50th anniversary of death – Alexandra: “The voice of yearning”

Frankfurt am Main, May 7, 2019

One of the well-remembered personalities of the German "Schlager" is Alexandra having a much too short but still very impressing career with the song "Zigeunerjunge”. Only in 1968 she had her breakthrough with this song by Hans Blum. The French version "Tzigane" was quite successful there. This song and the follow-up "Auf dem Weg nach Odessa" (Hans Blum/Fred Weyrich) are both published by MELODIE DER WELT.

Born 1944 in Heydekrug in East Prussia she moved to North Germany shortly thereafter and grew up in Kiel and Hamburg. She did several jobs to finance her singing and acting classes, finally sang to producer Fred Weyrich. He realized her talent and made the first recording. The rest is musical history.

On July 31, 1969, the 27-year-old singer died in a car accident near Heide in Holstein, as well as her mother. Only the 6-year-old son survived. Many rumors and conspiracy theories surround Alexandra's death. Her lover at the time, Pierre Lafaire, was said to have been working for the US secret service, and she herself was said to be in contact with secret services. A tragic, short life story, around which many myths still surround.