35 years ago

Frankfurt am Main, August 1, 2017

35 years ago

In 1982, a significant merger occurred. Melodie der Welt acquired company shares of the publishing group Rheinische Musikverlage by Otto Kuhl and the publishing house moved from Cologne on the Rhine to Frankfurt on the Main. Six important publishing houses are included in this extensive complex:

West Ton Verlag
The company West Ton was a group. After the death of Otto Kuhl in 1973, the company was led by Jacques Maxime Joseph. West Ton Verlags GmbH has titles such as "Tchiou, Tchiou", "Tango Bolero" and "Im Leben geht alles vorüber” (In life everything will pass) (Peter Kreuder / Peter Schaeffers).

Nord Süd Verlag
The publishing house belonged to West Ton. The most famous title is "Komm Zurück (J'attandrai)" (German text by Ralph Maria Siegel).

Rheinischer Musikverlag Kuhl
Here are songs published as "Kleine Winzerin vom Rhein" (Little Whinemaker from Rhine) (Heinz Sommer) and "Bums Valdera" (Willibald Quanz / Brigitte Weber).

Karl Berbuer Musikverlag
This publishing house has made a name for itself through the care of music of the Rhineland and Cologne carnival music. Karl Berbuer was born on 26 July 1900 and was a native Cologne. Baker by profession, he was active in Cologne carnival from 1924 on and composed more than 120 songs. He met the Rhenish spirit like no other. One of his first success stories in the 1920s was “Wir sind die Eingeborenen von Trizonesien" (We are the natives of Trizonesia), an Evergreen to this day. This song became a Cologne persiflage on the political situation in Germany after Second World War. It also served as an anthem for honouring on sporting events until Germany had its own national anthem. Another very successful song is the carnival song "Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän" (Hurray, Captain) of 1936. It was almost a worldwide hit, because Konrad Adenauer was welcomed with this song on an official visit in Chicago in 1950. Karl Berbuer died in his hometown on 17 November 1977.

Edition Constantin Kuhl
The main publishing segment of the edition was International Dance Music.

Otto Kuhl Musikverlag
The publishing company, founded by Otto Kuhl, became a member of GEMA in 1925 already. The focus of the publishing house was orchestral light music. In the 1990s the well-known entertaining songs „Wenn das Wasser im Rhein goldner Wein wär“ (When the water of Rhine would be golden Whine) (Werner Stamm/Heinz Böninghausen) und „En D’r Kaygass Nummer Null“ (In Kaygass Street Number Zero) (Hermann Klaeser/ Wilhelm Horkenrath) have been acquired.