Margit Sponheimer becomes 75

(from the left): Toni Hämmerle, Margit Sponheimer and Ernst Neger - ca. 1960

Frankfurt am Main, January 22, 2018

Margit Sponheimer played a key role in Mainz's carnival. In 1969, she sang her carnival evergreen "Am Rosenmontag bin ich geboren" (On Carnival Monday I Was Born) for the first time. The song was composed by Charly Niessen with lyrics by Franz Rüger and published by music publisher Johann Michel. It became her song of recognition. On this occasion, the Mainz Carnival Association 1838 releases a special edition of the Mainz procession plaques with that song.

On February 7, 1943, "Margittsche" (as the carnivalists from Mainz call her) was not born in Mainz, but in Frankfurt/Main, and it was not on Monday, but on Sunday. However, just three years later, she moved with her parents to Mainz. She was discovered by lyricist and composer Toni Hämmerle, who also made Ernst Neger popular, a big figure in the carnival scene. 75 years after her birth, the city council of Mainz will decide whether to give her the honorary citizenship. It can be safely assumed that it will come to that.

We wish Margit Sponheimer happy birthday!


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Es wird ja alles wieder gut (Melodie der Welt)
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