On occasion of the 80th birthday of Rocco Granata on 16 August 2018

Frankfurt am Main, July 24, 2018

The recognition rate of a musician and composer cannot be measured exactly. However, if someone writes an evergreen, popular for 60 years and still hot, then he is exactly a recognized force.

Rocco Granata, born on August 16, 1938 in Calabria, southern Italy, became famous with "Marina". "Marina" was on the B-side of the first single by Granata, who came to Belgium at the age of ten and still lives there.There is hardly a song that has been recorded, printed and played so often.

Until now, the song is still successful, covered repeatedly and used in films and commercials. "Marina" and Rocco Granata are hit history.

MARINA by Rocco Granata
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