more than 50 released albums and more than 1000 composed songs. The art to sometimes raise critical topics together with his extraordinary qualities of entertainment earns him respect as well as appreciation from fans and musical colleagues.

No wonder that the guest list of the big ZDF spectacular on the occasion of Udo Jürgens' 80. birthday, which was recorded on September 1 in "Rothaus Arena" in Freiburg, is like the "who is who" of the music industry: Chris de Burgh, Annett Louisan, Helene Fischer, David Garrett, Christina Stürmer, Lang Lang, Tim Bendzko, José Carreras, Santiano, Otto Waalkes, La BrassBanda, Schiller, Yvonne Catterfeld and Jamie Cullum did not want to miss duly celebrating the birthday child and to congratulate him with interpretations of his own hits. Pepe Lienhard Orchestra, who firmly has been on Udo Jürgens' side for decades, also made for an extraordinary party, of course. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes funny, sometimes contemplative, sometimes rock, sometimes sweet this red-letter evening had become a well-rounded event.

On October 18 ZDF will show at prime-time 8:15 p.m. the atmospheric birthday spectacular precisely entitled "Mitten im Leben".

Already on October 17 the double-CD "Mitten im Leben - Das Tribute Album" will be released containing cover versions of the big spectacular plus original recordings. Those who are in the middle of life believing that the sun will always rise and that the devil made booze, but not Greek wine, will not be able to get around this 2-CD.

From October 24, 2014 on Udo Jürgens will tour Germany again with the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra. He will also perform in Austria and Switzerland. For exact tour dates please go to:

In time before the start of the tour on October 24, 2014 MELODIE DER WELT released the songbook of the new album “Mitten im Leben” (piano/vocal edition) containing twelve new songs and four intermezzi by Udo Jürgens, arranged by Prof. Gerhard Weihe.

Further information can be found in the chapter “sheet music”. The songbook is commercially available at a price of € 29.99 (order no.: 239218/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0532-4).

Frankfurt am Main, Ocotber 8, 2014, “Cinderella – The Magical Pop Musical“ on tour again

Cinderella – The Magical Pop Musical lets children and the whole family dream, laugh and marvel. It tells the classic tale for modern-day families. A dove with airs and graces is curring, the fairy godmother is flying in with the help of a GPS and nasty sisters are rocking the stage – all in a wonderful scenery. Cinderella of all girls, the nicest of the fairyland, must clean, cook and endure the meanness of her stepsisters. Fortunately she has many good animal friends who make her laugh time and again. And there is also the fairy godmother who uses all her powers to make Cinderella’s dreams come true in the end. For the stage performance the story was given a witty touch letting it glitter in all colors of the rainbow. Divine costumes, wonderful songs, an enchanting scenery and awesome actors take the performance to the sparkling fairyland of the most famous princess of the world.

After successful tours from 2010 to 2013 with about 150,000 enthusiastic spectators a new tour will start soon. From November 7, 2014 to January 11, 2015 Cinderella and her friends will tour Germany and Austria. For exact tour dates please go to:

MELODIE DER WELT, BGM Bernd Göke Music and On Air Family Entertainment have released a songbook to the musical with 13 easily arranged songs for piano and vocal with guitar chords and a guitar fingering chart.

Further information on the songbook can be found under “sheet music”. Copies are commercially available at a price of € 20,00 (order no.: 9000062/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0519-5).

Frankfurt am Main, October 1, 2014, MELODIE DER WELT and Grünschnabel launch Edition Lapislazuli

Since 2010 the author Burghardt Wegner aka „Grünschnabel“ is publishing his songs with MELODIE DER WELT. Recently the great cooperation was prolonged and newly sealed with an “Edition” publishing agreement by the name of “Edition Lapislazuli”. “Grünschnabel” has released numerous children albums. A special one was “Kinder-Klassik-Lieder-Spaß” on which the author newly interpreted known classic songs for young and older people (Universal 2013). Soon there will be new releases by this artist.

The photo shows John Ruhrmann (A&R of MELODIE DER WELT) and Burghardt Wegner (Grünschnabel) signing the agreement on the occasion of the Reeperbahn Festival 2014 in Hamburg.


Quelle: Okapi-Musik

Frankfurt am Main, September 25, 2014, Happy Birthday UDO JÜRGENS

Our singer/songwriter Udo Jürgens celebrates his 80th birthday on September 30.

Many happy returns of the day!

Frankfurt am Main, September 9, 2014, Now available: The UDO JÜRGENS songbook “Mitten im Leben” (piano/vocal edition)

At nearly 80 Udo Jürgens is at the height of his creative work. His 53rd studio album “Mitten im Leben” (“In The Midst Of Life”) with twelve current songs was released in February 2014. Besides songs with provoking humor and witty plain language there are others with more placid and poetic thoughts from real life.

From October 24, 2014 on Udo Jürgens will tour Germany again with the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra. He will also perform in Austria and Switzerland. For exact tour dates please go to:

In time before the start of the tour on October 24, 2014 MELODIE DER WELT released the songbook of the new album “Mitten im Leben” (piano/vocal edition) containing twelve new songs and four intermezzi by Udo Jürgens, arranged by Prof. Gerhard Weihe.

Further information can be found in the chapter “sheet music”. The songbook is commercially available at a price of € 29.99 (order no.: 239218/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0532-4).

Frankfurt am Main, June 17, 2014, MELODIE DER WELT and THE MUSICBROKERS join for song writing event

The co-publishers THE MUSICBROKERS and Melodie der Welt have invited to a songwriters camp in Hamburg. From June 11 to 13 up to 15 selected authors met to write songs fusing genre specifically for artists from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Australia and Japan. Organized and supervised on site by the Hamburg based music agency THE MUSICBROKERS 14 new songs were written in the long-established Chameleon Studios within three days.

Says Tom Nevermann, THE MUSICBROKERS’ CEO:  “It’s always great to watch authors cooperating fully concentrated and enthusiastically in songwriter camps and at the end of the day to listen to fresh and new songs. The teams were diverse – experienced songwriters worked with newcomers; the result of it are always songs with a special touch.” John Ruhrmann, Melodie der Welt’s A&R adds: “We are excited by the results. Top class songs which will definitely find international artists. As publisher we place great value on creating an environment for our authors where they can work constructively and relaxed with new influences. And that’s what the songwriters camp of THE MUSIKBROKERS offered them. The results speaks for thelselves.” Further joint camps are already planned.

Picture (left to right) Benjamin Lawrenz, Eike Freese, Alex Dietz, Christoph Hassel, Justin Balk, Bernd Klimpel, Elzbieta Steinmetz, Janik Riegert, Christoph Hessler, Josh Tapen, Jan Listing, Jan Grasmück, Tom Nevermann (THE MUSICBROKERS), Matthias Heising)

Frankfurt am Main, May 21,2014, ANDREAS GABALIER: a big hit in the charts and on the open air stage

With his songs “Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder”, “I sing a Liad für di”, “Zuckerpuppen” or “So liab hob I di” and his previously released albums Andreas Gabalier hits the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And his appearance in the show “Sing meinen Song – das Tauschkonzert” (“Sing My Song – The Changing Songs Concert”) and the emotional cover version of “Amoi seg’ ma uns wieder” sung by Xavier Naidoo helped him to win additional fans.

All Andreas Gabalier songs from the Sing My Song show are also contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook  - „Seine bestens Songs“ (piano/vocal with composite chord symbol) for additional information please go to “sheet music”. The songbook is available at a price of € 29.99 (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Also available is the piano/vocal single edition of "I sing a Liad für di" (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0).

The folk rock ‘n’ roller from our Edition Stall will perform live again soon. After his successful tour through the concert halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in autumn 2013 Andreas Gabalier will start the open air season end of May with seven gigs:

28.05.2014    Nürnberg, Arena Freigelände
29.05.2014    Frankfurt, Stadion im Sportpark Neu-Isenburg
03.07.2014    Dresden, Filmnächte am Elbufer
04.07.2014    Berlin, Waldbühne
11.07.2014    Fulda, Domplatz
12.07.2014    München, Königsplatz
06.08.2014    Ludwigsburg, Residenzschloss


(C) Michael Mey

Frankfurt am Main, May 8, 2014, Music Author Award 2014: GEMA honours Udo Jürgens with the lifetime achievement award.

We sincerely congratulate our long term partner and author Udo Jürgens to the Music Author Award 2014 in the category lifetime achievement. Since 1977 Melodie der Welt is proud to publish and administer the songs of this unique artist and entertainer.

In 2014 he released his 53rd studio album “Mitten im Leben”. During his career Udo Jürgens sold over 100 million sound carriers. End of October he will start his 25th concert tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Melodie der Welt will release a song book with the titles of the new album “Mitten im Leben”. We will make an announcement on our homepage as soon as it is available.


Quelle: GEMA / Thomas Rosenthal

Frankfurt am Main, April 24, 2014, PULS publish with LA COSA MIA and MELODIE DER WELT

Edition LA COSA MIA and MELODIE DER WELT have signed a long term exclusive writer's agreement with the Berlin band PULS. Togehter with their poducer Michael Knight the brothers Ibo and Ozy Kurnaz decided to let the Frankfurt publishing company and the Edition of music manager Daniel Sluga handle their publishing rights. The group's debut album "EINS" was released by Polydor/Universal on April 25, 2014.

Says MdW's A&R John Ruhrmann: "When listening to the songs of PULS which Daniel Sluga played to me already some time ago I immediately knew that these are artists and auhors with a lot of potential. Exceptional sound with powerful lyrics performed by great artists. This would be just the right soundtrack for a new Schimanski crime movie"

Daniel Sluga: "From the very beginning I was a fan of PULS. Absolutely singular and unique. In my view the polarizing sound is a great chance for this project."

Foto (from left to right): Ozy Kurnaz (Puls), Ibo Kurnaz (Puls), John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager, Melodie der Welt), Michael Knight (Produzent von Puls), Daniel Sluga (La Cosa Mia)

Frankfurt am Main, March 25, 2014, MELODIE DER WELT and THE MUSICBROKERS sign a co-publishing deal and plan songwriting events

THE MUSICBROKERS from Hamburg and the Frankfurt based indie publisher MELODIE DER WELT have decided to join forces and have signed a long term co-publishing agreement. Among the joint activities are two firmly planned songwriter camps per year directed by THE MUSICBROKERS team.

Contracts were recently signed at the Hamburg harbor. Says MELODIE DER WELT’s A&R John Ruhrman: “THE MUSICBROKERS are exactly the guys I have been looking for. Actively working on various levels, excellent network of selected authors, permanently looking for the right song for the right project. One of the main issues of our cooperation are the pending songwriting events.”

Tom Nevermann, A&R and associate of THE MUSICBROKERS is “happy to have found an indie partner like MELODIE DER WELT who lets himself in for our creative way of working and has the necessary flexibility in supporting us  and our authors.”


Picture (left to right): Hauke von der Brelje (TMB), Tom Nevermann (TMB), John Ruhrmann (A&R, Melodie der Welt), Eike Freese (TMB).

Frankfurt am Main, March 14, 2014, ELAIZA wins the „OUR SONG FOR DENMARK“ contest and will represent Germany at the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST

With much pride we warmly congratulate our author and artist ELAIZA on making it to the finals for the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10, 2014 in Denmark.

Already some time ago our partner Valicon Music discovered ELAIZA and her charming and sublime band and we together signed her.

Last Thursday the band again came out on top among various already famous artists during a voting of the TV station NDR. ELAIZA’s success proves that even in 2014 a band can be good for a surprise with a good grooming, great songs and the right A&R vision. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the big Eurovision Show in May.

Further information can be found on the ELAIZA website/facebook.

Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Frankfurt am Main, March 3, 2014, Udo Jürgens presents his new album „MITTEN IM LEBEN“

At nearly 80 Udo Jürgens is at the height of his creative work. His 53rd studio album “Mitten im Leben” (“Knowing What Life Is All About”) with twelve current songs which was released on February 21, 2014 sailed directly to no. 3 of the international album chart. Besides songs with provoking humor and witty plain language there are others with more placid and poetic thoughts from real life.

In autumn 2014 Udo Jürgens will tour Germany again with the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra. He will also perform at Salzburg, Graz, Vienna and Zurich. For exact tour dates please go to: In time before the start of the tour on October 24, 2014 MELODIE DER WELT will release a songbook of the new album “Mitten im Leben”. You will find a note on our website as soon as it is available.

Frankfurt am Main, February 13, 2014, FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS

The Californian indie pop stars are back with a new album. Their second CD "More Than Just A Dream" will be released on WEA on 28 February 2014.

The six-piece band is one of the most exciting line-ups in the US at the moment, and "More Than Just A Dream" underlines exactly why the band stands out from the crowd.

The band will also be touring Germany in March and they will be performing their new songs:
11.3.2014 Cologne, Stadtgarten
12.3.2014 Hamburg, Knust
16.3.2014 Munich, Ampere

Frankfurt am Main, February 10, 2014, Helene Fischer's chart-topping hit ATEMLOS DURCH DIE NACHT – available now at MELODIE DER WELT as a separate version for vocals/piano

Helene Fischer is still climbing up the German charts. For weeks now her latest album "Farbenspiel" has been in the top 10 in the album charts. Her current hit "Atemlos durch die Nacht" with its dance floor beats has been in the top 10 in the singles charts for weeks alongside the likes of Avicii, Pharell Williams and Eminem.

The lyrics and music to "Atemlos durch die Nacht" were penned by the famous pop singer Kristina Bach, who also wrote the lyrics for other Helene Fischer hit songs, such as "Phänomen". According to one description of the single, "it is about breaking free from the humdrum routine of everyday life, doing crazy things without thinking about tomorrow or the consequences, having fun and living for the moment".

The separate version of "Atemlos durch die Nacht" for piano and vocals is available to order now (order no. 8900335/01/89, ISMN 979-0-2049-0531-7).

We can also supply separate versions for vocals/piano of the Helene Fischer songs "Du lässt mich sein, so wie ich bin", "Ich will immer wieder… (dieses Fieber spür'n)", "Mitten im Paradies", "Phänomen" and "Fehlerfrei". Please go to "Sheet music" for more information about the versions.

Frankfurt am Main, December 11, 2013, FEHLERFREI by Helene Fischer – available now at MELODIE DER WELT as a separate version for vocals/piano

Helene Fischer is currently the most successful German singer and an elite member of pop royalty in Germany. Her sixth studio album "Farbenspiel" went gold within three days of its release. Just one week after its release, the album shot straight to number 1 in the album charts in Germany. "Farbenspiel" is also at the top of the charts in Austria and Switzerland – a  resounding success.

Jean Frankfurter, who has had a long association with Melodie der Welt, is one of the highest-profile composers of the German "Schlager" and traditional popular music. Countless songs which have been hits for the German crooners and the stars of traditional German country music were written or co-written by him with other lyricists like Irma Holder and Kristina Bach.
MELODIE DER WELT has now published a separate vocals/piano version of another Helene Fischer track, composed by Jean Frankfurter to lyrics by Tobias Reitz. The song "Fehlerfrei" is available to order now (order no. 8900332/01/89, ISMN 979-0-2049-0530-0).

We can also supply separate versions of the Helene Fischer songs "Du lässt mich sein, so wie ich bin", "Ich will immer wieder… (dieses Fieber spür'n)", "Mitten im Paradies" and "Phänomen" written by Jean Frankfurter for vocals/piano. Please go to "Sheet music" for more information about the versions.

Frankfurt am Main, December 10, 2013, MIDEM 2014

Melodie der Welt can be contacted at the German Pavilion from 1. to 4. February 2014.

Frankfurt am Main, October, 15, 2103, Dream start for HELENE FISCHER

Popstar Helene Fischer can celebrate another big success: Her new album "Farbenspiel" enters the Media Control Charts directly on position 1. She is now in the charts with three albums simultaneously.

Frankfurt am Main, September 27, 2013, Congratulations from MELODIE DER WELT to his exclusive writer Grünschnabel

Singer/songwriter of children songs and MdW exclusive writer Burghardt Wegner, better known under his pseudonym GRÜNSCHNABEL, has signed an agreement with Universal Music Family Entertainment. As first result of this cooperation an album entitled "Kinder-Klassik-Lieder-Spaß" is scheduled for release in early November 2013. It contains 12 melodies from baroque style, classical music, romanticism und new music as rock & pop songs with new lyrics

Frankfurt am Main, September 27, 2013, HELENE FISCHER - Farbenspiel

The waiting for a new album by Helene Fischer is almost over: On October 4, 2013 her new CD entitled "Farbenspiel" will be released on October 4, 2013. The first single "Fehlerfrei" is already available.

Producer is again Jean Frankfurter, who also composed nearly all songs. Helene Fischer is cooperating with him since the very beginning of her career 

Frankfurt am Main, September 25, 2013, Now available: ANDREAS GABALIER - „Seine besten Songs“ (His best songs) for vocal/piano



Andreas Gabalier whose songs we administer via Edition Stall is presently the most successful Austrian singer – irrespective of the genre. So far he was awarded one gold and 16 platinum records and he also received the ECHO, Bambi and AMADEUS awards. All his albums were or are still on top of the Austrian album charts for many months. Also in Germany Andreas Gabalier swept the audience off its feet.

On the occasion of his big tour of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Alto Adige in autumn 2013 MELODIE DER WELT released the first Andreas Gabalier Songbook  - „Seine bestens Songs“. Andreas Gabalier personally selected 16 songs from his abums „Da komm‘ ich her“, „Herzwerk“, „Volks-Rock‘n’Roller“ and from his latest one „Home Sweet Home“ for it. Among others the 60 pages songbook also contains the songs „Amoi seg‘ ma uns wieder“, „So liab hob i di“, „Engel“, „Sweet Little Rehlein“, „Volks-Rock’n’Roller“, „Home Sweet Home“, „Zuckerpuppen“ as well as his big hit „I sing a Liad für di“, with an arrangement for vocals and piano with composite chord symbols.

For further information please klick on "Sheet music". The songbook is available at a price of € 29,99 (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4).

Of course our single vocal/piano/vocal of "I sing a Liad für di" is also still available (order no. 216620/01/10,  ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0).

Frankfurt am Main, August 27, 2012, KRAFTKLUB’s first album “MIT K” going gold

Congratulations to Felix, Karl, Till, Steffen and Max from the band Kraftklub on their sensational gold status with their debut album “Mit K”.

Already in the beginning of 2012 the album peaked at no. 1 in the Media Control Chart. In the meantime the five singers/songwriters from Chemnitz have become one of THE live acts of the festival summer.

We do look forward to the band’s new songs to come.

Melodie der Welt publish the songs with Edition Beat The Rich.

Frankfurt am Main, June 21, 2011, MELODIE DER WELT to represent the publishing company „Franky Boy“

Melodie der Welt now represents Uschi Ließmann’s publishing company “Franky Boy”. MdW’s managing director Pamela Georgi is “extremely happy that Jean Frankfurter (Erich Ließmann), one of the most successful pop music composers has joined us. He writes songs for artists like Helene Fischer which are extremely successful.” Adds Uschi Ließmann: “We are convinced that MdW is the right partner for us. The personal contact is very important and is strengthened by the close contact between our families”. Jean Frankfurter says that he has “never forgot that it was with Melodie der Welt that he signed his first writer’s agreement and where he started his career. And now by signing this agreement the circle closes again which is very nice”.


Text und Bild-Quelle: MdW - Foto (v.l.n.r.): Uschi Ließmann (Franky Boy), Pamela Georgi (Geschäftsführerin MdW), Jean Frankfurter (Franky Boy)

Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2011, MELODIE DER WELT to cooperate with VALICON

MELODIE DER WELT has signed a long term exclusive writer’s agreement with the Berlin hit producers of VALIACON.

On this occasion Ingo Politz and Bernd Wendlandt who are not only producing bands like Silbermond, Silly and Eisblume but are also writing many songs for their artists visited the new offices of MdW.

Managing director Pamela Georgi is very happy that “Ingo Politz and Bernd Wendlandt, one of Germany’s most popular and high profile authors and producer teams, have decided to join our company for a long term cooperation. We will support them in the field of copyright and we will both benefit of many synergies.”

Say Wendlandt and Politz: “With MdW we found our ideal partner in the publishing field. A German publishing company giving their authors excellent individual support and disposing of a long-standing experience in the administration of both national and international songs. We really look forward to our future cooperation.”

Frankfurt am Main, November 12, 2010, MELODIE DER WELT and the Grünschnabel

MELODIE DER WELT has signed a long term co-publishing agreement with the singer and writer of children songs Burghardt Wegner a/k/a GRÜNSCHNABEL. The artist, producer and author makes music for children “from 0 to 100 years”, he writes music and lyrics by order of third parties and on KI.KA he is live on air nationwide with his ninth album “Schmetterlinge und Rabauken”.

Says MDW’s A&R manager John Ruhrmann: “With Burghardt Wegner you just feel that he lives and loves his vocation. His join-in songs enthuse children, parents and grand-parents, both live in concerts and on CD. I very much look forward to an exciting cooperation with Burghardt.”

Burghardt Wegner: “With Melodie der Welt I have found my dream publisher, a modern enterprise with a dynamic team, long-standing experience and great international artists. Besides my continuing cooperation with ZDF and Kinderkanal this is a big step into the right direction. I do look forward to opening with them the “colourful corridors behind the doors”.


John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager, Melodie der Welt) und Burghardt Wegner himself. Quelle: MdW, Okapi Musik

Frankfurt am Main, October 14, 2010, MELODIE DER WELT to co-publish ANTSTREET RECORDS

MELODIE DER WELT has signed a long term co-publishing agreement with the ANTSTREET RECORDS label. Both parties agreed on an exclusive deal sealed with belated handshakes during Popkomm 2010 in Berlin on the airfield of the former Tempelhof airport.

MDW’s A&R manager John Ruhrmann is very pleased about this deal: “Antstreet Record’s managing director Carmelo Lo Porto is a dedicated music entrepreneur with the right sense of A&R who represents exactly the indie spirit much appreciated by us.
With Antstreet’s 360° commercializing of cool guitar music from both Germany and abroad we were able to win a completely autarchic partner in the field of rock.”

Adds Carmelo Lo Porto: “Melodie der Welt is the appropriate partner for us with an excellent long standing knowledge of our business who will give us professional support in all publishing matters. We do look forward to working together and to great new releases.”


By: Melodie der Welt

Foto: John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager, Melodie der Welt) und Carmelo Lo Porte (Geschäftsführer, Antstreet Records)

Frankfurt am Main, dated October 2010, WE MOVED OFFICES!

Old address:
Große Friedberger Str. 23-27
60313 Frankfurt - Germany

Please note that from October 1, 2010 on our offices will be situated at the below new address.

The former phone and fax numbers (and of course the e-mail addresses) will remain the same.

Please also note our new company details and mark your records accordingly.

Melodie der Welt
J. Michel GmbH & Co. KG
Zeil 65 – 69
60313 Frankfurt/Main

Phone: +49 (0)69 29 98 67 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 29 98 67 10

Frankfurt am Main, September 27, 2010, MELODIE DER WELT administers WORLD PUBLISHING

Effective immediately MELODIE DER WELT administers the music publishing activities of Olaf Höppner’s concert agency and management company WORLD CONCERTS in Braunschweig. Both parties have signed a long term agreement. Belated handshakes were made during Popkomm 2010 in Berlin beneath the eye of the law as can be seen on the photo of the signing.

Says MDW’s A&R manager John Ruhrmann: “We will publish the long running hit “Tanzen” in the newly founded Edition Olaf Höppner World Publishing and we look forward to the next enthralling song from the laboratory of the author and artist Rockstroh. Besides, due to his successful activities as an agent for many well-known artists Olaf Höppner has excellent contacts to the national as well as international music scene.”

And Olaf Höppner, CEO of World Concerts and World Publishing adds: “We are fully convinced of Melodie der Welt’s administrative services and publishing guidance. In view of the many compilation releases and exploitation fields of the music of our authors like ROCKSTROH we need a dedicated partner in the back office.”


Foto: John Ruhrmann (A&R Manager, Melodie der Welt) und Olaf Höppner (Geschäftsführer, World Concerts)

Frankfurt am Main, dated September 2010, Information concerning the dispatch of printed editions by the music publishing group MELODIE DER WELT

Since September 1, 2010 the shipment of all our printed editions (with the exception of brass music editions) is handled by the music publishing company Josef Weinberger GmbH, Frankfurt.

Brass music editions are shipped by Hebu Musikverlag.

Below please find the respective addresses and contacts.

All printed editions (except brass music editions):
Josef Weinberger GmbH
Oeder Weg 26
60318 Frankfurt/Main

Phone: +49 (0) 69/955 288 30
Fax +49 (0) 69/955 288 44

Brass music editions:
HeBu Musikverlag GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler Str. 22
76703 Kraichtal

Phone.: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 28-0
Fax: +49 (0) 72 50 / 92 12 31

Frankfurt am Main, July 16, 2010, MELODIE DER WELT’s newcomers prove successful

MELODIE DER WELT proudly announces the excellent results achieved by its exclusive new authors in the first half of 2010. A&R manager John Ruhrmann comments as follows:

“Despite the difficult situation on our market with little possibility to place new product we have not only signed interesting new authors but have also been successful in reaching several good positions in our network.
Both the celebrated electro live band Bullmeister (Edition Like We Dance/Mdw) and the Mannheim based group Deine Jugend (Edition Altkönig/MdW) with their charismatic front woman and blogger Laura Carbone will sign an artist development deal with Universal Domestic Pop. Their debut albums will be released within short.

Also our songwriters entered the charts like Klaus Hanselbauer (Edition ZIS/Mdw) who wrote very funny and catchy songs together with and for the well-known comedy artist Cindy aus Marzahn who has a deal with Brainpool.

The authors of the producer team Bounce Brothers from Frankfurt just wrote a number of hip-hop songs for the new Olli Banjo album “Kopfdisco” released by Groove Attack which jumped right to pos. 15 in the Media Control chart. The authors signed a deal with Edition Yosoy/MdW only recently.

Also recently the sensational live combo act Kraftklub from Chemnitz signed a deal with Edition Beat the Rich! which Melodie der Welt publishes in cooperation with Beat Gottwald. The songs written by the phenomenal electro girl punk band The T.C.H.I.K. for their debut album “Jung, talentlos und gecastet” will be released on August 20, also by Universal Music Germany.

Long running “Tanzen” is published by us with the newly founded Edition Olaf Höppner World Publishing and we are looking forward to the next strong song from the “lab” of singer/songwriter Rockstroh.”

Frankfurt am Main, November 18, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT to publish BULLMEISTER

The Heidelberg electro newcomer band BULLMEISTER whose live shows are well-known in clubs and from festivals have signed a publishing deal with MELODIE DER WELT.

On the event of their support show for GUSGUS from Iceland at the Frankfurt location BATSCHKAPP they celebrated the deal backstage in the showers.

“We are looking forward to represent the publishing interests of BULLMEISTER” says John Ruhmannn, Melodie der Welt’s A&R. “For a long time I’ve been looking for a newcomer band with such an enthralling live show. In their own way the band have an identity comparable to the golden wave years of the 80s. The present album production sounds very promising. I believe that in the future their songs will have a real potential to become internationally successful.” 

Frankfurt am Main, September 30, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT and PEACELOUNGE conclude a publishing deal

With immediate effect MELODIE DER WELT administer the publishing rights of the Frankfurt PEACELOUNGE label under the name of Edition Peacelounge.

Christian Arndt, owner and director of the PEACELOUNGE label which is specialised in chillout, nu jazz, pop and lounge recently signed a long-term agreement with Pamela Georgi, director of MELODIE DER WELT and the company’s A&R John Ruhrmann.

“It will be a pleasure to look after the publishing interests of Christian Arndt and his label. Not only does the exquisite PEACELOUNGE catalogue contain several hundred works but they have also been specialising for many years in the very interesting field of corporate music” says John Ruhrmann. Christian Arndt is “very happy that my authors share the same publishing roof with geniuses like Burt Bacharach and Paul McCartney. MELODIE DE WELT is a strong and reliable partner for PEACELOUNGE to achieve our great plans for the coming years.” 

European Copyright Directive Article 17 (formerly 13) - Briefly explained

Frankfurt am Main, April 8, 2019

Former Article 13, now Article 17, gives rise for much discussion. It would lead to the use of upload filters through the internet platforms and thus to censorship, say the opponents.

However, the article's main point is that internet platforms ("online content sharing services") that commercially use intellectual property and generate annual sales of more than € 10 million are required to seek permission from the authors. If this does not happen, the platform should be liable for it in the future.

In the case of material property, no one doubts that an intermediary must lawfully purchase his goods before reselling them. In the case of intangible property, e.g. compositions, opponents of copyright reform put intellectual property into question. The big providers such as Google, YouTube and Facebook earn a lot of money from their users' data, advertising and information. So far, they have not been responsible for the content, but users were for unlawful use and release of songs on these platforms.

The proposed legislation requires strong platforms to buy a content license, for example, from a music publisher and label that represents the intellectual property of composers / lyricists and artists. Until now, this is theoretically the responsibility of the user who wants to upload protected content, because uploading a musical work is a copyright relevant act. Behind every song is a complex network of creative and economic participants. Only through this collaboration do users have access to the songs. However, these are not their property. The copyright of the songs belong solely to the participating composers and lyricists.

Frankfurt am Main, May 7, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT and BEAT GOTTWALD cooperate under the name of EDITION BEAT THE RICH
Frankfurt music publishing company MELODIE DER WELT founded a joint edition with music impresario BEAT GOTTWALD from Berlin.

Being both aware of the impact of street mentality Beat Gottwald, manager of (among others) the Berlin rap artist “K.I.Z.” and the newcomer desperado women “Tote Crackhuren im Kofferraum” and Melodie der Welt’s A&R John Ruhrmann signed a long-term agreement in the streets of Berlin.

“I am very happy to have Beat Gottwald in the boat. His artists and MdW have the same indie spirit” says John Ruhrmann. “Beat has shown how to make artists and authors successful with a reliable sense of style and I am really looking forward to his next projects.”

Frankfurt am Main, November 5, 2008, MELODIE DER WELT to administer COPPENRATH’S music publishing company

The Münster based publishing company COPPENRATH, renowned for its children’s and gift books, just signed a cooperation deal with MELODIE DER WELT for its audio products.

Says John Ruhrmann, A&R manager of MELODIE DER WELT: “The new media music and audio book productions, videos and computer games have long ago found their way into the children’s playrooms. It will be a pleasure to put our publishing experience at the disposal of COPPENRATH to help it with the foundation and the maintenance of its publishing company. In view of well-loved characters like Felix the Rabbit, Capt’n Sharky or the Moonbear we see much potential for COPPENRATH’S music publishing activities.”

Frankfurt am Main, April 14, 2008, MELODIE DER WELT and PRO-TONE are doing magic with LILLIFEE

The Offenbach based music company PRO-TONE who just produced the sixth album of the successful musical PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE have now entrusted MELODIE DER WELT with the publishing side of this project.

PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE started as a very successful children’s book series written by Monika Finsterbusch, published by Coppenrath Verlag. Meanwhile, beyond the books the brand LILLIFEE developed to an absolute success on the children’s market, including also various releases of PRO-TONE musical CDs, released by COPPENRATH, which went GOLD twice last year.

Says MELODIE DER WELT’s A&R manager John Ruhrmann: “The LILLIFEE boom in the children section is unbroken. We are extremely pleased to administer this project which also takes place live in big event halls. Markus Löhr and Dirk Busshart as well as their PRO-TONE partners are doing a great job. We are looking forward to the sixth volume of the LILLIFEE music CDs. Becoming active in the field of children’s music is a logic decision in these insecure times in the music business.”

And Markus Löhr and Dirk Busshart of PRO-TONE add that “besides a competent administration of the publishing company” they “expect above all international incentives for our releases. By means of its network MDW will support us in breaking the product on foreign markets. We are already working on a release in the Netherlands.”

Frankfurt am Main, December 10, 2007, MELODIE DER WELT closes cooperation deal with NOSIE KATZMANN

NOSIE KATZMANN who wrote hits like “Mr. Vain” or “Right In The Right” now publishes his songs with Melodie der Welt.

“With Nosie Katzmann a genuine dream author and song pro has joined us. He’s the right address when looking for a national or international hit, whether in German or in English. It will be a great pleasure for us to attend and administer Nosies very promising catalogue GET INTO MAGIC MUSIC PUBLISHING” says John Ruhrmann, A&R of Melodie der Welt.

And Nosie Katzmann adds: “I am very confident that my works will be well-attended by Melodie der Welt and I look forward to a pleasant cooperation. There will be many new songs in 2008.”

Frankfurt am Main, October 10, 2007, MELODIE DER WELT and GET PHYSICAL strike a joint path

Melodie der Welt has closed a deal with the Berlin indie label GET PHYSICAL. The respective contract was signed on the occasion of Popkomm in Berlin.

“Some time ago we reached an agreement with the creative heads of GET PHYSICAL, the guys writing for BOOKA SHADE and PERKY PARK. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to also handle the publishing of one of the world’s hippest music labels “made in Germany”“ says John Ruhrmann, Melodie der Welt’s A&R. “Besides working for the label we can now support and represent the GET PHYSICAL authors and artists as a competent partner also in the publishing field.”

According to Arno Kammermeier, one of the partners of GET PHYSICAL MUSIC the label GET PHYSICAL MUSIC as overall concept of a global music company has thus become more complete.

Frankfurt am Main, September 6, 2007, MELODIE DER WELT in the charts with newcomers and established German artists

The Melodie der Welt team is presently celebrating the sensational debut album “Hahnenkampf” of the Berlin hip hop crew “K.I.Z.” which jumped directly to pos. 9 in the Media Control album chart. Also their single entered the top 100 singles chart on pos. 60. The rappers’ Edition Royalbunker is administered by Melodie der Welt. Other authors of the Frankfurt publishing company co-wrote songs for the current album “Achterbahn” of the band RAPSOUL. Capitol Records Germany’s artist SHA just released her new single “Respect The Girls” which was co-written by Benjamin Olszewski, another author of Melodie der Welt who also significantly participated in the album “Kein Scheiss” of this inspiring young female singer. In addition “Respect The Girls” is the leading song of the BRAVO GIRL campaign of the same name initiated by the magazine BRAVO.

Says John Ruhmann, A&R manager of Melodie der Welt: “Presently we have 7 German language records in the charts, mainly from newcomers entering the charts for the very first time. Also to be found there is DIE FIRMA who only started their new campaign with the album “Goldene Zeiten” and the first single taken therefrom entitled “Glücksprinzip””.

Frankfurt am Main, July 11, 2007, Cooperation deal with Perky Park

Melodie der Welt has signed a long term publishing deal with the famous Berlin based music production company PERKY PARK. All future activities of the newly founded Perky Park company MILA PUBLISHING will be coordinated and administered by Melodie der Welt.

During a recent meeting in Berlin the agreement was signed by the three owners of Mila Publishing, Peter Hayo, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger, three highly creative artists, composers of advert soundtracks, label owners (Get Physical Music) and last but not least authors. Says Melodie der Welt’s A&R John Ruhrman: “We are very proud to offer Perky Park our professional support and the projects coming from them are highly promising”.

As Perky Park’s co-owner Pete Hayo explains they have “deliberately chosen a small publishing company with a long tradition to ensure a close and active contact during everyday business with a competent partner”.

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