MELODIE DER WELT and THE MUSICBROKERS bring songwriters together again

From left to right: Jan Schröder, Jan Listing, Felix Gerlach, Tom Nevermann (The Musicbrokers), Funda Alatali, Lukas Ernst, Bernd Klimpel, Funya Alatali, Justin Balk, Philipp Leon, Eike Freese (The Musicbrokers), Vijay Kanhai, Hauke von der Brelje (The Musicbrokers)

Frankfurt am Main, December 5, 2018

From 27th to 29th of November 2018, the joint songwriting camp of MELODIE DER WELT and the Hamburg music agency THE MUSICBROKERS took place for the ninth time. Fifteen composers and lyricists met at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg for collaborative songwriting. New works have been created in groups of three authors. The focus was this time, inter alia, on the development of songs for the newcomer band "Adayna" and singer Philipp Leon, who were also on site and therefore could take direct influence on the resulting titles.
Tom Nevermann, Managing Director of THE MUSICBROKERS, explains: "We are always happy when the performers are with us in the camps. The direct contact between authors and artists during the process of creating a song is incredibly important for the authenticity. Not only can the lyrics, which should tell a personal story, also the composition can be written much more honest."

John Ruhrmann, A & R Manager MELODIE DER WELT, adds: "The results speak for themselves once again. Great songs have been created that will hopefully help the artists as a stepping stone. Our authors always like to travel to the camps in Hamburg. THE MUSICBROKERS provide a relaxed atmosphere that allows the authors to work creatively and informally. We as MELODIE DER WELT are looking forward to the upcoming songwriting camps."
The tenth Writing Camp is planned for the early summer of 2019 already