Death of Doris Day

Frankfurt am Main, May 14, 2019

The American Hollywood actress and singer Doris Day died at the age of 97 years on 13th May 2019. One of her greatest hits is undoubtedly the song "Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)", written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston in 1956 for the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Alfred Hitchcock. It was sung by Doris Day in the film and prized with the Oscar award for the Best Song in 1957. In UK, it reached # 1 in the hit parade, in the US, it was a # 2 hit and million seller. From 1968 to 1973, the song was the theme tune of the Doris Day Show on US television.

The song was often covered, above others from The Lords, Shakin’ Stevens or the Hermes House Band and almost everyone can at least sing along the chorus. A true evergreen, subpublished by MELODIE DER WELT since 1985.

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