The Grünschnabel-songbook

Frankfurt am Main, May 2, 2018

Together with MELODIE DER WELT children's songwriter GRÜNSCHNABEL (alias Burghardt Wegner) has published his first songbook with 20 of his most beautiful interactive songs now.

For many years, Grünschnabel has been an established name of German children's music scene. His songs are funky and modern: pop, rock, rap, folk and a pinch of classical music for children and the whole family. The captivating songs can be found on so far 14 Grünschnabel-albums, which are available as CDs in retail, as download and stream. After "Lazuli" (2015) and the greatest hits album "Besser ist das" (2016), his new album "Tut allen gut" will be released in June 2018.

The trained music educator and father of three daughters appears frequently with music clips on KiKA (children channel) music shows (Singa's jukebox, SingAlarm). For this reason, 22 Grünschnabel-videos were produced, commissioned by ZDF television. Grünschnabel's specialty are children's music interactive concerts. Thus, the North German Grünschnabel is in great demand to play on nationwide stages, as well as on large and small ones (from concert hall to kindergarten and elementary schools). There are many different programs for every season and for (almost) every occasion. On training events, Burghardt Wegner gives a wealth of tips for playing, movement and singing, using his songs, in order to teach kindergarten and elementary school children the fun in music and dancing.

Many of these valuable suggestions he has summarized in his now published practice songbook with 20 interactive songs. In addition to the notes (vocal lines), guitar chords and all lyrics, there are game tips, dance instructions and factual information. As a special bonus, each song is also presented in form of a one-sided copy template (illustrated singing and simplified music sheets, in some cases also as a worksheet for use in elementary schools). Moreover the song book, there is also a download and stream album incl. karaoke versions, available in digital music shops.

The Grünschnabel-songbook is now available at bookstores and music shops at a price of € 19.99 (order number 266146/93/10, ISMN 979-0-2049-0540-9, ISBN 978-3-920635-10-1).

Further information on the Grünschnabel-songbook here.