TRICK OR TREAT MEDIA and Rapper MICEL O now cooperate

Photo (from the left): Bernd Wendlandt (Trick or Treat Publishing / MdW), Micel O (artist), Yves Christian Fernau (management) - met at the Red Bull Studios in Berlin.

Frankfurt am Main, October 19, 2017

Rapper MICEL O, who has worked in the past with other HipHop artists like Manuellsen, Kay One and US rapper Mims, has signed in the edition TOTM, administered by Melodie der Welt.

The artist has just broken the million mark on views on the portal YouTube with his current single "Baby du bist anders" from his EP "Feelings". On 4th November 2017, he will be on stage for a show in Bochum as a support act of German rapper Azad and French rapper Alrima.

The director of rap artist Yves Christian Fernau said: "With Trick or Treat Publishing / MdW, we have gained a great partner who is an excellent choice due to many years of experience in business. We are looking forward to working with the team of TOTM and MdW."

"Micel's music convinces with the sound and its technology. I see in him a lot of potential and we will help to gain his maximum,” Bernd Wendlandt explains the motivation of Edition TOTM.