VERDAMMT LANG HER by Andreas Gabalier - as single edition for voice / piano at MELODIE DER WELT out now

Frankfurt am Main, May 16, 2018

Andreas Gabalier will present his new album "Vergiss mein nicht" (Forget Me Not) on June 1st. A first foretaste is his new catchy tune "Verdammt lang her" (Damn Long Ago), which was already published in late April in advance and for which a single edition for voice and piano is now available at MELODIE DER WELT.

"Verdammt lang her" is rocking, very catchy and also impresses with a Gabalier typical authentic text. It is a journey into the past, which he sings of in his new song: He evokes the 1990s, the carefree times of his youth, which he likes to look back on - times for which he burns. His fans find themselves in the straight, summery rock song, but also him. Once again, Andreas Gabalier shares his story with a twinkle in his eye.

"Verdammt lang her" as single edition for voice / piano you can get in trade immediately (order number 267413/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0541-6). Other titles by Andreas Gabalier are in our songbooks Andreas Gabalier - "Seine besten Songs" (order number 225564/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0529-4) and Andreas Gabalier - "Seine neuen Songs" (order number 253786/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0537-9). Also available are our single editions for song and piano from "I sing a Liad für di" (order number 216620/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0527-0), "Amoi seg 'ma uns wieder" (order number 209276/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0533-1) and "Hulapalu" (Order number 248779/01/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0534-8). Further information on the editions can be found under the heading "Sheet music".