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Frankfurt am Main, May 27, 2015, „Mountain Man“ ANDREAS GABALIER climbs the charts

Dream start for the "Folk Rock ‘n‘ Roller" Andreas Gabalier: His new album "Mountain Man" sailed directly to position 1 in the album charts in Germany and Switzerland and to position 2 in Austria.

Concurrently with the new album his new ingle "Verliebt, verliebt" was also released – a wonderfully simple and catchy love song. In autumn Andreas Gabalier will tour the big concert halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Until then the MELODIE DER WELT sheet music may help you pass the time. Available are separate versions of the songs "I sing a Liad für di" (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0) and "Amoi seg‘ ma uns wieder" (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1), both for vocals/piano. More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" arranged for piano/vocal including chords (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Further information on the editions can be found under section "Sheet music".



And here are the dates fort he concerts:

01.10.2015     Nürnberg, Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
02.10.2015     Neu-Ulm, Ratiopharm Arena
08.10.2015     Bremen, ÖVB Arena
09.10.2015     Hamburg, o2 World
10.10.2015     Köln, LANXESS Arena
15.10.2015     Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
16.10.2015     Erfurt, Messe Erfurt (Halle 1)
17.10.2015     Regensburg, Donau-Arena
23.10.2015     Salzburg, Salzburgarena
24.10.2015     Linz, Tipsarena
25.10.2015     Graz, Stadthalle
05.11.2015     Leipzig, Arena Leipzig
06.11.2015     Braunschweig, Volkswagen Halle
07.11.2015     Berlin, o2 World
12.11.2015     Frankfurt am Main, Festhalle
13.11.2015     München, Olympiahalle
19.11.2015     Basel, St. Jakob Halle
20.11.2015     Zürich, Hallenstadion
21.11.2015     Innsbruck, Olympiahalle
27.11.2015     Klagenfurt, Kärnten-Halle
28.11.2015     Wien, Stadthalle

Frankfurt am Main, May 27, 2015, MIDEM 2015

MELDODIE DER WELT can be contacted at the German Pavilion at MIDEM, the leading international business event for music, from 5. to 8. June 2015 in Cannes.

Frankfurt am Main, March 27, 2015, ECHO 2015: Awards for UDO JÜRGENS, ANDREAS GABALIER and HELENE FISCHER

Congratulations to six ECHO awards.

Singer Helene Fischer alone received four trophies in the categories “album of the year”, “pop songs”, “music DVD” (all for “Farbenspiel”) and “hit song of the year” (“Atemlos durch die Nacht”). Andreas Gabalier was awarded two ECHOs in the categories “folksy popular music” (“Home Sweet Home”) and “partner of the year” (“Sing my song – the swap concert”).

That evening Udo Jürgens was inducted into the ECHO HALL OF FAME. Accompanied by Udo Jürgens’ long-time orchestra directed by Pepe Lienhard national superstars like Annett Louisan, Sarah Connor, Xavier Naidoo, Herbert Grönemeyer, Udo Lindenberg, Andreas Bourani, Roger Cicero und Adel Tawil performed the song “Ich weiß, was ich will” in memory of the artist who passed away last December.

Frankfurt am Main, February 4, 2015, UDO JÜRGENS – EXTRA 3 now available again

Six weeks have passed since the sudden death of Udo Jürgens but the interest of his fans in his songs is still large. We at MELODIE DER WELT experience a great demand for his songbooks and titles, too.

The relaunch of the out-of-print album “Udo Jürgens – Extra 3”, which is now available again, should be especially interesting. It contains the following songs: Was wichtig ist /  Manchmal passiert’s (Once In A While) / Was ist das für ein Land / Darum steh‘ ich zu dir / In festen Händen / Der gekaufte Drachen / Ich will, ich kann – I can, I will / Mein Baum / Wer nie verliert, hat den Sieg nicht verdient

The songbook is commercially available at a price of € 19,50 (order no.: 150000/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0091-6).

We would also like to remind you of the numerous other available issues with songs by Udo Jürgens:


Our songbooks:

Udo Jürgens – Extra 1
order no.:  41222/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0042-8
USP 19,50 €

Udo Jürgens – Extra 2
order no.: 102000/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0043-5
USP 19,50 €

Udo Jürgens – Extra 3
order no.: 150000/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0091-6
USP 19,50 €

Best of Udo Jürgens (MAGIC KEYBOARD Serie)
order no.:  129550/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0053-4
USP 12,50 €

Mitten im Leben (2014)
order no.:  239218/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0532-4
USP 29,99 €

Der ganz normale Wahnsinn (2011)
order no.:  219509/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0500-3
USP 29,99 €

Einfach ich (2008)
order no.:  197548/93/10
USP 26,00 €

Jetzt oder nie (2006)
order no.: 185455/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0501-0
USP 23,50 €

Es werde Licht – meine Winter- und Weihnachtslieder (2003)
order no.:  166001/93/10
USP 20,00 €

Es lebe das Laster (2002)
order no.: 159777/93/10
USP 20,00 €

Zärtlicher Chaot (1995)
order no.: 111820/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0048-0
USP 20,00

Geradeaus (1994)
order no.: 78393/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0046-6
USP 15,50 €

Café Größenwahn (1993)
order no.: 93890/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0047-3
USP 20,00 €

Sempre Roma (1990)
order no.:  68176/93/10
USP 14,00 €

Treibjagd (1985)
order no.: 39009/93/10
ISMN 979-0-2049-0045-9
USP 12,50

Our single piano/vocal editions:

Das wünsch ich dir
order no.: 26211/01/10
USP 5,00 €

Der Laster Party - Mix (Medley)
order no.: 165755/93/10
USP 13,00 €

Our editions for Salonorchester, Big Band and Combo:

for Big Band
order no.: 39012/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Alles im Griff auf dem sinkenden Schiff
for Salonorchester
order no.: 21150/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Buenos Dias Argentina / Mit 66 Jahren
for Salonorchester
order no.: 14748/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Das wünsch ich dir
for Big Band
order no.: 26211/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Der Laster Party - Mix (Medley)
for Combo
order no.: 165755/61/10
USP 25,00 €

Rot blüht der Mohn
for Big Band
order no.: 34046/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Sogar Engel brauchen Glück
for Big Band
order no.: 24730/41/10
USP 20,00 €

Further information can be found in the chapter “sheet music”.

Frankfurt am Main, January 22, 2015, AMOI SEG' MA UNS WIEDER by Andreas Gabalier - now available as single piano/vocal edition through MELODIE DER WELT


In 2008 it was the first single from the debut album "Da komm ich her" by Andreas Gabalier. Thanks to the cover version by Xavier Naidoo in the TV show "Sing meinen Song" the emotional ballad "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" by Andreas Gabalier climbed up the charts in 2014 in two versions and reached top positions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The "VolksRock'N'Roller" Andreas Gabalier shows his reflective side in the song "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder".

MELODIE DER WELT now released "Amoi seg' ma uns wieder" as single piano/vocal edition. You can find the title in the shops from now on (order no. 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1).

More songs by Andreas Gabalier are contained in our Andreas Gabalier Songbook - "Seine besten Songs" arranged for piano/vocal including chords (order no. 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4). Our single piano/vocal edition "I sing a Liad für di" is also available (order no. 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0). Further information on the editions under section "Sheet music".

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