Melodie der Welt and The Musicbrokers break new ground in songwriting-camps

Chameleon Recording Studios Hamburg

Frankfurt am Main, June 28, 2018

In early June various composers and lyric writers met for the eighth time for a songwriting-camp at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg, under the aegis of the publishing company Melodie der Welt and the Hamburg-based music agency The Musicbrokers. For the first time the main focus was not only on pure songwriting. The existing studio facilities were used to immediately produce some selected works ready for release. This advancement of the “classic” songwriting-camp shall offer to the participants the possibility to position themselves in the music market beyond the work as pure creator. It is planned to release these productions i.a. by the label “Skip A Beat” which was specially founded by The Musicbrokers.

“We are living in times of streaming-portals and playlists, thus a particularly pronounced track business. A really good song does then have the chance to find its way to the listener, largely irrespective of the awareness level of the artist or as part of an album strategy. The past camps taught us again and again that great works had been originated, but nevertheless some of them were not considered as final repertoire for the designated artists for various reasons. In many cases such titles disappear in the catalog although veritable “pearls” are among them. This is quite disappointing for the songwriters involved and loose capital for us as publisher. Thanks to this new concept we found a way to offer a perspective to these songs and a further source of income to the authors “, explains Tom Nevermann, Managing Director of The Musicbrokers.

John Ruhrmann, A&R Melodie der Welt, adds: “It is important for us to offer innovative options to authors, beside the pure work as songwriter for third parties, to exercise their skills and know-how and to support their career. A lot of composers and lyric writers associated with us have excellent qualities as producer and/or musician in addition to their talents as creator. The new concept of the songwriting-camps means for us an important and future-oriented component in the work with our authors. Because we as publishing company are committed to support our creative partners completely as auxiliary. Together with the team of The Musicbrokers we are creating a further basis for this.”

A development of this procedure is planned for the forthcoming joint camps