Hubert Wolf – Polka melodies

Frankfurt am Main, October 18, 2017

Anyone who is interested in brass music will find the name Hubert Wolf sometime. He composed famous pieces such as "Der Schornsteinfeger aus Eger” (The chimney sweep from Eger), "Heute hast du Geburtstag” (You have birthday today), "Hinter den Wolken scheint immer die Sonne” (Behind the clouds always shines the sun) or "Jeder Tag bringt neue Hoffnung” (Every day brings new hope). From 1965 until his death in 1981, Hubert Wolf performed with his "Original Böhmerländer Musikanten” (Original Bohemian Musicians) an extra class of brass music and, besides Ernst Mosch and his band, was one of the most popular brass bands in the field of German folk entertainment. The melodies by Hubert Wolf still belong to the permanent repertoire of all folk musicians. In his own founded CLOU Music Publishing Company, Hubert Wolf has also made his titles accessible to other brass bands. Further editions by Hubert Wolf have been edited by CLOU Music, administered by MELODIE DER WELT, in collaboration with HeBu-Musikverlag, and has been published since 2014 in new editions.

„Hubert Wolf – Polkamelodien“, arranged by Klaus Rambacher, has now been released as the latest publication of CLOU Music by Hubert Wolf. This new potpourri for brass music contains the titles "Wild Roses from Bohemia", "Annamirl-Polka" and "Bruoda Liederle", which Hubert Wolf composed under his pseudonym Wenzel Valcek. You will receive the music sheets from HeBu Musikverlag under order number 177796 at the retail price of € 67.00. The difficulty is indicated with 3, duration is 4:20 min.

Further available titles for brass music from CLOU Music are:

•    Fingerhütchen-Polka - Thimble-Polka (composer: Hubert Wolf, arranger: Alfons Stock, order number 170476)
•    Tenorhorn Teufel - Tenor horn devil (solo polka for 1-3 tenor horns) (Composer: Manfred Minnich, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 168802)
•    Lustige Musikanten - Funny Musicians (composer: Hubert Wolf, arranger: Harry Becker, order number 130031)
•    Im kleinen Dörfchen  / Das alte Mühlrad - In the small village / The old mill wheel (composer: Wenzel Valcek, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 130029)
•    Jeder Tag bringt neue Hoffnung / Der schönste Stern - Every day brings new hope / The most beautiful star (composer: Hubert Wolf / Wenzel Valcek, order number 106502)
•    Der Schornsteinfeger aus Eger / Annamirl – Polka - The chimney sweep from Eger / Annamirl - Polka (composer: Hubert Wolf / Wenzel Valcek, arranger: Hubert Wolf, order number 98921)
•    Anna-Maria / Das ist meine Musik - Anna-Maria / This is my music (order number 161912)
•    Heute hast du Geburtstag / Böhmisches Ständchen - You have birthday today / Bohemian serenade (order number 130030)
•    Sei immer g'scheit und stell dich dumm / Die Liebe blüht nicht nur im Mai - Be always smart and pretend to be stupid / Love does not bloom only in May (order number 161910)
•    So jung wie heute / Ein bisschen Schwindel ist dabei - As young as today / A little dizziness is here (order number 161908)
•    Wir seh'n uns wieder / Sperrstund is - We will see again / Lock hour is (order number 161911)
•    Zupft euch mal am Öhrchen / Kinder, wir leben nur einmal - Pluck yourselves at the little ear / Kids, we live only once (order number 161909))

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