Hans Blum becomes 90 years old

Hans Blum 1958

Frankfurt am Main, May 9, 2018

On May 23, 2018 Hans Blum celebrates his 90th birthday. He is one of the most successful composers of the first years of publishing company MELODIE DER WELT.

In the 1960s, company founder Johann Michel listened to the compositions that Hans Blum presented to him on the piano. "The better is the enemy of the good," he said. A sentence that Blum still remembered many decades later.

As a musician, arranger, composer, lyricist, singer and producer Hans Blum wrote music history. With his song "Zigeunerjunge" (Gypsy Boy) he helped singer Alexandra to fame. For Hildegard Knef he wrote the chanson "Der alte Wolf” (The Old Wolf) (see Hildegard Knef album with 16 chansons, order number 684/93/10, available in music stores). Under pseudonym Henry Valentino he stormed the German charts with his song „Ich hab‘ dein Knie geseh‘n“ (I've seen your knee).

Blum published about fifty songs with MdW. MELODIE DER WELT and Hans Blum: "We were very lucky together."