Melodie der Welt and The Musicbrokers break new ground in songwriting-camps


Frankfurt am Main, June 28, 2018 In early June various composers and lyric writers met for the...more

Andreas Gabalier on # 1 of the german album charts


Frankfurt am Main, June 08, 2018 With his new album “Vergiss mein nicht” (Don’t forget me),...more

VERDAMMT LANG HER by Andreas Gabalier - as single edition for voice / piano at MELODIE DER WELT out now


Frankfurt am Main, May 16, 2018 Andreas Gabalier will present his new album "Vergiss mein nicht"...more

Hans Blum becomes 90 years old


Frankfurt am Main, May 9, 2018 On May 23, 2018 Hans Blum celebrates his 90th birthday. He is one...more

The Grünschnabel-songbook


Frankfurt am Main, May 2, 2018 Together with MELODIE DER WELT children's songwriter GRÜNSCHNABEL...more

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