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Frankfurt am Main, November 18, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT to publish BULLMEISTER

The Heidelberg electro newcomer band BULLMEISTER whose live shows are well-known in clubs and from festivals have signed a publishing deal with MELODIE DER WELT.

On the event of their support show for GUSGUS from Iceland at the Frankfurt location BATSCHKAPP they celebrated the deal backstage in the showers.

“We are looking forward to represent the publishing interests of BULLMEISTER” says John Ruhmannn, Melodie der Welt’s A&R. “For a long time I’ve been looking for a newcomer band with such an enthralling live show. In their own way the band have an identity comparable to the golden wave years of the 80s. The present album production sounds very promising. I believe that in the future their songs will have a real potential to become internationally successful.” 

Frankfurt am Main, September 30, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT and PEACELOUNGE conclude a publishing deal

With immediate effect MELODIE DER WELT administer the publishing rights of the Frankfurt PEACELOUNGE label under the name of Edition Peacelounge.

Christian Arndt, owner and director of the PEACELOUNGE label which is specialised in chillout, nu jazz, pop and lounge recently signed a long-term agreement with Pamela Georgi, director of MELODIE DER WELT and the company’s A&R John Ruhrmann.

“It will be a pleasure to look after the publishing interests of Christian Arndt and his label. Not only does the exquisite PEACELOUNGE catalogue contain several hundred works but they have also been specialising for many years in the very interesting field of corporate music” says John Ruhrmann. Christian Arndt is “very happy that my authors share the same publishing roof with geniuses like Burt Bacharach and Paul McCartney. MELODIE DE WELT is a strong and reliable partner for PEACELOUNGE to achieve our great plans for the coming years.” 

European Copyright Directive Article 17 (formerly 13) - Briefly explained

Frankfurt am Main, April 8, 2019

Former Article 13, now Article 17, gives rise for much discussion. It would lead to the use of upload filters through the internet platforms and thus to censorship, say the opponents.

However, the article's main point is that internet platforms ("online content sharing services") that commercially use intellectual property and generate annual sales of more than € 10 million are required to seek permission from the authors. If this does not happen, the platform should be liable for it in the future.

In the case of material property, no one doubts that an intermediary must lawfully purchase his goods before reselling them. In the case of intangible property, e.g. compositions, opponents of copyright reform put intellectual property into question. The big providers such as Google, YouTube and Facebook earn a lot of money from their users' data, advertising and information. So far, they have not been responsible for the content, but users were for unlawful use and release of songs on these platforms.

The proposed legislation requires strong platforms to buy a content license, for example, from a music publisher and label that represents the intellectual property of composers / lyricists and artists. Until now, this is theoretically the responsibility of the user who wants to upload protected content, because uploading a musical work is a copyright relevant act. Behind every song is a complex network of creative and economic participants. Only through this collaboration do users have access to the songs. However, these are not their property. The copyright of the songs belong solely to the participating composers and lyricists.

Frankfurt am Main, May 7, 2009, MELODIE DER WELT and BEAT GOTTWALD cooperate under the name of EDITION BEAT THE RICH
Frankfurt music publishing company MELODIE DER WELT founded a joint edition with music impresario BEAT GOTTWALD from Berlin.

Being both aware of the impact of street mentality Beat Gottwald, manager of (among others) the Berlin rap artist “K.I.Z.” and the newcomer desperado women “Tote Crackhuren im Kofferraum” and Melodie der Welt’s A&R John Ruhrmann signed a long-term agreement in the streets of Berlin.

“I am very happy to have Beat Gottwald in the boat. His artists and MdW have the same indie spirit” says John Ruhrmann. “Beat has shown how to make artists and authors successful with a reliable sense of style and I am really looking forward to his next projects.”

Frankfurt am Main, November 5, 2008, MELODIE DER WELT to administer COPPENRATH’S music publishing company

The Münster based publishing company COPPENRATH, renowned for its children’s and gift books, just signed a cooperation deal with MELODIE DER WELT for its audio products.

Says John Ruhrmann, A&R manager of MELODIE DER WELT: “The new media music and audio book productions, videos and computer games have long ago found their way into the children’s playrooms. It will be a pleasure to put our publishing experience at the disposal of COPPENRATH to help it with the foundation and the maintenance of its publishing company. In view of well-loved characters like Felix the Rabbit, Capt’n Sharky or the Moonbear we see much potential for COPPENRATH’S music publishing activities.”

Frankfurt am Main, April 14, 2008, MELODIE DER WELT and PRO-TONE are doing magic with LILLIFEE

The Offenbach based music company PRO-TONE who just produced the sixth album of the successful musical PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE have now entrusted MELODIE DER WELT with the publishing side of this project.

PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE started as a very successful children’s book series written by Monika Finsterbusch, published by Coppenrath Verlag. Meanwhile, beyond the books the brand LILLIFEE developed to an absolute success on the children’s market, including also various releases of PRO-TONE musical CDs, released by COPPENRATH, which went GOLD twice last year.

Says MELODIE DER WELT’s A&R manager John Ruhrmann: “The LILLIFEE boom in the children section is unbroken. We are extremely pleased to administer this project which also takes place live in big event halls. Markus Löhr and Dirk Busshart as well as their PRO-TONE partners are doing a great job. We are looking forward to the sixth volume of the LILLIFEE music CDs. Becoming active in the field of children’s music is a logic decision in these insecure times in the music business.”

And Markus Löhr and Dirk Busshart of PRO-TONE add that “besides a competent administration of the publishing company” they “expect above all international incentives for our releases. By means of its network MDW will support us in breaking the product on foreign markets. We are already working on a release in the Netherlands.”

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